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LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats – Beating Aphelios in NA?

LeagueofLegends11 - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?

Hello everyone,
Indescribled - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?

Indescribled here with stats and thoughts about the Week 6 LCS Summer 2020 Drafts. This is the first week for LCS in patch 10.14, so there are some differences this week.

All games and standings


C9 dropped another game and TL had a 2-0 week, so now in an unexpected turn of events there is a tie for first place! The addition of Tactical has worked out well for them so far. A lot of people have been questioning how good Broxah really is for the team.

Champion Presence

BVCLcXD - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


Similar to LEC, Varus has fallen completely off of the face of the rift after having almost a 100% pick/ban rate previously. Twisted Fate continues to be 100% pick/ban (mostly ban) for the third week in a row. He is receiving a relatively large nerf in 10.15, which is odd to me as they are not just undoing the previous buffs, but this is not really a balance post so I will not get into that too much. We will likely not see him at 100% p/b rate after the nerf in 10.15.

Trundle is finally going down in popularity. A lot of people were surprised that he was so highly contested in the first place, myself included.

Karma was banned eight times this week. This is likely due to the fact that she can be flexed into three roles, maybe four if she can jungle effectively. She is difficult to draft against due to her flexibility and she does not give away your team comp's intention by herself (as opposed to drafting Renekton first for example, clearly indicating your comp wants to go in). Having Karma does not lock your team into a specific theme.

Champions picks

By team :
9cKNaZb - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


By week :
3KQVgDP - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


Going back to the point about Trundle being surprisingly highly contested, he lost all three of his games in week 5 and all three of them in week 6, bringing him to 0-6 in his last six games.

Karma is so highly contested, mostly banned, but she is 3-11 currently. This does not mean that she is bad, but perhaps teams are not playing correctly with her.

TSM has still not picked Ezreal once yet, so I went to see if Ezreal was banned against them. Actually, TSM has banned Ezreal almost every game for multiple weeks in a row. Even when they have first pick, they ban him while he is difficult to counter and outscales most other ADs.

Champions bans

QwD8gYI - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


This section is not super useful other than seeing what teams are banning, the winrates are kind of irrelevant.

As mentioned in the end of last section about TSM banning Ezreal, they have banned him five times (which is five out of the last six). No other team has banned Ezreal that much and no other team has not picked Ezreal.

I discussed C9's Graves bans in length last week, basically it is because they want to have Olaf without Graves from what I can understand. They also ban Trundle more than any other team. Eight Graves bans and six Trundle bans so far this split just by C9, more than any other team for those champs.

First Pick / B1

By team :
QSGQJza - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


By week :
JO6b5JZ - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


Blue vs Red side is now 35-25, 58% for Blue.

Aphelios moves to 12-5 on B1. He is 3-0 on EG, 3-0 on TL, and 3-1 on TSM, specifically on B1.


This is the first week that Kalista has been picked on B1 and she won both of her games.

The fact that Aphelios and Kalista are allowed to win when picked on B1 is concerning for the LCS. They both actually have similar weaknesses, although Kalista sins more than Aphelios.

Both champions want to play against lots of short range, melee champions. This lets them kite around the fight, use runaans and their insane healing / aoe to take over those fights.

What could you draft against Aphelios and Kalista other than melee characters like Trundle and Sett?

I will give the audience a moment to think about what the answer could be, it might be difficult to figure out because LCS teams cannot come up with it often.

I will show you an example from this weeks draft, because one team did figure it out. CLG picked Aphelios on B1 vs IMT. IMT replied with Ezreal, Ornn, Kogmaw, Braum, and Graves (specifically in that order). Aphelios ended up hating his life because he was outranged by everything, except Braum which is NOT the right pick here. Ornn can zone Aphelios with his ult and Q + E without getting melee, Graves smokescreen makes the man with five guns blind, Kogmaw can literally shoot you without being on your screen, and Ezreal also does not have to get close to deal damage. CLG lost

With Aphelios B1 it is good to look for Ezreal, Corki, Graves, Kog, Azir, Xerath, Velkoz, Gangplank, Ziggs, basically anyone who can out range Aphelios and not walk into him. There are more, but that is a decently large list. IMT did this almost perfectly except the Braum and if you watch that game it is clear that the Aphelios player hates his life. He ended the game 0/2/1 while CLG had 11 kills, he had absolutely no impact because he was picked blindly and correctly countered.

The same type of stuff works against Kalista, but she is also susceptible to slows as she cannot jump so things like Ashe, glacial augment users, or just a GLP buy in general are also effective.

Last Pick / R5

By team :
YOUHNca - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


By week :
XD1NTwR - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


Interestingly, Karma had so many bans this week but the only time she was picked was on R5.

The sample sizes are so low because the list of champions that are good on R5 is so large, so it is difficult to draw a lot of historical conclusions from the draft.

I would like to see a lot more Cassio, GP, and ranged supports on R5 to punish sinful comps and melee supports.

Paired Champions

FmQ0zUN - LCS Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats - Beating Aphelios in NA?


Aphelios + Volibear moves to the most picked pair this split, going 7-4 out of 60 total games. A lot of the pairs with Aphelios have high winrates, as teams rarely counter him, and a lot of the pairs with Ezreal have low winrates, I do not know why but I assume it is a case of NA Ezreal.

Some of the only times Aphelios seems to lose are with Thresh (they are 1-4 as a pair).

Closing remarks

I will be posting these weekly for LEC (on Monday mornings CST) and LCS (on Tuesday/Wednesday mornings CST).

My LEC posts usually perform a lot better, I assume it is because most people believe that the level of play is higher in the LEC. I am considering doing this analysis for the LPL or LCK either in addition to, or instead of, the LCS as those would be interesting to see.

Week 5 LEC : https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hujq9v/lec_summer_2020_week_5_draft_stats/

Week 5 LCS : https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hrmh8s/na_ezreal_lcs_summer_2020_week_5_draft_stats/

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