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LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts

LeagueofLegends10 - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts

Hello everyone,
Indescribled - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts

Indescribled here with stats and thoughts about the Week 9 LCS Summer 2020 Drafts. I am a (low) diamond player with a stats degree and I enjoy thinking about the theory behind decisions, so drafting interests me a lot.

All games and standings


Playoff pairings here :
playoffs - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


The regular season is over and the past 90 games have all culminated in IMT and CLG being eliminated from playoffs. Now we get to see which of the teams will get to worlds! Lots of people are thinking that it will be TL, C9, and TSM. But FLY has the same record as TSM and they were also second last split.

Champion Presence


Over the whole split, Ezreal had the most picks + bans. He's safe, scales well, and can build AP / AD. What more could you want? He had one direct nerf, to his e, this split. Death's Dance was nerfed for range as well as conqueror overall being nerfed. Otherwise, I think he went relatively untouched and definitely will be played a ton throughout playoffs. Hopefully we see more liandrys on him!

Twisted Fate is the second highest priority champion in pick / ban, but that is not the case anymore after 10.15 since his W was nerfed so heavily.

Champions picks

By team :
JqwDnLM - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


By week :
XSbMOa1 - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


The most picked champion across the whole split is Ezreal, sitting with a 19-28 (40%) winrate, followed closely by Sett at 23-22 and Aphelios at 26-15.

There have been 83 unique champions picked this split.

Here are the new ones this week.


And here are some of the best, or worst, performing champions of the split

Tahm Kench7-3

Shen has been a rising star recently, which is no surprise after his buffs. Gangplank can always take your team to victory, especially if he can find Liandry's Torment in the shop.

Champions bans

hU2uKvp - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


Twisted Fate is still the most banned champion for the split for now, but as I mentioned before, this will definitely change after his nerfs. He is followed by Syndra, also nerfed, Varus, also nerfed.


Kalista, Leblanc, and Olaf are the fourth through sixth most banned, and none of them have been nerfed.

Caitlyn has been banned 11 times in the two weeks of her prevalence.

First Pick / B1

By team :
C1V14tU - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


By week :
TPVOibH - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


Blue side moves to 49-42 across the split, or 54% winrate.

Aphelios has not been B1ed in two whole weeks! But this is probably not due to the LCS suddenly being masters of the draft, it is probably because he got nerfed.

Sett was first picked four times this week, going 2-2. We will likely not see much more Sett in playoffs during patch 10.16.

Caitlyn moves to 1-4 total on B1 after she went 0-2 this week.

Last Pick / R5

By team :
Vv16Y8n - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


By week :
2PoA4eG - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


Mordekaiser is the most picked champion on R5 across the entire split, coming in at 3-5.

Camille went 2-0 this week and she has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. Shen also went 1-0 this week, 2-0 total, on R5.

Sample sizes are really small for R5 though, so there is not a lot to say about this.

Paired Champions

kmLlyjU - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


Here are the most paired champions across the entire split. The most picked pairs often include Aphelios or Ezreal because those are the most picked champions, so they are logically in the most picked pairs.

Ashe + Thresh and Graves + Thresh are both 7-1 this split, and Ashe + Graves are 7-2 together.

The worst performing pair that was picked 7 times or more was Ezreal + Bard, going 1-6. This is surprising as they both scale well and have long range, so they synergize well together. Since Ezreal had a 40% winrate across the whole split, it could just be NA Ezreal striking.

Closing remarks

This post was relatively short compared to most of my usual posts, but this week was a mostly uninteresting week of LCS with almost no playoff contention on the line. Next week will likely have a lot more happening with playoffs and a new patch!

I will be posting these weekly for LEC (on Monday mornings CST) and LCS (on Tuesday / Wednesday mornings CST).

I am not sure how many games there will be in playoffs, but I will still be doing these type of posts. Perhaps on weeks where there are only a few games, or one match, I will discuss specific drafts instead of going over stats as there will not really be a lot of new data points.

LEC Week 8 :
i73p0p - LCS Summer 2020 Week 9 draft stats & thoughts


LCS Week 8 : https://redd.it/i44923

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