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League 10 Years: A full list of all events and what to expect

LeagueofLegends6 - League 10 Years: A full list of all events and what to expect

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Heyo! There's a bunch of leaks, speculation and multiple events all going on through today and tomorrow. Most of the timezones are NA only, which doesn't exactly help. I figured I'd create a full chronological list of events and a list of speculated reveals.

Sites and Pages

The following official sites are online for the 10 year anniversary:

  • celebrate.leagueoflegends - League 10 Years: A full list of all events and what to expectWaiting with Ryze: An interactive page that shows Ryze and other props in various positions. He just sits there. That's it.
  • Riot Twitch: The main Twitch channel, where the 10th anniversary AMA will take place.
  • Other Twitch Channels (see next section): Various other interative events during the day.
  • Reddit Threads (see next section): AMAs and Reddit designs a champion!


The following events are officially hosted by Riot. All times are in GMT and 24h.

Some common timezone offsets (if something is 9:00 GMT it'll be 11:00 CEST):

  • GMT: +0
  • CEST: +2
  • PDT: -7
  • CDT: -5
  • EDT: -4

Events on Twitch

Click on the starting time to get the time in your local timezone, or convert using the list above.

Events on the subreddit

Links will be added as the threads get posted.

  • Starts at 16:00 GMT: Champion Design AMA. "How do we approach champion and VGU development? What are our overall strategy and goals when we introduce new champions to the game? We’ll be taking your questions throughout the morning."
  • Starts at 17:30 GMT: League Game Engineers AMA. "If you’ve ever wondered how League works under the hood, this is your chance to ask!"
  • Starts at 19:00 GMT: League Data AMA>(). "Are you curious if your duo partner is really bringing you down? We’ll be pulling back-end data from League to answer your questions and perhaps dispel some myths along the way."
  • Starts at 21:00 GMT: Reddit Designs a Champion>(). "We’ll be taking ideas from r/leagueoflegends to build a Champion concept together in real time complete with concept art, abilities, and lore. What could go wrong?"

Events on League Boards

  • Bring us your bugs!: "Bring us your bugs! for #league10 we're fixing bugs on request from you."

What to expect

The following things have been confirmed to be shown in the livestreams and articles:

  • A look at the next preseason update. Source
  • A look at TFT's new "set two" content. Source

The following things are rumoured to be revealed or briefly shown:

  • A League of Legends anime. Source
  • League of Legends mobile. Source
  • Possibly a first look at Riot's new fighting game that was confirmed at Evo. Source
  • A look at Legends of Runeterra, Riot's next game. Rumoured to be a card game.
  • The reveal of arabic League servers. An official League Arabia Facebook page was recently created.
  • The reveal of a new champion, which is most likely Senna.
  • The reveal of the next League music group, which is most likely True Damage. Source.
  • URF going live. It has been betatesting on PBE for a while now, and this seems like the perfect time for a release.

There will alledgedly also be a set of ingame missions for 10 year anniversary presents.
This image shows a leak of the supposed rewards.

If you've found anything else, please let me know so I can add it to the post!

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