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League Inktober (Full set)

LeagueofLegends7 - League Inktober (Full set)

Hello guys ! So this will be long, I made a full Inktober this month with a prompt of League of Legends, let me explain the concept !

Every day, you have a prompt you have to follow for the whole month of October and you will have to draw according to that prompt, and mine was Skintober so everyday I have to create a skin from a theme like "sugar rush" "psyops"… etc and you have to draw everyday the whole month, every theme is written on the upside of individual characters or downside of the line up ! Sometimes there was special themes but nevermind, it's time for you to seek your champion ! (I hope this is a girl lol)

Here are all the line up coming together :

gbus3m56tfw51 - League Inktober (Full set)


And a picture with everyone on the same line (I couldn't respect real proportions because Galio would have been giant and everyone was a dot compared to him)


And as I cannot put more than 20 pictures I will put there some I prefered, sometimes I wasn't feeling it and sometimes I enjoyed a lot drawing, each one took 2 hours more or less

My project now is to take some ideas I used to make a clean concept from these scratchs, I personally love Lilia and Nami, what about you? Your opinion counts ! I truly need to know which champion might be the more interesting because alone I might not have the best ideas lol

Here are some I prefered individually:









And here are the line up for each week:





I hope you liked it, may the feed be with you !

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