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League of legends has too much healing and few effective methods to counter it

LeagueofLegends8 - League of legends has too much healing and few effective methods to counter it

First of all apologies for the English, I am not a native speaker. This post is just to create some positive confrontation about healing in league of legends, I would like to hear which opinion is prevalent among the community.

Lately the feeling of "too much healing" has surpassed the threshold. I dread every single time I see someone who relies on healing. Maokai, Yuumi, Soraka, vlad…etc

I am not against "healing" itself, it's clearly a mechanic in the game and it has its place (like countering the insane amount of cc), but I think it's a bit excessive atm. There should be a more efficient methods of dealing with it. Certainly grievous wounds is a great way to do so, or so it was. I just feel the overall healing in the game has surpassed and out-scaled the ways of countering it. With such prevalence of runes that give you sustain, the anti-heal values are worth a lot less.

– First problem: I think it's just that sometimes playing against healing is just unfun.
Enemy adc commits a mistake, gets punished for it, yuumi presses e and it's like nothing happened.
Top laner goes for a trade, 10 seconds of fight and then they are both back at full health.
Mid lane poke mage hits a few skillshot, supposedly taking an advantage against enemy laner, vlad q's minions 3 times and he is back to full health whereas I am out of a mana.

some of these examples may sound "oh jeez healing broken, me noob", but they are just scenarios where healing is just not a fun mechanic. That said I am also probably a noob.

– Second problem: let's say I am playing an ap champion against a champion that relies on healing. The item I need to build is morello, however to have any form of anti healing on morello I need to build the entire item, whereas if I was an adc/tank/bruiser champ I could just build executioner or bramble vest and some form of effect for relatively cheap. so there is no effective anti heal for ap champs other than ignite.


– Third problem: a while ago I played, my botlane was against yuumi. they rushed executioner, however Yuumi healed more than our entire team output damage combined, despite us having healing reduction items.

– Fourth problem: I think there are only 3 abilities that apply grievous wounds incorporated in a champion's kit. Varus' E, kata's R and Kled'Q. Whereas there are 43 (I did a quick count not precise) healing abilities/passive. plus 14 (?) runes that have something to do with healing. I won't add ocean drake and soul, as I am guessing you get the idea by now.

-Bonus problem: there is very little legitimate counter to shields as well. I think they are much less problematic as they tend to be temporary and require good timing to use in certain situations. I believe Renekton (and maybe Irelia) were the only two champions that have an ability countering shields. That makes a total of 2 champs that have abilities that somewhat counter shield. However there are 38 shield abilities.

By providing the number of healing and shielding abilities I don't mean to have an equivalent number of anti shield/grievous wounds ones. It's just the numbers really made me think how prevalent healing and shield are.

I haven't mentioned ignite, because it is such a big cd and because most times, it's a must take, regardless of healing no healing. It's just used as an aggressive rune imo.

While writing this all I could about was this

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