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[League + Ruined King Lore] Pyke might be more than what we think he is.

LeagueofLegends11 - [League + Ruined King Lore] Pyke might be more than what we think he is.

Hello people of Reddit ! I am not the best Pyke player by far, but I find his lore very well made and interesting. I have been thinking about a theory for a long time and I don't know if anyone has ever posted about something similar…since it appears kinda obvious to me but here I go.

Here is what the official League of legends site says about Pyke in his biography in summary:

Pyke is a human that drowned and got revived by some sort of magic liked to the glowing greenish-blue liquid named sapphilite contained within the mouth of Jaul-fishes.

Most people think that he is nothing too fancy, he's just a drowned from minecraft but smarter. (or a smart water zombie for the ones who do not know minecraft) That's where I could scream "WRONG" at you. I think that Pyke might be more than that. Here are three arguments to explain why I think that way :

See, in video games the choice of color is very important because it helps the player identify what is the thing they are looking at, is it a friend or a foe ? let's take the color purple for example : it mostly represents corruption or evil because it is the color used in Asian culture to represent evil. We can see it in league with the things associated with the void, Vel'koz and Malzahar are the best examples. Another example is the color yellow associated with light just like the arclight skin line in league or even light arrows and bows in some of The Legend Of Zelda games.

The Void isn't the only faction with such a strong color theme. Yes, there is Freljord with light blue and Noxus with red but I am thinking about the Shadow Isles with a greenish-blue theme. (though Kalista is more blue than anything else…but she is an old champ so it does not really count.)

Now notice the main color on Pyke's splash art, the same kind of color : greenish-blue.

(The following argument might be false since I only witnessed this event in-game only once and I need confirmation by other Neeko mains and players) One game I was playing Neeko and my team's support was a Pyke. When I transformed into Pyke, Neeko said her usual "Oooooh Spooky !" line when she transforms into a Shadow Isle character.

Now, that might be a meaningless detail but consider this : Neeko's lore says that when she turns into someone she takes a bit of their Sho'mah, which is, in Neeko's words : "Sho'ma is like, um… the shape of someone's spirit, who they really are inside." Basically it means that she can sense the very essence of one's being along with a bit of their memories. though his memories may not have any value in this case, Pyke's soul may be tainted with Shadow Isle magic.


We all know that the Ruined King is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox one (S and the others Xbox) and of course PC. I am personally hyped about this game especially because there is Pyke in it. I seriously doubt that he is in the game for nothing. (Nautilus would have been a great support champ to replace him though.) My point is that with the few information I gave you, I think we can guess that Pyke will be a very important character in the game since, as I implicitly said throughout this post, Pyke might be linked to the shadow isle.

What you are about to read is just a foreshadowing from a simple league player with too much imagination.

I think Pyke will betray the good guys of the Ruined King. With or against his will. not only this would be very interesting when you consider Pyke's backstory (the betrayed betrays) but it makes sense when you remember that his mind is broken. He does not remember who really cut his line or who was on the ship with him the day he died. They must be dead by the time that the Ruined King's event takes place since Pyke's list actually refreshes every time he kills someone who's name is written on it, forgetting about their previous victim in the process. A weak mind or at least a tortured mind can easily be manipulated. May it be by words or by magic. So i won't be surprised that Viego or someone else like Hecarim, Veigar or Mordekaiser uses or mind controls Pyke at some point in the game.

Plus I have to point out that Pyke hates captains and Miss fortune is in the team, so I can see why he would willingly turn his back on the team despite their obviously strong members (Illaoi especially) since, once again, his mind is broken and I won't be surprised if his objective of killing those on his list will become a top priority to the point where he just ignores everything else and just focus on eliminating his target.

In conclusion : With the support of the color palette, Neeko saying her Shadow Isle characters quote when she transforms into Pyke and the coherence with The Ruined King's cast arguments, I think that Pyke is more than a simple undead character.

This is just a theory. No need to take it seriously especially considering the legitimacy of my second argument. Again, I am asking the support of Neeko mains and players for confirmation in the comments.

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