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LEC/LCS Team pass missions are so poorly designed and frustrating to complete.

LeagueofLegends1 - LEC/LCS Team pass missions are so poorly designed and frustrating to complete.

So i bought the team pass to support the team that i like without reading too much into what it rewards and such. The rewards on first glance seemed kind of fair, you get some team "swag" and a pretty decent skin/chroma.

But the mission design for them is so wack, if you dont know what im talking about you get one mission per week and youre supposed to watch 3 of your teams games and play 5 games in league of legends.

Now i dont have to tell you why the first part of that is ridiculously stupid, teams only play 2 games per week, but whats worse is that you cant get the next weeks missions before you complete the first one, so you cant "double up" on completing them either.

Now, there is 8 of these missions in total, so lets do the math 8*3=24, however, every team only plays 18 games per season. Now there are playoff matches sure, but if the team you picked doesnt make playoffs you cant finish all 8 missions 🙂 . Also even if your team makes playoffs but goes out 0/3 in their first match, you cant finish all 8 missions… Hell, as a g2 fan lets imagine the same scenario from last split happens where they 3/0 both their games in playoffs, that would be barely just enough to get all 24 games that i would have to watch for all 8 missions. And thats without missing a single game they play the entire split! And if one of these games bugs and doesnt count like the system has a habit of doing then youre fucked…


So just in the way it was created by requiring 3 games per week is just ridiculously stupid. But lets get to the other part of the mission, play 5 games. Now when i was advertised this product i was told that its a nice way to watch and support my team in LEC, so what on earth does that have to do with playing 5 games every week. Now i know for most of you this isnt much, and tbf its not really a lot of games, but for someone who enjoys watching League but only plays occasionally its kinda frustrating.

Add on top of this the fact that its already been bugging out for some people, not counting the games watched towards the progress while others somehow have all 3 games watched while only 2 games have been played in the LEC by each team, and just the fact that the watch . lolesports site isnt all that great when it comes to these things makes these LEC/LEC team pass missions one of the worst ive had the displeasure of doing. And let me remind you that these are PAID missions btw, so… i really expected more, or at the very least a working product.

TLDR: Team pass sucks because some teams wont play enough games to finish all 8 missions because of how stupidly it was conceived, its requires 5 games played in game for some reason when its an esport mission, and its been all round buggy for a lot of people while being a mission you pay for.

Edit: To clear things up, i still think the idea of team specific items, such as icons, skins, or even team passes is cool and Riot should keep doing them, i just want them to take it a bit more seriously and make them enjoyable for players who buy them. I still hope to buy the LEC team pass next split as well, but ill be doing it ONLY if Riot does some improvements.

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