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LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts

LeagueofLegends9 - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts

Hello everyone,
Indescribled - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts

Indescribled here with stats and thoughts about the first week of drafts in the LEC Summer 2020 playoffs. I am a diamond player with a stats degree and I enjoy thinking about the theory behind decisions, so drafting interests me a lot.

Note that some stats below do not necessarily mean a champion is good or bad. There are a lot more factors than just "champion win = champion good". Stats are the start of the discussion, not the conclusion. Also, the sample sizes are often small to draw a lot of conclusions from anyway. For example, Shen went 0-5 this week. That does not mean Shen is bad.

All games and standings


This was an exciting week of playoffs! S04 continue their miracle marathon and defeat SK. G2 looks like they are back in form as they take out MAD and FNC surprise everyone by 3-0ing RGE. Will Schalke make it all the way to worlds? I think they can do it, from 1-10 to China.

Champion Presence

wrglY1e - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts


Thresh remains the most contested pick through the split, but he is not the most contested in playoffs.

The most contested champion this week was Caitlyn, getting banned in all ten games.

Following Cait: Senna, Nautilus, and Gangplank were in 9 of the 10 draft phases this week.

Two largely contested junglers were Hecarim, eight pick/bans, and Lillia, at seven. Sett is a flex pick, but he was in nine.

Akali saw five bans after barely being touched all split by any team.

Champions picks

By week :
ufsLwzY - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts


I think sorting it by team is a lot less interesting than it was before, so I am going to focus on the picks by week, specifically this week of course.

Ezreal is still the most picked champion of the season, but he went 0-4 this week. Here are some of the other best and worst performers so far of playoffs.


I am surprised to see Shen going 0-5 and Ezreal 0-4, but they were picked together some in the G2 vs MAD series, so some of those losses are overlapping.

There are 96 unique champions picked in the LEC now. The new ones this week are:


Honorable mention would be Lucian mid as played by Nemesis in FNCs 3-0 against RGE. He was played two games before this point, but not with manamune mid lane.

Lillia is expected as she has been seen across a lot of regions at this point.

Evelynn has been talked about for months by Malice and LS most notably, finally being brought into the limelight by Selfmade. Lucian mid was used so Eve was the only AP damage dealer as Bwipo also drafted an AD champion each game with Eve. This makes her extremely potent as the enemy team is less incentivized to build MR since there is an AD top, mid, and bot laner.


Neeko and Irelia both received buffs recently so those are not surprising.

Jinx is interesting, but Crownshot does have one of the deepest champion pools of the LEC probably. The lane swap that SK tried was not executed perfectly and the Jinx ended up suffering some because of it. She was not able to get as far ahead as they hoped and carry the game.

Champions bans

By week :
MdbV8KQ - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts


Caitlyn was the most banned champion of the week, not making it through in any of the games. Unlike the LCS, Caitlyn was ONLY banned by red team. Blue team never banned her.

First Pick / B1

By week :
iduy3dk - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts


First pick GP did not work at all in RGE vs FNC. Bwipo picked Ornn against it one game, where Ornn has solo kill pressure post 6 with spellbook swapping to ignite, and Sion the other game where we all probably saw what happened to Finn. If you have not seen it, here is the clip:
GiftedSolidMosquitoSMOrc - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts


Of course there is no way it was intentional, he was probably just looking somewhere else on the map and did not swap his camera back. Even if he was lvl 6, it is clear that Sion also has 1v1 kill pressure post 6 if he can get a charged up Q.

GP is usually good against teams that are going to run at him or try to poke from far away because his ult can either force a fight or help kite back. FNC drafted neither of those, their teams were more like pick comps. Especially with Eve being invisible until the fight starts and one shotting someone, what is GP really going to accomplish there?

I think the Yuumi first pick is kind of weird by SK because then S04 could just take Ezreal away. Perhaps SK wanted S04 to take Ezreal so Crownshot could play Twitch Yuumi, a pick he has said he likes into Ezreal.

Last Pick / R5

By week :

No duplicate champions were picked on R5 this week.

Everyone's favorite crocodile is the most picked R5 champion in the LEC, moving to 5-3 after his win this week.

FNC probably had the best drafting all week with their Karthus, Eve, and Urgot R5s to round out their 3 AD + AP carry jungler comps. I am surprised that both Eve and Karthus were not both banned against them, and I would expect both to be banned in their next games.

Closing remarks

I will be posting these weekly for LEC (on Monday /Tuesday mornings CST) and LCS (Tuesday / Wednesday around Noon CST).

I did not post the pairs this week, I am going to hold off on posting that until I have a better way to sort it by week instead of just overall. Probably will be back for worlds!

I did a lot of work this week to modify my sheet to get ready for worlds. I can now have stats splits for LCK / LCS / LEC / LPL / Other, such as this example (from LCS only, but proof of concept) :
8qRD1YC - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts


LEC Week 8 :
i73p0p - LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs round 1 draft stats & thoughts


LCS Playoffs week 1 : https://redd.it/ic3cmd

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