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LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats

LeagueofLegends11 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats

Hello everyone, I am doing an analysis of the draft of the LEC and LCS each week.

There were a few surprising results this week and the data is starting to flesh itself out as the sample size grows.

I am excited to see what happens as the season progresses, both in the draft and the standings!

All games and standings

iAP4ma8 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


YexGqNj - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


Perhaps a little unexpected, Rogue and MAD Lions are tied for first place right now! However, it is just a one game gap and there are four teams right behind them ready to fight for first.

Champion Presence

hTbufI1 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


Syndra maintains 100% pick/ban so far, while somehow Varus slips through one game and is not picked or banned.

The one game that Varus was not picked was FNC vs MAD. The bot lane in that game was Soraka Nautilus vs Senna Wukong respectively. I would think that Varus would be strong against Soraka so it would be ban worthy, but perhaps I am wrong.

Interestingly, Leblanc has drawn 13 bans and not been picked once in the 12 games she is open.

Volibear was let through in one game, won, and then was banned away four times.

Champions picked by team

d1uZ9gt - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


57 unique champions have been picked so far.

Ezreal, Aphelios, and Lee "Sinner" Sin are the most picked champions.

Ezreal and Aphelios both have ~57% winrates while Lee Sin sits at a coinflipping 50%.

The most picked mid laners are Azir and Orianna, both at a whopping 70%.

Two other notable winrates are Trundle (6/8 or 75%) and Gangplank (5/7 or 71%).

Champions bans by team

ZTuDiWd - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


I am not sure how useful this data is, but it is interesting.

When a team bans Syndra, they have a 72% chance to win the game not considering any other factors.

Going back to the 13 leblanc bans, this resulted in a 69% winrate for the team that banned her.


Ornn bans resulting in a victory are also high, at 75%.

First Pick / B1

cOLsTNl - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


HORgezo - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


The most common B1 champions are still bot laners, but both Ezreal and Aphelios now tout a 25% winrate over their four B1s each.

Syndra has a 100% winrate as B1, and although it is only two games, this makes logical sense as the team with B1 Syndra likely will have a draft edge because of her ability to be flexed Mid and Bot, making it harder to counter her.

Graves B1 has failed both times, but we will have to see if this trend continues or if it has just been two unlucky games.

Last Pick / R5

hEyMdio - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


f2PVSg7 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


Maokai is the most picked R5 champion, although the R5 pool is quite diverse (19 different champions over 25 games)

Since it is so diverse, it is difficult to draw a lot of useful conclusions from it.

It is surprising that Gangplank was not used more as R5 considering his Week 1 success.

Paired Champions

kRjITDx - LEC Summer 2020 Week 2 Draft Stats


The best performing pairs are:

Trundle / Ornn

Trundle / Aphelios

Ezreal / Sett

All coming in at 100% winrates with three picks each.

Trundle and Ornn / Aphelios might be explained by having a strong frontline, either for Aphelios or any other carries.

Ezreal and Sett's success might be able to have spread out fights caused by Sett's R and Ezreal's mobility during the fight.

Closing remarks

If there is any other data that you think is interesting about the draft, let me know and I will see if I can include it.

I will try to do this every week for LEC and LCS on Sunday / Monday!

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