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LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats

LeagueofLegends10 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats

Hello everyone, Indescribled here again with stats and thoughts about the Week 3 LEC Summer 2020 Draft. We are on a new patch this week, 10.13, so maybe a few things have changed since last week!

Following the data you see here will not necessarily result in similar experiences in your soloq games, or even in pro play because there are so many factors. For example, banning Syndra will not automatically get you a ~60% winrate!

All games and standings

NhSh3VS - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


RGE and MAD pull ahead of the rest of the pack. There is a five way tie for 5th and S04 managed to get their first win this week. The race for worlds looks like it will be exciting if this many ties continue as it is unclear who will make it at this point!

Champion Presence

N3akAY6 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


Syndra, Thresh, and Varus maintain almost 100% pick/ban. This week had the most Syndras unbanned (she went 2-1) of the whole split. The Syndra nerf did not seem to do much. Kogmaw received sizable buffs, but was only picked once this week (he won).

Kalista was also not picked or banned three times, so she dropped in the standings a little. Azir was picked or banned in every game this week and Orianna was in all but one. Twisted Fate actually drew 7 bans and was only let through once (he won).

Champions picked by team

Fg9tISZ - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


72 unique champions have been picked. New this week are Urgot (1-1), Fiddlesticks (1-0), Nocturne(1-0), and Ziggs(0-1).

Aphelios's winrate stayed the same as last week at 48% and Ezreal's increased by 6% to 67%.

At this point in the split, some notables are which teams have not picked some of the most popular champions.

MAD has never picked Aphelios, Nautilus, or Sett.

RGE has never picked Lee "Sinner" Sin. VIT also has never picked him.

MSFT and XL have never picked Ornn.

Another notable is that RGE is 4-0 with Gangplank, Finn is too good and seems to have mastered the pirate.

One of the weirdest picks to me this week was RGE drafting GP as B3 blind vs SK. SK then picks Malphite into GP after RGE bans Wukong and GP absolutely obliterates Malphite. I think the logic is that Malphite would be able to easily attack RGE's Varus, but Malphite will likely have an awful time against GP.

Champions bans by team

Igf7Jrn - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


As always, this data is not super useful, but it is interesting to see which teams have never banned certain champions.

G2 has never banned Syndra or Yuumi.

RGE has never banned Trundle.

MAD and XL have never banned Kalista or Trundle

First Pick / B1

ruTnZdO - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


fJGLw5m - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


Ezreal was picked on B1 three times this week and won all three, bringing him to the most B1ed champion all split.

As of last week, Aphelios was 1-5 as B1. No team B1ed him again this week, which is good to see! He should not be picked on B1 as he can be countered relatively easily via long range.

Syndra moves to 5-1 on B1. Her ability to flex Mid and Bot while also being powerful makes her difficult to draft against. Syndra also seems to be open against FNC more than other teams as FNC has B1ed her three times and no other team even has two.

Blue vs Red side is 22-23 now, as close to even as it can be at this point.


Last Pick / R5

yKI12HK - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


M6r3DBH - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


The sample size is still so small that it is difficult to draw any conclusions from this data. The list of champions that are good on R5 is a lot longer than the list that is good on B1.

Sion, Gragas, and Leona were all used as R5 this week twice each. All six of those instances, the R5 lost.

Interestingly, both times Gragas was picked he also had a Tahm Kench and Orianna. Perhaps Gragas works a lot better either a) Without Orianna, as their ultimates can have opposite impacts, and b) as the only AP allowing him to build sorc boots -> oblivion orb and deal mostly true damage while the enemy is less willing to build MR as Gragas would be the only AP.

Sion was not picked with or against any of the same champions. In lane, he was against GP and Urgot. Both are basically ranged and Sion was picked into this for some reason. Perhaps the teams think that he can survive the ranged matchup.

Paired Champions

W0J4sqq - LEC Summer 2020 Week 4 Draft Stats


Ezreal / Lee Sin moves to the most picked pair, tied with Aphelios Ornn.

I strongly believe that it is the Ezreal pulling the Lee Sin up, not the other way around and not the synergy of the two champions.

Aphelios Ornn should not be losing that much as both champions are great against team comps that have to run at them. Perhaps they are being picked together at the wrong times, either blindly or vs teams that do not have engage comps. Mostly, this issue seems to be with Aphelios being picked blindly sometimes.

The duo Ezreal / Volibear being 5-0 jumps out as the most interesting stat. Perhaps this works so well as Volibear is strong early and can almost guarantee the first and second dragons, allowing Ezreal to scale a bit easier and contest third+ dragon easier. Volibear also stuns someone with a point and click, so Ezreal has trouble missing his damage on them.


No toplane matchup was the same this week. Every game was different!

Everyone's favorite Bot matchup, Ezreal vs Aphelios, did not happen once this week.

The most common mid matchup this week was Ori vs Azir, 2-1 in Orianna's favor.

An interesting pick new to 10.13 was Kogmaw by Caps to counter Azir. Both are long range, scaling control mages, but Kogmaw scales harder and is longer range so as long as he can survive early, Kog will be favorited in that matchup.

Closing remarks

I am going to add a section that shows picks by week as opposed to picks by team (similar to how I have the B1 by team and week), so next week will probably have both sections. This will be useful to see champions coming in or out of the meta based on the patches.

Last week I did a lost more commentary on specific drafts, this week instead of doing that I took more note of overall picks, bans, or lack thereof. Since probably not a lot will change in that regard by next week, I will likely comment on specific drafts more, such as what is picked vs Aphelios when he wins vs when he loses.

I will be posting these weekly for LEC (on Monday mornings CST) and LCS (on Tuesday mornings CST).

Week 3 LEC : https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hhyrew/lec_summer_2020_week_3_draft_stats/

Week 3 LCS : https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hilot4/lcs_summer_2020_week_3_draft_stats/

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