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LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats

LeagueofLegends10 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats

Hello everyone,
Indescribled - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats

Indescribled here with stats and thoughts about the Week 5 LEC Summer 2020 Draft. This is the first week for LEC in patch 10.14, so there are some differences this week.

Following the data you see here will not necessarily result in similar experiences in your soloq games, or even in pro play because there are so many factors. For example, banning Syndra will not automatically get you a ~60% winrate!

All games and standings


RGE and MAD continue to be tied for first with three games between them and the next teams, three of which are tied at 6-5. This week, no team went 1-1. It was all 2-0 or 0-2. FNC looked rough in their wins, but they did get wins. G2 falls to a negative record, probably surprising everyone after last split.

Champion Presence

tWWjuwq - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


This is the first week that LEC is on patch 10.14 and there are many differences from previous weeks.

  • Syndra was only in six draft phases, making this her first week away from 100% presence

  • Varus was not picked or banned ONCE this week, dropping from almost 100% in all previous weeks.

  • For two weeks in a row, Leona was in at least four of the games.

-Khazix and Kennen came in multiple times this week, but only one of them received a buff.

Champions picks

By team :
00GD3wt - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


By week :
bsK55L5 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


Ezreal and Aphelios continue to be highly contested, but I think every week that goes by, more people are learning how to counter Aphelios. If Aphelios gets picked early you can just pick long range such as ezreal / corki / graves / xerath / velkoz / ziggs / azir / etc. Picking multiple melee champions into him is his dream come true.

A few of the picks with good, or bad, records are so far are:


There are 79 unique champions picked in LEC so far.

The new ones this week are


Twitch was played by Crownshot in SKs first game of the week. It was banned against SK in their second game. FNC used Khazix in both of their games this week and SK was the other team to play him. SK also picked Sylas, bringing in three new champions on their 2-0 week.

Champions bans by team


bfPfsqn - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


Not the most useful data, but you can see what teams prioritize certain champions.

First Pick / B1

By team :
GUrLO19 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


By week :
cnb4az6 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


Blue vs Red side moves to 27-28, as close to even as it can be.

Teams seem to have learned not to B1 Aphelios as he was 1-5 when first picked. He has not been picked on B1 since week 3.

This is the first week where Syndra was not B1ed by any team. She did receive nerfs, but is still able to be flexed into two, maybe even three, roles. I am unsure if the mana nerfs ruin her jungle or not.

I am surprised that there are not more karma picks as she can be flexed into every role except jungle. I have had a karma jungle in some soloq games before, but I think there are better picks. Karma is also neutral and does not commit your team to engage / disengage, so it is harder for the opponent to counter than B1 Aphelios for example.

Last Pick / R5

By team :
n0jh90o - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


By week :
fejjDFM - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


The list of R5ed champions continues to grow, with 33 different champions and none more than 4 times so it is difficult to draw many conclusions with such small sample sizes.

The only one that was used more than once this week was Malphite, who is strong against Wukong top as well as immobile ADCs such as Aphelios.

Paired Champions

5DRbilf - LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 Draft Stats


This is a list of all of the champions picked over four times together. I do not include the entire list because it is ~250 rows long (for champions picked more than once together).

The increased popularity of Leona mentioned earlier might be tied in with Ezreal as that duo is 4-0 now.

I checked Khazix as he was picked three times this week. Two of the three games were with Senna and both were won, all other champions were different.

Ezreal + Voli has been successful, but was not picked in week 5.

Closing remarks

I am learning about pulling this data via API instead of entering the matches myself. Until I figure that out, it is difficult for me to automate a matchup section. The way I input mine is via pick order instead of lane order, so any lookups in excel would not know what champion is in what role. I will figure it out, but it might be multiple weeks until I understand it fully.

I will be posting these weekly for LEC (on Monday mornings CST) and LCS (on Tuesday mornings CST).

Week 4 LEC : https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hm6jem/lec_summer_2020_week_4_draft_stats/

Week 5 LCS : https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hrmh8s/na_ezreal_lcs_summer_2020_week_5_draft_stats/

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