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LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats

LeagueofLegends11 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats

Hello everyone,
Indescribled - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats

Indescribled here with stats and thoughts about the Week 6 LEC Summer 2020 Drafts.

Note that following these stats in your games will not necessarily result in the same winrate and just because a champion is being drafted a lot in pro play, or is not, does not necessarily mean they are good or bad.

All games and standings


Playoffs are coming up in a few weeks, so there is a lot of pressure on each game for many teams since the middle of the pack is so close. Not a lot changed in the upper portion of the standings with RGE and MAD still tied at 10-3. S04 actually looked good this week and I would not have thought they deserve to be 3-10 with that play. I believe there are three weeks left, so there is a (small) world where S04 can make playoffs if they can maintain that level of play. MSFT went 0-2 and lots of people are thinking that they might continue slumping and not make playoffs. G2 won a game that they probably should not have vs RGE and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Champion Presence

VTksvcN - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


This is the second week of the LEC in 10.14.

  • Last week Syndra was picked once, this week she moved up to four picks.

  • Just like last week, Varus was not picked once.

  • Volibear was banned in EVERY game this week. Eight times it was banned by the blue team. This is crazy to me because if Volibear was broken enough to have 100% banrate, he would be banned ZERO times by blue side and all by red side. This is because you would want to pick it every game

Champions picks

By team :
JinaELB - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


By week :
TKK6eTP - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


Nothing has changed yet, so Ezreal and Aphelios are both still the most picked ADCs. On 10.15 Aphelios is receiving more nerfs, so he will probably be picked somewhat less often.

Here are a few champions with really good, or bad records after this week. Some of them I mentioned last week, each one changed a bit. A lot of teams seem to like Khazix after his 10.14 changes.


There have been 81 unique champions picked in the LEC so far.

The two new ones this week are Jhin and Pyke. They were both picked by FNC in the same game in the lane vs Ezreal. Jhin Pyke won the game and it seemed quite strong. Jhin can also contest Ezreal relatively well, it does not necessarily require Pyke in that lane, but Pyke does work well with Jhin. I would be happy to see more Jhin vs Ezreal in future weeks, I think Jhin is strong and fun to watch.

Champions bans


exVuAG9 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


Not the most useful data, but you can see what teams prioritize certain champions.

G2 has not banned Syndra once this split, not even before her nerfs went live. This stat by itself makes it seem that G2 was not afraid of Syndra. Actually, I checked and G2 did not ban Syndra because Syndra was banned against them in almost every game except one (RGE vs G2 this week, after her nerfs).

XL has not banned Kalista once this split. This is actually a similar situation to the G2 one mentioned above where Kalista is banned against XL in a lot of the games. This could be as respect for Patrik's Kalista.

First Pick / B1

By team :
pKyggWg - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


By week :
m6TEUpK - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


This week, blue side went 2-8 bringing the total score to 29-36.

Aphelios beat B1 Ezreal twice and the third loss for Ezreal was the Jhin mentioned previously.

Aphelios B1 lost to Senna both games. One game it was Senna / Thresh / Leblanc / Vlad / Sett, so most of these champions have some range or invulnerability on Vlad, so they do not have to sit melee near Aphelios. The second Aphelios loss was to Syndra / Bard / Senna / Khazix / Mordekaiser. Syndra, Bard, and Senna all provide enough range to neuter Aphelios.

Both Ezreal and Aphelios have negative winrates when coming in on B1.

Last Pick / R5

By team :
yBct9JH - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


By week :
SCTEdlj - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


The R5ed champions is at 37 this split now, so the sample size is still small on each individual champ.

I am surprised that Gangplank has not been picked on R5 since week 3.

Somehow, LS's favorite R5 Renekton is 4-1 this split.

Paired Champions

7HqrBi8 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 6 Draft Stats


This is a list of all of the champions picked over four times together. I do not include the entire list because it is ~250 rows long (for champions picked more than once together).

Ezreal + Voli has not been picked for two weeks now, but this is completely due to the fact that Volibear was completely banned this week.

A lot of long range saintlike pairs are doing well such as Ezreal / Azir (5-2) and Ezreal / Orianna (4-1). This makes sense with how popular Aphelios has been all split as they both are relatively long range.

Closing remarks

I will be posting these weekly for LEC (on Monday mornings CST) and LCS (on Tuesday mornings CST).

Week 5 LEC : https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hujq9v/lec_summer_2020_week_5_draft_stats/

Week 6 LCS : https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/hvsoar/lcs_summer_2020_week_6_draft_stats_beating/

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