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LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts

LeagueofLegends11 - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts

Hello everyone,
Indescribled - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts

Indescribled here with stats and thoughts about the Week 8 LEC Summer 2020 Drafts. I am a (low) diamond player with a stats degree and I enjoy thinking about the theory behind decisions, so drafting interests me a lot.

All games and standings

Games :

Standings :
jtVP2aN - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


This is the second week and final week on 10.15 before playoffs moves to 10.16.

The regular season is OVER for the LEC and the top six teams are going to playoffs. RGE, MAD, G2, SK, FNC, and S04 all made it, S04 with the miracle run and FNC barely sliding in on the second to last game. I am excited to see who will make it to worlds and if S04 can keep up their crazy series of wins. At this point, they may not stop winning until worlds is over.

Champion Presence

uYstJ3T - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


For the entire split, Thresh comes out as the most contested champion at 84 of 90 games picked or banned. He was banned considerably more than he was picked, same as second place which was Kalista and Syndra at 77 of 90 games.

The LEC has definitely caught on to gangplank as he was banned 11 times this week.

Volibear had a 100% pick/ban rate, followed closely by Sett who only slipped through untouched in one game.

Sona has been drawing a few bans since Sona / Lux bot lane was popularized, she was banned four times this week. Lux also saw one ban this week.

Champions picks

By team :
j0afDPF - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


By week :
4Vs8LjJ - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


There were 91 unique champions picked over the course of this split.

The new ones this week are :

Dr Mundo1-0

Shen received a buff in 10.15, so it is kind of surprising that we did not see him last week. It does make sense that he is being picked.

Mundo is situationally a strong champ, usually good against heavy magic damage comps.

Karthus has been good for most of the split, but also received buffs. He is also situationally strong, usually as the only magic damage source on a team vs squishies.

Here are some of the best, or worst, records of the split across all champions.

I want to note that just because a champion does good or bad in the split does not mean that they are necessarily good or bad. Renekton could be 11-5 because of so many other factors other than crocodile good. A bad champion can go 11-5, a good champion can go 1-9 as Karma did.


*EDIT : As someone commented below, Ashe did win in MAD vs S04. I typed Ezreal instead of Ashe in that game, so she is 1-8 instead of 0-9.

It is surprising that Karma has such a low winrate as she is a 3-4 lane flex that can bully the opponent in lane as well as empower everyone for early teamfights at dragons with her cheap itemization. She is getting nerfed in 10.16 so we might see even less of her than we have recently.

Champions bans

EgsBf7L - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


Not a lot of interesting stuff here outside of which teams never ban certain champions and what the most banned champions are.

For example, XL never bans Kalista, but every other team does ban her quite a bit. XL wants Kalista to be let through so Patrik can play it.

The same is true for G2 and Syndra as Caps and Perkz can both play her.

First Pick / B1

By team :
zrSoazY - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


By week :
VEBPfGK - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


Blue side went 11-4 this week, bringing the regular split to 48-42 for blue vs red.

No team B1ed the same champion more than three times this split. The worst performing champion from a team perspective on B1 was Ezreal on OG, going 0-3.

Ezreal is also the most B1ed champion and went 3-0 this week.

However, close behind him is Caitlyn at 5-1 this week. I expect there to continue to be high contention over her throughout playoffs as nothing about her changed on 10.16.

Also, no new champions came in on B1 this week. I assume this is because teams took this week more seriously than the rest since it had direct playoff implications, where perhaps other weeks they are OK using B1 on a trundle or something not a strong as Ezreal.

Last Pick / R5

By team :
0bnw9hk - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


By week :
w1zft7E - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


Renekton and Sion were both popular R5 picks this week, losing two games each and winning none. Sometimes, it seems like Renekton comes in on R5 as a counter to Camille. However, we saw Bwipo win that lane as Camille. Also, from what I understand, Jax counters Camille as well, but scales better than the prehistoric walking fossil that Renekton is.

I do not know what Sion is coming in as an answer to, likely he is probably picked simply as a frontline champion with engage. He is also 1-6 on R5 this split. He does scale well with his permanent health gain, which he converts to damage via titanic hydra.

Paired Champions

I8ENgqe - LEC Summer 2020 Week 8 draft stats & thoughts


Seeing Ezreal and Azir at the top is promising as they both serve a similar purpose : (relatively) long range and scaling. Of course Kogmaw or Xerath outrange, but Ezreal and Azir are on the same page, unlike the second most played pair of Ezreal and Lee Sin, or the third most of Ezreal and Sett.

Orianna + GP, Ezreal + Yuumi, Ezreal + Bard are all other examples of champions being drafted together where the synergy is good.

The worse performing pair this split has been Aphelios + Tahm Kench, coming in at 1-6. I mentioned this last week, but this is because they both lose to the same type of champions : long range poke. So if you already have Aphelios and the enemy drafts Kogmaw + Ezreal, drafting Tahm will only make the situation worse.

Closing remarks

I will be posting these weekly for LEC (on Monday mornings CST) and LCS (on Tuesday mornings CST).

I am not sure how many games there will be in playoffs, but I will still be doing these type of posts. Perhaps on weeks where there are only a few games, or one match, I will discuss specific drafts instead of going over stats as there will not really be a lot of new data points.

LEC Week 7 : https://redd.it/i2w3n2

LCS Week 8 : https://redd.it/i44923

EDIT : Typo in MAD vs S04, showed Ezreal winning instead of Ashe.

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