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Let me show you on what it takes to hit High Elo in League of Legends

LeagueofLegends6 - Let me show you on what it takes to hit High Elo in League of Legends

I've organized the videos to help people select what they feel like they would need to improve at. Everything is kind of interconnected anyway but its a good way to sort out concepts without an encyclopedia of information. I am a part-time league of legends coach showcasing some of my work on Reddit.

ADC Videos cover lane openings inside of bot lane, understanding quad-range matchups along with how the support dynamic affects the ADC. AD videos also cover how to play a 2v1 lane and snowball into the mid-game while keeping up with farm.

ADC Role:

Midlane Videos (the first 4) cover fundamentals wave control theory and how to apply it in game and how these smaller moves can build into a huge lead. Midlane Mechanics & Lane openings address mechanics over lane manipulation and illustrate how cooldowns along with minion aggro and pockets can change a lane in your favor. The challenger VOD reviews also explain how to snowball the lead into mid & late game along with highlighting the clear differences between challenger players and lower-elo players.

Midlane Role:

Jungle videos will the most difficult to understand however easiest to implement once understood. Defensive routes on how to survive on champions like Evelynn, Nocturn, Shyv, etc along with how to hard snowball leads from level 1 with hard ganking early damage champions. The videos also cover basic and advance jungle routes and highlight differences between NA master tier and below vs KR Challenger.

Jungle Role:


Top is known as an island, however it becomes the role to ultimately decide the tempo of the game outside of lane phase. Its a very important role and is one of the best roles to climb low-elo with because of the fact that players at these levels cannot answer to split push. The role covers melee vs ranged, how to deal with the opposite, minion wave control, touching the river, wards and jungle tracking along with recalls and a lot more things. I will be doing more professional top lane VODS in the future.

Top Role:

Support role covers lane openings, game tempo and placing vision in accordance to how to map is being played and where the jungler is.

Support Role:

Mindset & Mental


Right side = Right quadrant of the jungle (Both enemy and ally side)

Left side = Left quadrant of the jungle (Both enemy and ally side)

Acceleration EXP (rubber band, higher level respawn) = accelerated EXP in the JG in relation to a level discrepancy

Play with the wave = working with the minion wave, standing inside of it to dodge spells or use the minion damage

Bounce = wait for the clash and let the next wave come in with last hits

Pockets: A small area in side of a lane which you can hold or knowledge

Dance: rapid back and forth movements with the mouse to increase accuracy and speed

Slow push: To last hit minions or slowly push the lane

Attacking the mana pool: Using spells or going spell – for – spell in order to gain a mana lead

70/30: A choice in the game that only has a 30% success rate – therefore should not be done. AKA: Coinflip

Sustain a lane: Keeping even minion count inside of your respected zone in order to maintain a freeze

Lock/Lane Locked: When a lane has been frozen for a longer duration of time

Break the wave: Reset or clear the wave

Tempo: Time & Space inside of the game, relative to advantages and disadvantages you can gain


~ Master/GM multiple role player – will provide all evidence if & when requested below.

~ AMA – will respond to any questions. gl in solo queue.

Please note that some of these videos are back from 2017 or even 2016. I have since then become much better at coaching, playing and communicating. I've definitely matured as a person over the years so please don't mind the cringe-worthy moments the older videos may have. I started off recording on Skype with a laptop mic so its definitely come along way! If you find an error inside of the older videos, feel free to call it out & I can elaborate on what my 2016-self was thinking. (but go easy please!) I'll do my best to answer all the questions accordingly.

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