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Let us see in champ select, what lanes everyone qued for Primary and Secondary.

LeagueofLegends11 - Let us see in champ select, what lanes everyone qued for Primary and Secondary.

b3pojyulyi531 - Let us see in champ select, what lanes everyone qued for Primary and Secondary.


Picture above shows two versions, One that says preferred and other that just lists the positions. Up to you which one you like more. Preferred takes up more space tbh.

Skip to Tl;Dr if you'd like. You don't need to read the whole thing but it gives a better idea overall.

Point of this thread

We should be able to see what two roles your teammates qued for in champion select In the above picture there are two versions one that says preferred and one that just lists the roles. I like the one that just says the two roles.

Why implement this idea

I'm sick of auto fill but at the same time I understand it's importance. If Auto fill is going to stay with us indefinitely then why can't we implement ways to make the system better?

No disrespect but Riots algorithm for Auto fill doesn't even make sense. Person A ques for Bot/Jungle Person B queues for Jungle/Mid

This will allow teammates to assist eachother better. I play fill a LOT in normals and ranked flex. Recently I've been working on my top but I'm an ADC main. Why do I do this? So when teammates in ranked solo are One Trick Ponie Kai'sa mains and I get ADC, I can offer them my role and teammates who are exceptional in multiple lanes can do the same.

Another huge reason is this. Let's use my experience as an example. I cannot stand laning against Draven. Ever. If I see two people that have ADC as their secondary, I can maybe offer my role to one of them and tell them. Maybe one of them know what they're doing against Draven? For example when I play Jungle I can provide for a mean tank and aggressive playstyle even though it is my secondary I am still efficient in the role. So I 100% wouldn't mind offering ADC for someone who'd rather have it if they got Jungle


Who does this hurt/negativies about it

Maybe if you give someone their preferred role that you got, you'd flame them if they lost? But as far as I'm concerned that already happens and wouldn't offering your role make someone nicer towards you? When someone gives me ADC when I ask for it, I'm like hey man thank you I appreciate it.

What did I mean by Riots algorithm sucks when it comes to Auto Fill?

Person A gets auto filled to Mid

Person B gets auto filled to Bot

? – Example Post


If we can see eachother roles that we qued for, it will give us a better experience with Auto Fill since a lot of players are fine with giving up their role for numerous reasons such as counter picked, hate fighting that champ, rather play Sejuani because shes open even though I got ADC because I play a mean Sejuani, ETC.

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