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Let’s Design a Champion Together!

LeagueofLegends12 - Let’s Design a Champion Together!

Hi Reddit!

We’re a team of Rioters that design Champions for League of Legends. To Celebrate League’s 10 year anniversary we thought it would be fun to talk about the Champion design process and create a Champion concept with you all in real-time.


RiotStatikk - Let’s Design a Champion Together!

u/RiotStatikk – Game Design

Riot Earp –
u/Riot__Earp, Concept Art

Carnival Knights,
RiotCarnivalKnights - Let’s Design a Champion Together!

u/RiotCarnivalKnights – Narrative

Skiptomyluo, u/skiptomyluo – Narrative

Riot Wilkingham, u/Wilkingham – Narrative Editor

u/Jellbug – Narrative Writer

LeighAmethyst- Voiceover Producer

JohnODyin – Narrative Writer

This is all just for fun and there shouldn’t be any expectation that what we create together ends up in League of Legends. With that being said, RiotAttorney has asked us to include the following disclaimer:

“By submitting ideas you agree that we can use this idea/content for any purpose — including eventually creating something that we sell — without any legal obligation to credit or compensate you.”

So now that that’s out of the way — Let’s start with this prompt (and we’ll add more below):

1) “Our champion wants ________ more than anything in the world.”

"Our champion wants to paint the perfect painting more than anything in the world." – u/Delos-X

"It would be interesting a champion whose skill kit revolves around paint buckets. His passive would be buckets he carry around and use it to change his paint brush color, changing his abilities.

While he is carrying the buckets, his move speed decreases, and he can place the buckets somewhere to walk in normal speed again and have to go back where he placed the buckets to change the brush color." – u/lucasrattz

We like this high level concept of paint and buckets, we're merging these ideas together to start this champion off. Our next prompt is:

2) "Our champion thinks that _____ is evil and _____ is good."


"Our champion thinks that teemo is evil and bob ross is good." – u/jolibub

This idea is too dope to pass up, so we're going with it!

We've started some rough concept art but feel free to keep using your imagination!

Version 1: https://imgur.com/a/xPdyhLR

3) "Our champion looks like _____."

"our champion looks like a ferret that uses its tail as a brush" – u/UnableCalendar

"Our champion looks like a cross between Salvador Dali and a squirrel." – u/starii

These were both creative and visually interesting! More pictures incoming! Let's go to some gameplay.

Version 2: https://imgur.com/2YBf2zL

4) "Our champion's big moment / ultimate ability is ______."

"Our champion's big moment / ultimate ability is partially painting the enemies' screen with paint, so they can't see what is going on." – u/Loppersy

We like the idea overall of splattering paint all over the screen. Something in this direction seems very promising!

5) "Our champion is named __, the ____ (ex: Darius, the Hand of Noxus). This is because _______."

"Our champion is named Sir Bobbington Dali II The Sneaky One. This is because he pulls it." – u/YazuboWins

We love this name, it fits so well!

"Our champion is named Leopold, the Stroke of Genius, both referring to a paintstroke and him being a genius at painting." – u/woonori

This title is the perfect finisher. We love Sir Bobbington Dali the Second, the Stroke of Genius.

6) "What is Sir Bobbington's gameplay role (Damage, Tank, Support, etc.)? What position does he generally play (Top, Mid, Jungle, Bot, Support)?

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