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Let’s Talk About the LCS Playoffs

LeagueofLegends11 - Let's Talk About the LCS Playoffs

TLDR: There is fundamentally nothing wrong with letting 8 teams into the LCS playoffs. In the end the best 3 teams will represent NA at worlds, no matter what their regular season standings were, so why should we care.

I've been seeing many people shit on the LCS recently about the new format. When it was first announced, I was legitamately happy. As a (biased) TSM fan, 2018 felt bad. 100T, the fourth seed, went to worlds over TSM, the third seed. Did anyone think that 100T in that moment was better than TSM or C9? For all intents and purposes, We sent TL as our best team (righfully), 100T as our second best team, and C9 (who got second in the split) as our third best team. Based on the current
Summer Playoffs - Let's Talk About the LCS Playoffs

standings and powers, how was it that the second best team had to fight for their lives in more series while the team that got 4th was just in.

It seemed like the worse team was representing NA because they had done a lot better 5 months ago. There was something that needed changing, so the LCS changed. After another year it was announced on Jan 8th 2020 that the format would change. Spring points are gone and summer has 8 teams in playoffs with 2 different brackets. I rejoiced. Now we can actually have our region represented by our best 3 teams.

Now, however, people are shitting on this format, for it seems no reason other than EU GOOD NA BAD LUL.

So lets talk about this playoffs. Because a previous post was raggin on Dignitas, I'll use them as an example. Here is the
Playoffs format for reference. Bold is winners.

Week 1:

Flyquest vs EG




EG vs 100T

Week 2:

TL vs GG

C9 vs Flyquest


EG vs Flyquest

Week 3:

C9 vs TL

DIG vs Flyquest

Week 4:


C9 vs TL

In this theoretical playoff run, Dignitas has to beat TSM, Golden Guardians, Flyquest to qualify for worlds as the third seed.

But OMG DIG is so bad and our 8th seed, ewwwwwww grosssss

Get the fuck over it, they 100% would deserve that spot. Will this happen? Probably not, let's be honest. In the spirit of competition, however, I wholeheartedly think that we should give them a chance. WHY NOT ?? If the 7th and 8th team both lose their first BO5s, cool they played exactly how they were expected and don't deserve to continue. Much like in 2015 when C9 made the miracle run, barely retaining their champs points and the reverse sweeping 3 series to qualify for worlds. Did C9 not deserve that placement just because they were 7th seed? With this new format, it will give these low placed teams this chance, as well as not relying so much on spring performance.

In my opinion, the biggest issue with this format is that the first/second seed can win a single series, then lose twice and go to worlds. But that's what doing well in the regular season earns you, so whatever. I am legitimately curious why people think that playoffs is somehow ruined just because 8 teams are participating. I think it fosters a greater competitive drive to keep trying the whole season.

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