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Let’s talk Key Runestone Diversity

LeagueofLegends12 - Let’s talk Key Runestone Diversity

I’ll preface by saying I’m by no means a game designer and don’t know the current design philosophies Riot have around Runes and how diverse they think they are or how they want them to be.

With the start of season 11 we saw a complete overhaul of the items system, with Riot stating they were working towards having a more diverse array of options to choose from for each game depending on your needs, aiming to have “
quick gameplay thoughts feb 26 - Let’s talk Key Runestone Diversity

no champion choosing the same mythic in 75%+ of games”. But does this philosophy extend to Key Runestones?

As you might have noticed, most champions in fact only choose one Key Runestone in 75%+ of their games (Plat+, 11.9), going by Riot's metric around item diversity. 91 out of 155 Champions choose the same Key Runestone in 75%+ of their games. For those who enjoy data sets I have compiled data from Lolalytics from Plat+ games on Patch 11.9 seen here:


This illustrates exactly how few options players have when it comes to Runes. Note: I only used data from Champions main roles, except where there was a close to even split in pickrate between roles and the runes had a differing pick rate in each role, e.g. Gragas and Dr. Mundo, to weed out skewed data.

There are a few outliers here and there, for example Nasus, Azir, and Teemo all had their most commonly picked rune chosen less than 40% of the time, but conversely some champions such as Leblanc, Olaf and Karthus picking their respective runes in greater than 99% of their games. Where is the diversity in this?

I’m not saying every champ should be able to pick every single rune and be fine with it, but most champions are shoehorned into a single rune, and build creativity is stifled before you even load onto the rift. This isn’t looking at any other tier of rune either, for example how Ravenous Hunter was a must for a lot of Champions earlier this year, and thankfully was addressed, now I would like to see some other runes see some attention and make rune choices matter again.


Now that the rant is over, some interesting points of data I found while working on this:

  • Skarner takes Omnistone more often than any other champion at 0.6% of his games.
  • Renekton has taken Arcane Comet twice this patch and has a 100% winrate with it.


  • Janna has a pretty even split of taking Summon Aery(48.4%) and Arcane Comet(42.6%) in her games, and Comet only has a 0.5% greater winrate making both runes equally viable.
  • Gragas potentially has the highest Key Runestone diversity across all 3 of his roles, with Predator, Grasp of the Undying and Aftershock being the most picked in each role, Electrocute, Dark Harvest, Comet and Summon Aery also being viable.
  • LeBlanc has the least diversity with taking Electrocute in 99.4% of her games.
  • Senna is one of two champions who takes Glacial Augment in a statistically significant manner, in 43.5% of her games, the next highest being Janna at 8.2%.
  • Conqueror is the most picked rune overall at 20.6% across all champions.
  • AP Shyvana with Dark Harvest makes up around 75% of her games despite having about a 4% lower winrate than AD Shyvana with a close to even split between Press the Attack and Conqueror.
  • Statistically speaking, Hail of Blades is the correct rune for Azir with the winrate coming in at 53.1% with a 10.7% pickrate, compared to his highest picked rune, Fleet Footwork (32.2% pickrate, 44.7% winrate) and his overall 45.9% winrate. That’s an absurd 8% winrate difference.

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