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Linking all the skins into one universe instead of doing what I’m supposed to be doing: Episode 2, Attack of the Clones

LeagueofLegends1 - Linking all the skins into one universe instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing: Episode 2, Attack of the Clones

Link to part 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/del1sg/linking_a_load_of_skin_lines_into_the_same/

Firstly, A couple skins I missed from last time: Ekko's second time breaking time also showed off Loch Ness Cho'gath, Deep Sea Kog'Maw and Coral Reef Malphite. Thanks u/Loppersy for pointing those out.

Now then, back to the new stuff. Firstly, the Academy Adventures gives us a lot more to play with. Sticking with Ekko's beach screw up, we see Pool Party Zac, linking the rest of that line, namely Pool Party Draven, Mundo, Lulu and Rek'Sai, Pool Party Graves, Lee Sin, Leona, Miss Fortune, Renekton, Ziggs, Zoe, Gangplank, The Hunky Lifeguard, Surfer Singed, and Sneaky Caitlyn. Their splash arts also give us Beemo.

Now, back to Academy. Those comics are a gold mine, as through the course of the series we also see some champs on their side jobs. Professor Ryze finally put on a shirt, Lil' Slugger Trundle wasn't good enough for the big leagues, so settled for coaching. Akali pursued her third career path, after cooking and rapping, as a school nurse, while Shen covered her days off. Mundo seems to have given up his genocidal rampage, to take up teaching instead, but he kept his corporate style. He thinks it'll make the students respect him.


Here it gets rather odd as Teemo, while sitting on the throne of Hell, makes Ekko have nightmares of the infernal afterlife. Whether this is real or just a nightmare is up in the air, so I'm gonna count it, adding Infernal Akali, Ali, Sad Boi, Morde, Snoop Dogg, Diana, and the Big Bois.

Leaving the dream world we see Singed is raising bees with hallucinogenic stings (Seriously, that's not how bees work. What the hell is he doing to those things?!?), Fiora has taken up the position of Headmistress, and is probably regretting it, Darius was signed for his basketball scholarship, the music teacher spends his time off trying to murder his students (literally he used celestial magic to try and murder Draven), and finally a totally normal flesh and blood man showed up, complete with totally real nose and moustache. Some schools have a fight club, this one has a wrestling ring, complete with indestructible steel chairs.

And that was all just from the Academy comics.

The best bit, of course, is that all this is completely canon within OG Runeterra, as shown by


So, as of right now, Akali is the champion with the most canon skins, in the form of a rapper, that same rapper at the awards ceremony, a school nurse, a Sashimi Chef, a literal demon, and a ninja for the Kinkou.

TL;DR, this time, we added in, all the Pool Party skins, the Infernal skins, the Lucha Libre skins, the Snow Day skins, Dunkmaster Darius, Beekeeper Singed, Headmistress Fiora, Definitely not Blitzcrank, Corporate Mundo, Nurse Akali, Surgeon Shen, Lil'Slugger Trundle, Professor Ryze, and Beemo.

Yes, there's still a tonne more links I haven't got to yet. They'll probably show up in part 3, when I can be bothered to make a part 3.

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