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LoL reads your browser tabs: is this a gross violation of privacy or am I overreacting?

LeagueofLegends4 - LoL reads your browser tabs: is this a gross violation of privacy or am I overreacting?

If you have a browser tab open with "cheat engine" in the title of the page, LoL will force close and not allow you to play.

To reproduce this issue, open a Chrome tab and google for "cheat engine" but don't click on any of the results. Leave that tab open and start up a game in the Practice Tool. Ten seconds into the game, you'll get an error message and LoL will force close. I believe this is because it checks for the string "cheat engine" in the title of the tab. If I put "cheat engine" in the title of this post, it's likely having this thread open would also cause your games to force close. This also occurs using Edge or Bing.

Why can LoL access the contents of my Chrome tabs? Why isn't this sandboxed? I don't want LoL to know what I'm doing in Chrome or Discord or anything else, or vice versa. If two programs want to share information with each other, it should be through a public API. I highly doubt both Chrome and Edge are freely offering up their contents to any program that asks.

And why doesn't any official documentation mention any of this?


None of these mention reading what else is going on with your machine. None of it mentions checking memory or looking at other processes. The anti-cheat engineering article has the right approach, LoL should be defensive and resilient against having its memory tampered with, but it should not be scanning the rest of my machine.

(And if you're wondering why I was searching for cheats, I was trying to figure out how to change my level-up abilities in Torment: Tides of Numenera, and one of the forum threads in a tab I had open had "cheat engine" in the title.)

Am I overreacting or is it common for one program, without administrative permissions, to reach into the memory of another? Or is this a violation of privacy?

Edit: video evidence: https://youtu.be/4osV_AWvHYo

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    Kero Don
    Mar 31, 2020 3:49 pm

    That’s pretty disgusting. I’m not into that.

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