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LoLCooldown is live, a tool to showcase the CDs of champs in a game with some visuals and more…

LeagueofLegends2 - LoLCooldown is live, a tool to showcase the CDs of champs in a game with some visuals and more...

www.lolcooldown - LoLCooldown is live, a tool to showcase the CDs of champs in a game with some visuals and more...


Example of usage: https://i.imgur.com/Ud0JlUr.gif

Some time ago I posted a prototype and it got positive reception, so I made this website.

What is LoLCooldown?

It's a website that shows the cooldowns of champions' abilities/spells inside a game, where you can manually manipulate their numbers. Think of it as wiki information in one place. For more information about it's capabilities check the example above and the What can it do ? section.

Is it legal?

I have submitted an application to riot regarding LoLCooldown and they approved of it.

What can it do?

You can see all the features in the example above, I enumerate them here:

  • Showing the cooldowns of champion abilities, passive, spells
  • Ability to reduce abilities cooldown using CDr, cloud drake, Cosmic Insight rune
  • Ability to reduce spells cooldown using Ionian Boots, Cosmic Insight rune, Howling Abyss aura
  • A visual representation of champion ultimates cooldowns
  • Showing an indication (i) near abilities that decrease cooldowns (Ezreal's Q, Annie's Q, etc…)
  • Showing the runes that affects the cooldowns of abilities, items, spells
  • You can drag champion slots
  • Somewhat usable on mobile using landscape orientation (could be improved)

What is it lacking?

  • Recharge time for abilities that have charges (Teemo's traps, Heimer's turrets, etc…)
  • Ultimate Hunter rune affecting ultimate cooldowns
  • It doesn't support every mode yet
  • Champ positioning isn't perfect

Some of these features are missing because I failed to include them in a user friendly way to the interface. If you have a have an idea for an implementation, please do share.

Future desktop app overlay idea

You might have noticed that this might not be practicle for you, since you have to update it manually to get the number you want. Adding to that, some of you might find it annoying to switch to the browser while playing a game.

Having this updated automatically with an easier way to reach (eg. an overlay) is more desirable. It's possible to create such a thing by getting data from your games (items, cloud drake, runes, etc…). If the website gets good reception and some of you desire such a tool, I will think about creating the overlay.

I did ask the riot devs regarding the overlay and they didn't shut the idea down and asked me to show them the overlay before publishing it. This shows that there is some hope for such a thing to be created.

Bug report & feature request

If you want to report a bug or a feature request, mention them here or in the
discord server.

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