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Looking at Corki’s healing options (DD vs. BT), and testing Liandry’s as a possible Corki item

LeagueofLegends9 - Looking at Corki's healing options (DD vs. BT), and testing Liandry's as a possible Corki item

TLDR: Bloodthirster provides substantially more healing in sheen rotations even without considering the shield, despite the fact that Death's Dance heals on abilities. This difference is larger when the targets are squishier. Liandry's is roughly equivalent in damage to BT and DD when hitting squishy targets (with both a sheen rotation and rocket poke), but against tanky targets, Liandry's provides noticeably more damage in both situations.

I have been curious about Corki's healing options, so I decided to try and figure out how Death's Dance stacks up to Bloodthirster. I assumed that Corki had Triforce, RFC, and IE as a baseline. I used a simplified ability rotation of R, auto, E, auto, Q, auto, R, auto against a single target. I included stuff like RFC procs, crits, E resistance reduction, etc. as best as I could, but some of the calculations were simplified because I didn't have a lot of time (it shouldn't have a meaningful impact on the results). For my "dummies", I used Lux (base resistances) and Poppy (Sunfire, Spirit Visage, and Adaptive Helm). Corki, Lux, and Poppy were all assumed to be level 16. I'll put the results here (they're coming out a bit blurry for me, but hopefully it works):

Autos 3 and 4 crit to represent 50% crit chance, and Auto 1 has the RFC proc included. The E is assumed to land for half its duration on the target; therefore, Auto 2 includes the full resistances reduction in calculations, and I applied half of the flat reduction to the E damage itself as an average instead of calculating each tick separately.

Adaptive Helm reductions are included; I assumed that the last R and the last auto were spaced far enough to avoid the reduction. The E calculation assumptions are the same.


Apart from that, I was curious about the effectiveness of Liandry's on Corki, considering that he has AP ratios as well as a need for good tank-busting items (I actually tested it previously vs. voidstaff and BotRK here to deal with heavy MR-stackers, but in a very limited context). Because of that, I thought that I would take a look at how effective it is (compared to the 80 AD of BT/DD, which I already calculated). I tested this with the same full rotation, in addition to looking at rocket poke specifically. For the poke, I used R, auto, R, R, assuming that each R allowed for the full burn and that the Triforce + RFC + IE base is the same.

I assumed that the madness would reach 10% bonus damage at the Q. I also assumed that the Liandry's burn was fully affected by the Adaptive Helm reduction instead of exempting the first ticks when relevant. I allowed for a 2-second total burn duration on the R&Q and 1 second (past stopping) for the E.

The R damage increases for Liandry's because of the madness passive ramp-up. The R poke is assumed to be spaced out such that Liandry's burns for the full duration (no empowered burn ticks).

Hopefully that is somewhat useful to know; LMK if there are any errors that I missed since I don't want to present any inaccurate information. I was somewhat surprised that the rocket poke wasn't skewed more in favor of Liandry's! Obviously, there are a lot of outside factors that would affect itemization decisions (such as teammates having CC to apply an empowered Liandry's burn); this isn't meant to be comprehensive, only exploratory. I would be happy to test out specific situations that haven't been covered in the post, just ask!

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