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Lore Discussion: Soraka vs. Karthus

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I just had an idea! Hear me out: What if Riot reworked Soraka's lore, made her a cleric, and then pitted her against Karthus?


Ever since Warwick got reworked, Soraka has pretty much been a loose end in terms of lore. Before the rework, their origins were closely connected and each character was basically the whole reason for the other's existence. But, with that connection severed, Soraka has been left with little to no backstory and even less of a connection to the world of Runeterra or the people within it.


So, here's my suggestion: Rework Soraka's lore! Instead of a "starchild", make her a cleric of some kind. That way, you still retain the essence of her character as a healer who wants to help people, while also grounding her in the world. Maybe she could even belong to an order of some kind? That could be pretty interesting!


Now, as for the rivalry between her and Karthus, here's my take on why it makes sense:

First and foremost, there's the obvious duality between the two champions: Karthus is all about causing death – Soraka is all about preserving life. Their ultimates are a perfect representation of this conflict: a global nuke vs. a global heal. They counteract each other!


Second, Karthus is a Lich: a dark, undead sorcerer. As a cleric, Soraka would be a natural enemy/opponent to Karthus – and vice versa. It makes sense that she would attempt to stop him from spreading his undead influence over the rest of Valoran. Perhaps she could seek help from people like Lucian or Vayne to fight back against the undead – or maybe even Yorick, seeing as how he also wants to contain the darkness of the Shadow Isles?

Third, consider the potential of their clashing philosophies. Karthus isn't just evil for the sake of being evil. If you read his backstory, you'll find that he's a lot more complex than you'd think. He sees beauty in death that most people don't. Soraka, on the other hand, has proven to be a gentle, compassionate soul who sees the beauty of life and strives to protect it. Having these two characters duke it out, not just in terms of combat, but actually seek to convince the other to see things their way could make for some pretty interesting stories!

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Finally, it would not only give Soraka a place in the world of Runeterra, it would also give her a clear mission and a strong connection to a champion that – now that I think about it – could probably use some as well.

Wha do you guys think? Got any other ideas or suggestions?

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