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Lore Power Level Analysis: Lillia, the Bashful Bloom

LeagueofLegends8 - Lore Power Level Analysis: Lillia, the Bashful Bloom

Well this got set back. What’s up ladies and gentlemen, I am the one and only Hyper10sion! You might know me as the lore power levels guy. Today, YES TODAY, we take a look at the powers and abilities of the newest addition to the League of Legends roster, Lillia.
Everyone knows how this is going to go at this point. I am going to analyze Lillia in five categories: Makeup, Physical Abilities, Magical Abilities, Weaknesses, and Feats. I will then place her into one of my five tiers (which can be found at the bottom of this post), explaining the placement as well, while covering any other updates to the tier list that didn’t merit an entire assessment.
Also before we get started I will put all of my sources here.

lillia - Lore Power Level Analysis: Lillia, the Bashful Bloom

The Garden of Dreaming


Lillia, the Bashful Bloom

Makeup/Background: Lillia is a nature spirit, what effectively amounts to a dryad from real world mythology. Her form is very similar to the mythical centaur, except with the bottom half of a deer rather than a horse. Given her lineage, she is technically the granddaughter of Ivern, as she is the child of a God-Willow seedling. Lillia was mostly kept away from the world of mortals, outside of viewing their dreams. Physically, Lillia is closest to a mix between spirit and a vastaya, and possesses no real notable qualities sans her deer-centaur status.

Physical Abilities: Lillia’s physical abilities are largely left unsaid in the content delivered thus far. However if we assume she has the same running speed as your average white tailed deer as a child, she’s still capable of 48 kph top speed, or 30 mph for the Americans. She would also be able to leap about three meters in a single bound, around ten feet. Other than the simple fact of being half deer, Lillia is rather unremarkable physically, sans that atrocious accent.

Magical Abilities: Magical prowess may be Lillia’s strong suit, but there’s a catch. We actually haven’t been shown much of her overall power, but what we have been presented with is simple yet incredibly robust. Lillia can magically make those around her fall asleep, with no defined range. It is fair to assume that there is a small quantifiable limit to this power, but overall it doesn’t change the useful skill. The other notable ability of Lillia is to cause short term memory erasure in those she has put to sleep. In combat, this could be absolutely devastating, confusing the enemy after rendering them unable to fight in the first place. These two abilities are the extent of her magical power we have seen used practically, but remain very powerful on their own.

Weaknesses: Lillia appears to have the same physical weakness of most mortal creatures. She also is rather inexperienced in a combat setting, and fairly naive about most other sentient creatures.

Feats: Lillia is a grandchild of the original God-Willow that Ivern combined with, has put numerous enemies to sleep in a sizable area all at once, and then wiped their memories of recent events in moments.


Lillia is an interesting specimen as far as champions go. She’s uplifted by the sheer amount of practical use in her two exhibited magical abilities, and has some physical specialties to boot. She seems to be a safe placement within the Magus tier.


Tier: Magus


This was significantly delayed by a myriad of real life factors, apologies for that. I’m happy to get this finally out. I’ll see you guys in the comments.

Lore Updates


While these are not actual updates, these are more just confirmations of information I have been pushing for years.
Bard is now confirmed to potentially be the oldest and most powerful champion in the League of Legends Lore. He is far older than the first stars ever created, and can fashion his physical form to his liking. The meeps are no longer a true race of servants to him, but beings given life by the energy given off between stars. His dimension hopping powers have thankfully been retained. He gives Aurelion Sol a strong fight for that top spot.
Zoe is confirmed to not only be separate from Myisha, the Aspect of Twilight featured in Twilight of the Gods, but also to be at least 1400 years old, as she is far older than Mordekaiser. She is also specified to be friends with Aurelion Sol, NOT to be more powerful than him. She simply protects him from the backlash he would receive by fighting the Targonian crown on his head.
Nautilus has been kinda confirmed to be about the size I previously estimated in canon lore that supersedes LOR, and now is also confirmed to be the Runeterran version of Davy Jones. The size confirmation comes from Dead in the Water where he manages to sink a brigantine, a ship on average about 30.5 meters, or 100 feet, in length. His anchor doesn’t quite cut the ship in half as it would if he were far larger.
This confusion comes from his
Nautilus Legends of Runeterra Level 2 LOR - Lore Power Level Analysis: Lillia, the Bashful Bloom
cards where he would be much larger, as seen by the hammerhead shark and giant squid being dwarfed by him. But LOR is considered soft canon, so the main lore takes priority.
But one thing is clear: You don’t pay the tithe, you pay the price. Nautilus is your 12 meter tax collector here to drag you to the ocean floor. Oh yeah he can now float using the magic of Nagakabouros, so there’s that.

That’s it for the updates! Check back either next week or the week after for the Yone power level analysis!

yuDv17v564AAAAASUVORK5CYII - Lore Power Level Analysis: Lillia, the Bashful Bloom
Here is the updated Tiermaker

And here are the rest of the tiers for this cycle of lore: Cosmic, Transcended, Harbinger, Magus, and Mortal
And here are my previous assessments for this cycle.
Nunu & Willump
3/20 Update

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