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Lore Power Level Analysis: Sett, The Boss

LeagueofLegends11 - Lore Power Level Analysis: Sett, The Boss

Every time these things get delayed. What’s up ladies and gentlemen, my name is Hyper10sion, AKA the lore power levels guy, here with the Boss, Sett. I’ve been putting this one off due to several irl issues, but it is finally here.
Everyone knows how this is going to go at this point. I am going to analyze Sett in five categories: Makeup, Physical Abilities, Magical Abilities, Weaknesses, and Feats. I will then place him into one of my five tiers (which can be found at the bottom of this post), explaining the placement as well, while covering any other updates to the tier list that didn’t merit an entire assessment.
Also before we get started I will put all of my sources here.
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Sett, The Boss

Makeup/Background: Sett is a half-half human and half-vastayan hybrid from Ionia. He learned to fight after his Noxian father left during his childhood, and took quickly to methods of violence. He made his way to the fighting pits, where he would quickly climb the ranks, hoping one day to see his father on the other side of the ring. He soon took over the pits by force, becoming the Boss. Now he runs the pits, occasionally having to remind others why he is the one in charge.

Physical Abilities: Sett is more than just a Jojo reference. His strength was put on display in the fighting pits, able to overpower far more experienced fighters through sheer brutality. He is strong enough to easily beat other hardened gladiators to death with his punches. He wears a pair of knuckle dusters just so the punches don’t burst the skin on his knuckles from their force. He is durable enough to catch a lethal whip blade mid fight and not really feel any pain. There is a catch to this though, as whip blades in history were notoriously ineffective compared to other weapons, really only resulting in kills when impacting the neck, where the blood vessels are extremely close to the skin. This is in contrast to the hand, one of the more thick-skinned areas of the body. Considering a leather glove for extra padding, the blade catching feat is much less impressive than on first glance.


Magical Abilities: So this is where the assessment gets…..sketchy. There is no conclusive evidence that Sett uses any magical powers, or even has magical durability. Even his in-game kit, which is now canon for the abilities of each champion, doesn’t exactly display any magical feats. Even with his half-vastayan heritage, there is no evidence he uses or has access to magic. Without absolute proof that he has any powers, I can’t attribute any to him.

Weaknesses: Sett seems to have all the weaknesses of a regular mortal. There isn’t much more to it than that.

Feats: Sett has caught a whip blade mid-flight, and has defeated countless opponents of superior experience through raw strength and force.


This sucks. It really does. Sett is the second champion in a row I cannot attribute any superhuman feats or magical powers to. His feats sound impressive in concept, but upon closer inspection they don’t compare to other feats of strength or durability even in the Mortal Tier. This is why I unfortunately have to relegate The Boss to the lowest tier.
Tier: Mortal Tier (Warrior Subclass)


This is going to be a really fun comment section. I apologize for the tardiness of this list, but talk to me in the comments. Did I place Sett correctly or no?

Here is the updated Tiermaker

And here are the rest of the tiers for this cycle of lore: Cosmic, Transcended, Harbinger, Magus, and Mortal
And here are is my previous assessment for this cycle.
Nunu & Willump

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