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Lore Power Levels Update: 5th Anniversary Edition

LeagueofLegends6 - Lore Power Levels Update: 5th Anniversary Edition

What’s up ladies, gentlemen and non-binary friends! I am the one and only Hyper10sion, an esports producer, writer and (most importantly for this post) the Lore Power Levels Guy! I have been swamped with my final year at university and my work in the esports industry. But Viego has inspired me, along with the upcoming release of Isolde after him. I am back with a **5th Anniversary edition of the Lore Power Levels.*

So this post will be organized into three sections: Newcomers, Updates and Extras. Newcomers are going to be the champions I have missed as of late, being Samira, Seraphine and Rell. After that we will be covering updates from all the lore since my last post and then extras such as the planning of the lists in the future and the upcoming champions.

I won’t be covering all the champions in this list, because I’ve done that three times already since 2016 and I doubt people want to read through champions with no updates again. This will only be the champions who have changed or been introduced since the previous post.

Before we get started, let’s look at how I cover the champions. I look at canon lore, or lore that has not been rendered obsolete by things like updates or reworks, to rate how objectively powerful the champions are in the lore. This means no pre-Azir cinematics, no Institute of Lore and no Summoner’s Rift. This will not be a combat based list, even if combat prowess is a factor. I look at their physical capabilities, magical powers and feats to assess the champions and place them into one of my five tiers.
A reminder that the tiers are the following:
The Cosmic Tier: Formerly known as the God Tier but renamed so to cut down on confusion, this tier is the cosmic level beings. The lowest level of power a being must have to be on this tier is the power to impact an entire planet. They are immortal, nigh unkillable, extremely powerful, and almost as old as time itself. Just to emphasize, the beings in this tier are stated to not be gods.
The Transcended Tier: This tier are beings with incredible power, either being a being that could single handedly destroy a city or do things beyond the normal realm of possibility. These beings are more than just a human physically, and can endure far more than an empowered human on the same level. They are practically immortal, or are very close. These beings avoid the Cosmic Tier by being limited in their scope, usually to a singular region of Runeterra.
The Harbinger Tier: These are the champions with powers rivaling that of an army, or possess a non-combat ability of similar magnitude. Some of these would be Transcended Tier if not for human frailty or some glaring weakness, but are still extremely powerful.
The Magus Tier: This tier is composed of the champions not quite powerful enough to be in the Harbinger Tier, but are definitely more than a physically exceptional human. Most of these champions have some sort of size, strength, or magical power that above that of what a mortal tier champion could typically match.
The Mortal Tier: These are the champions that are still not slouches, but innately do not have power of a Magus tier champion. Most of them are merely skilled human warriors or rely on a weapon/mount for their power. A majority of human champions will be in this tier, along with a lot of your favorites.
Limbo: These champions are more or less in flux. There is not enough concrete lore to officially rate their power, or they didn’t exert themselves at all so it cannot be rated.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the…..

Lore Power Levels: 5th Anniversary Update


Samira, the Desert Rose

samira - Lore Power Levels Update: 5th Anniversary Edition

Bio, Daredevil Impulse,

Samira, while having no magical powers, is a physical specimen at the peak of physical condition. She can perform a horizontal to vertical skywalker, a very difficult acrobatic technique that requires immense upper body strength and balance. While her in game ability would indicate that she can block projectiles, in the lore the extent of this quick reaction is not specified. This ambiguity, combined with her fight with Darius not exhibiting a massive speed difference, leaves her as an extremely athletic human. As a result, she is stuck in the Mortal Tier.
Tier: Mortal Tier

Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress

Sources: Bio, Standing Room Only
Seraphine doesn’t seem powerful at first glance, but she has an ability that actually comes in extremely handy. Seraphine can sense the true intentions of a person, down to their secret desires. This is put on display during her color story, where she is able to pick specific people out of a crowd, hear the “song” they emanate and then read them like a book. While this ability has next to no combat uses, it is an incredibly powerful and practical ability that allows her to have a leg up in interpersonal interactions. For anyone who has played DnD, she has a permanent natural 20 for insight.
Edit: As u/Handsometaco brought to my attention in discord, Seraphine's level of perception is undetermined without the board. As such I will be moving her to limbo for the time being.
Tier: Limbo – Magus to Mortal

Rell, the Iron Maiden

Sources: Bio, The Second Grave,

Rell, as one would expect, is a damaged powerhouse. On top of being a physically impressive fighter, she has the very potent ability of magnetic manipulation. In her trailer, she used this to crush someone with incredible ease. In that same content, this ability is shown to have a decent range and can move faster than Rell herself possibly could. The practical and combat applications of this ability are nearly endless. In addition to her magnetic abilities, she can also superheat the metal she controls, allowing her to shape it as she pleases. She has even become very talented in shaping metal around her to skilled artisan levels. These abilities in conjunction are immensely powerful, and Rell is shown to be seamless in the transition between offense and defense. She is kept out of the Harbinger Tier due to the unknown range of her abilities.
Tier: Magus Tier



Climbing the Ladder

Garen, The Might of Demacia

Yes, you read that correctly. You might be wondering, “Hyper, I can’t think of any updates Garen has received lately.” You would be correct, he hasn’t received any real updates lately. This was more oversight on my part due to missing a minute detail that changed Garen’s standing. In the Lux comic, Garen does this. You may be wondering, “What am I looking for?” Well look at the bottom right, where he smashes straight through a stone arch bridge in a single strike. In addition to that, notice HOW he hits it. He is swinging straight down into the center of the bridge, not against the grain where the bridge would be structurally weakest. He’s hitting a stone bridge several feet thick at its strongest point and basically dusted it with one sword swing. That’s not someone a normal human just does.
Update: Moved up to Magus Tier

Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman

Like Garen, Yi also likes to wield a sword and cut through things. However Yi likes to cut straight through swords wielded by literal giants. These are basically enormous slabs of metal treated for combat, therefore designed to resist things cutting through it. He cut that thing in half without issue in Poetry with a Blade. This is not normal strength, as Yi is channeling magic through his blade to deliver the necessary power to the strike. This means that, like Jhin, Yi can harness chi and channel it into objects to amplify them or himself. This would actually make Yi’s Meditation ability canon for the first time since 2014 and send the Wuju master up the ladder.
Update: Moved up to Magus Tier

Sona, the Maven of the Strings

So this one is a bit controversial, but I'll make it official. With her updated lore, Sona is actually magically bonded with the etwahl. This means that the object that allows her to use any and all of her powers is allowed under the lock and key rule. She can freeze people in place, make them shoot up into the air and make people into literal puppets. This allows Sona to move up the playbill finally. Now people can stop messaging me about Sona. It's literally every list.
Update: Moved up to Magus Tier

Taliyah, the Stoneweaver

Taliyah, like Garen, gets a boost due to previous content. With the release of Senna,

became officially canon. In that video, Taliyah shows great speed when she is “surfing” with her terrakinesis. She creates a tunnel at least six meters in diameter and at least 15 meters long over the course of a couple seconds, all while moving at high speeds. This would indicate that her current level is far above previously expected. Comparing her to the most famous earth bender, Toph, Taliyah exhibits far more power within a far shorter period of time. This moves Taliyah up a tier, becoming the first standard mage to reach that tier.
Update: Moved up to Harbinger Tier

Falling Down the Card

Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper

Pyke is the only champion to drop during this update. The primary reason he falls is very similar to why Evelynn fell during earlier assessments, neither really stack up to others of their kind. (Pyke to other spectral entities, Evelynn to the other demons) Pyke does reform after each time he is “killed” and can phase through walls. However he has yet to use this ability in combat in canon lore. This would seem to imply that his intangibility requires focus or something of the like. This combined with his lack of practical abilities or offensive output moves him down a tier.
Update: Moved down to Magus Tier

Well this is Awkward

Vayne, the Night Hunter

This one is a pretty easy explanation. Vayne apparently has some form of invisibility, but it is unclear whether this is magic that she possesses or an artifact in her possession. As such she is temporarily moved to Limbo until a concrete answer is found. Update: Mortal to Limbo

Extras and the future

So some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while, and that is due to my work in esports and the holidays making me pressed for time. However from here I will be trying to be more punctual with the lists.
Coming up we have Viego, the Ruined King, who will receive an assessment after the release of his color story. He already looks to be among the elite in terms of power, but I am holding off on his assessment until the color story so he can be fully explored as a champion.
Dr. Mundo will likely not receive an update if his lore remains mostly unchanged. This is similar to Akali’s rework release, where I didn’t put out an update because she had next to no real changes in terms of her skillset, something I feel will be repeated with the Madman of Zaun.
Isolde, the Ruined Queen is likely to be the next new champion after her husband Viego, and will be covered as such in due time. I am excited and hoping that her title will be something like “Weaver of Souls” or “Seamstress of the Damned” or something like that.
After those we have a Templar champion and a Bandle City related champion, the latter likely being Nora, Yuumi’s owner.
However I can assure you all, I’m not done with these, even while maintaining a part time job in the esports industry and graduating from university soon.

Further Reading

For those of you wanting a peek at the updated tier list…
bam baby

If you would like to look at the assessments in Cycle Two of the Lore Power Levels, here is a link to the Yone assessment, they will be located at the bottom. From here on I will only be linking the main tiers and the Cycle 3 assessments during that set of assessments.

That’s all we have for now, I will catch you guys next time with the assessment for Viego, the Ruined King.

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