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LPL audiences on Play-in Day 5

LeagueofLegends2 - LPL audiences on Play-in Day 5

– An old Chinese Football joke

Today LGD smashed R7 and went out the venues, and was beaten by a crowd of people. Peanut asked Xiye: Why are we beaten after winning? Xiye replied, yesterday it was lol fans and today it was gamblers. (+18809)

– Sofm went to LGD's hotel last night to tell Peanut that the odds are higher in group stage so you had better go for it (+10985)

– New LOL Champion: LGD Gaming

Passive: Elderly's Home: LGD has four veterans, which means they have more experience and need much more time to "activate". As the series starts, LGD will accumulate "experience" from every game. If the "experience" is full and LGD is not eliminated, it will "activate" and get four brand new skills.

Q – Background of highlights: Xiye and Langx are unsatisfactury.

Activated: Excel in world stage: Xiye and Langx becomes tier 1 mid and top and carry the team. If the opponent isn't an LPL team, Xiye will rise to tier 0.

W – Imposter Peanut: Peanut only clears jungle and ints.

Activated: ROX TIGERS JUG: Peanut uses carrying jungler picks and smash their opponents.

E – Rookie Wall: Mark will perform poorly because of lack of experience in worlds.

Activated: Newborn Calves: As long as Mark get used to worlds he will be fearless and eager to start beautiful teamfights.

(Come from a Chinese proverb: the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. or: the more wit, the less courage.)

R – The Power of Reverse: The more hopes and supports LGD get, the worse LGD will perform.

Activated: Reov Gnikat DGL Ew: LGD get strong mental strength and toughness carrying them to take over no matter how others look down upon them. (+6204)

– If I am Riot Games I will set a monument for LGD. They make play-ins as popular as the grand final. Every single match creates a new trend. Huge amount of topics and popularity are flowing into worlds2020 play-ins, Not only bo1s but also bo5s.

No one used to watch play-ins, because LPL teams are thought to win every game easily. They would be flamed hard if they lost a single. But me, DGL, unlike other teams, lose 3 games in a row! We went to trends quickly and even showed ourselves on Shanghai TV!

The COVID-19 has huge impact to the world economy, so we are losing games for our country! If we keep losing the wildcard teams will have to stay longer in Shanghai, they will spend more money, therefore contribute more to our GDP! So we LGD is contributing to our country!

What's more, we LGD popularize the rules of play-ins and set a warning to other three LPL teams! Look, they are doing additional training! We help strong teams find their problems and help weak teams find their confidence. How great we LGD are!

What you think of LGD:


What Tencent and Riot Games thinks of LGD:


LGD is beyond everyone of you! (+7884)

– I think LGD is a PUA(pick-up artist).

LGD, a famous esports team with experienced players and memes, known as "Avengers" this years. The most experienced one of the first region.

You are attracted by him unconsciously, hoping he show his talents and bring infinite victory, and lead a happy life as first region.

But he is always concerning about that girl named Lilia.


No matter how much you love him and how devoted you are, watching play-ins and studying play-in schedules for him, even remembering all play-in teams, players and heroes they play best.

But he keeps himself and loses one after another for that girl.

You go sadder and sadder, lower and lower, but he says "Such it's me".

But when you decide to give it up and wish him be eliminated and not to torture you, he will flash into you and said, "No, please don't go. I've been hurt thoroghly by Lilia and Ornn, eventually to find that you are the best. You are the one always with my accompany."

He knelt down. He rehabilitated. He retrieved 80% of his strength, and beat the hell out of the "strong team" R7.

It suddenly confused you. Should you keep blaming him? Should you keep expectations on him?

He embraces you tenderly, telling you that he has changed, and that he will take good care of you and needs your love.

You are afraid of getting mental injured one more time.

But the voice come from the bottom of your heart that you have to love him. (+1726)

– I never thought that LGD get itself redeemed by MAD being eliminated.

— MAD you owe me S04's porn. It's better to let sulfate come.

– Shadow, don't leave. Stay here and stream together with your brother pigff.

– "I was really stupid, really…." MAD players raised their listless eyes to say, "I only knew that LGD were at the same level as us in bo1s, and they play vs R7 first, so they are the one to create the history. I didn't know in bo5 they ran away (of poor state). I went to watch them right in the afternoon, holding flags to cheer for R7. I want to see LGD making history. They played so badly just like us. I saw them playing. Soon it was 1-0, then 2-0, it was so scary and I closed it. A short while later I went and saw R7 lying around on the ground, but no LGD. 'That's bad', everyone was saying, 'he must have won that.' And sure enough when we went further to see there LGD was, qualified into next stage, sitting in the chair and scrimming with others…" At this point they started crying, and was unable to complete sentence. (+579)

(This is modified from Lu Xun's novel The New Years Sacrifice)

– EU team MAD be eliminated by SUP. This is called Defeating the Crusaders.

– LGD: Smashing wildcards to prove themselves.

MAD: Smashed by wildcards to prove LGD.

– He is fourth seed. So am I. He went 2-3 in group stage. So did I. But why is everyone focusing on him, without a glimpse on me? I cannot bear it. This time he 3-0ed a wildcard team, so I must be different from him. I'm writing my own story. I'm letting the world to know: I AM MAD LIONS, NOT EUROPE LGD!

Now I make history. Everyone will know my name.

– I'm here to congratulate to KaKAO. He and Rookie sacrificed themselves to carry IG into worlds. He had to return Korea because his mother was ill and needed caring. He is absolutely an excellent jungler. Champion of 2014 OGN summer. I wish to see he play together with Rookie. They are like Bang and Faker in my mind

– EU fans mocked us so hard ended up finding their teams being eliminated first


(I saw house falling right there so I went to see what was happening.)

(But I found that it was Mine. I burst into tears.)

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