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LPL Caster Reactions to TL vs IG Series

LeagueofLegends11 - LPL Caster Reactions to TL vs IG Series

I re-watched the TL vs IG series since I wanted to see how the LPL casters reacted to the series and I went ahead and jotted down some stuff they said:

Game 1

  • TL did their homework on how to counter Ning since they perfectly countered him both Bot & Top with lane-bush wards.
  • IG's first game of the day are always sloppy and it's like they are on autopilot.
  • IG kept taking bad fights where they had a number disadvantage. They're too cocky.
  • TL lost objectives gracefully, like when they gave up the 2nd baron but did not allow IG to close the game off it.

Game 2

  • Impact was impressive, he kept up in CS despite TheShy having a 2 kill lead early on. NA Pressure Absorption King.
  • CoreJJ's vision control is amazing. He lit up the river as he roamed around the map early game and gives TL such an advantage at objective control.
  • IG played their style of aggressive skirmishing that forces opponents to make bad choices but was nullified by TL's measured play where they didn't make mistakes.
  • IG haven't had this kind of opposition ever since their run at worlds last year and this will be a test to see if their style can still work or if they're able to adapt.
  • Usually when IG gets an early Baron, it's gg and we can call it an early day. TL is very good at minimizing their losses when the enemy gets Baron.
  • Jensen and Xmithie were unreliable in the earlier matches but they're coming in clutch here.

Game 3

  • The previous 2 games, IG played like they had an urgency to close out and win after taking an advantage. This game they're playing a paced game taking advantages and building up their lead.
  • TL plays all the games calmly where if they can afford to give something up they give it up, and if they can take a trade they'll take the trade.
  • IG won this game by smashing mid, but there were some moments that seemed like TL could still win through teamfights.
  • NA probably has something hidden up their sleeve for Game 4 when Liquid picks Red side. NA loves their non-meta picks.
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Game 4

  • Of course, Xmithie Skarner… Gonna go fishing and pull 2 people with ult when Tahm eats someone.
  • All 3 casters reacting to Lux pick : HUH?! Wow, NA pick right here, courtesy of Bjerg.
  • IG is feeling Skarner's sting, they literally got stung to death by Xmithie.
  • TL has come online now, realizing their potential today.
  • This series has been the Jungle-Support show for TL, CoreJJ has been insane in all 4 games.
  • While it's unfortunate for IG's run to end here, it goes to show that in esports it's not just about raw skill or pure talent, it comes down to execution and who can play to their potential when it comes down to it. Congratulations to Big Brother (Doublelift's nickname) since this must be a joyous day for him and his fans who have followed him all this time.
  • To the IG fans, I'd like to personally remind everyone that it's OK to comment, critique, and give input and share your feelings of disappointment. But remember that no one else is feeling the loss worse than the players themselves. Please continue to support these guys. Just because they didn't play to their full potential, it doesn't take away from their accomplishments as 2019 Spring Champions.

I've never really watched LPL casts before, so this was pretty interesting. They really focus on the play-by-play + analysis, but there's barely any color commentary or hype building even in the game where IG won. Let me know if anyone wants to hear reactions to specific plays or moments from the games.

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