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LPL Spring 2019 Team Power Rankings FULL 1-16

LeagueofLegends9 - LPL Spring 2019 Team Power Rankings FULL 1-16

Hello Again!

After a couple of people complained missing other parts, I thought I'd throw this into one big power rankings.

My initial concern was that it was going to be too much of a read but if people are missing the lists then that's an even greater concern.

Thanks for your feedback folks, glad there has been so much interaction. Let's finish this bad boy!


Rank 16: LGD

Roster –

Top: Lies, Aris

Jng: Condi, Eimy

Mid: Yuuki, Ian

Adc: Kramer

Sup: Pyl, RD

LGD came into the year with new expectations with a fresh, newly restarted roster, that isn't hitting the mark that we expected:

  • The team is gung-ho, they feel almost impatient and lack rapid decision making in a lot of their fights
  • Condi is still not looking like 2017 Worlds Condi (but has already reinstated he is the son of baron)
  • The top laners are comparatively much worse in a split that has amazing top laner talent such as Duke, TheShy, Zoom, XiaoAL, 369
  • Support position has been inconsistent (Pyl subbed out for RD, which of them is the starter?)
  • Kramer is the highlight of the team, has been the carry the most of the games. He's showing a lot of promise being put in this position, arguably more than when he was on Afreeca Freecs last year

On paper, LGD look like a middle of the pack team that could challenge the upper echelon and make the first split of the year their best in a while. Due to their start however, it's going to take half a year at the very least to get past growing pains and adapt to one of the most competitive splits of the LPL.


Rank 15: RW

Roster –

Top: Zhaoyun, Jiangqiao

Jng: Xuzhu, Xiaoyao

Mid: KongMing, HuaTian

Adc: Zwuji

Sup: Killua

Slotting a team in here was actually pretty hard, as I have a couple that I think are edging towards the lower levels. Rogue Warriors are competitive but still lack some of foresight of those greater teams, this is definitely due to experience and is the main reason they are down here:

  • It's a completely different roster from last year (apart from Killua) with Flawless, Smlz, Doinb & Mouse all disappearing and leaving Killua on his own in a fresh young team. Even though Killua is the voice of this team, there is still little experience in this roster to compete with some of the red hot top of the pack teams we are seeing this split.
  • In the games that HuaTian has played, he has looked absolutely average (he has played 2 out of 4 series), KongMing is the better mid laner by far due to his raw skill.
  • Wuji is an exceptionally talented rising ADC with Killua behind him however, it will take time for the team to learn how to play around botlane
  • The team is still finding their feet, interchanging Top, Jungle & Middle to see what fits

As stated before, the reason they are down here is mainly due to lack of experience, I strongly think after one split we will get an understanding of how fierce this team could be and where they could end up.


Rank 14: WE

Roster –

Top: 957, Poss

Jng: Magic, beishang

Mid: Xiye, Chen9

Adc: Mystic, Gentle

Sup: Missing, Sun

This 10 man roster was full of hopes and dreams coming into 2019. “The Return of WE” is what people said, and I admit I bought into the hype, but maybe that was wrong of me:

  • With Mystic, Missing, Xiye, & 957 still on the roster, it’s more of a Team of Redemption remastered to fix last years performance.
  • The team can be very cheeky, often taking a risk to hopefully make a 50/50 moment come out in their favour
  • Poss has been the starting top laner (New player coming over from korean challengers Reverse Gaming) and 957 has not made an appearence after 3 series.
  • Magic is by far a downgrade from Condi, despite Condis inconsistencies. Magic played a very few number of games last year as a substitute jungler.
  • Xiye has more or less been on carry duty with Mystic, we still look at the midlaner of WE as one of the leagues best
  • Their loss over SDG (Team that promoted from LDL) at the start of the split gave me this lack of faith, their win over EDG has made me conflicted. This is a team that I would be happy to be very wrong about.

All of this is not enough to say that WE are out from the get go, with a 2-0 win over EDG, there is still fire in this team.What pulls you back however is sitting down and watching WE play, wondering how their ambition is getting the better of them, you start to understand that WE want to dance and skirt around these team-fights but lack the foresight in order to do so effectively. I question the constant growing pains that WE have had to work with for the past year, wondering if this is the year they return to power.


Rank 13: Snake


Top: Flandre

Jng: SofM

Mid: Mala, Andy

Adc: Asura

Sup: Maestro

Has snake ever been rated this low?Not on paper, although it would pit them closer to how they placed in 2017 spring (5th in West Conference).Snake has once again given and taken away confidence at the start of this split, with a gigantic win over EDG to open up and then crushing defeats from then on. However, considering that these were losses against FPX, SDG, SN & IG, I would say that there is still potential for Snake to climb higher:

  • Flandre & SofM are still in the roster, with mid, bottom and support all being fresh.
  • Mala has been the only midlaner to play, with Andy having yet to make an appearance. We desperately want to see Andy make his debut due to Mala being very near the bottom of the midlaner tier list. He is 1 year into his competitive career, and still needs a lot of work.
  • The synergy between Flandre and SofM is enough to sometimes make you forget about the rest of Snake's map. They play heavily around this topside and often it means putting Flandre on a carry.
  • Snake are a constant hit or miss, they smashed EDG at the start of the season, and then suffered to put dents in SDG. Their inconsistencies feel like they are going to be even greater with this fresher roster

For a lot of people, putting Snake this low seems wrong, but considering the rest of the LPL teams above them are looking so exciting and competitive; I would take a gander that Snake will not be able to push further above than 8th at max.


Rank 12: OMG

Roster –
Top: Ale, Xiyang
Jng: 13est16, Mountain
Mid: Icon
Adc: Chelly
Sup: Five

OMG have had an interesting couple of years, sitting around middle of the pack and not showing any indication of returning to their glory days of 2013 & 2014. With this new Jungle and Top, there is definitely a breath of fresh air in the team:

  • Xiyang and Mountain have yet to play, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering the rookies Ale and 13est16 look absolutely fantastic considering this is the first time we've seen them in the LPL.
  • Icon is still showing why he's one of the top midlaners in the league as well as one of the most iconic (sorry) players of all time. His ability to carry still makes OMG a threat through the mid lane, when the LPL has some pretty potent mid laners already.
  • Chelly is one of the few ADC's left playing niche picks such as Yasuo & Neeko (the only Neeko to be played in the LPL so far).
  • OMG playing with the inconsistency stick much like Snake, the difference being their performance over IG (0-2 but tight games) and their surprising win over BLG to consider them a contender.

I kept OMG pretty short because of how excited I was for them after their IG & BLG series. I then experienced the losses of TOP & V5 who are very different teams respectively which made me put them at number 12. They have a very winnable matchup in WE in Week 5 for their return which will tell us if it's growing pains with their new players.


Rank 11: Sinodragon

Roster –
Top: Changhong
Jng: Xiaopeng
Mid: Twila
Adc: Gala
Sup: Mark

How is this new team higher than the likes of Snake, OMG and WE?Great question, let me tell you why:

  • The team has been playing with a consistent 5 man roster so far, with only one sub in the actual lineup Mitsuki who has not played as of yet
  • This is the same LDL squad that smashed their way through and made their debut at Demacia cup, they have been playing together since Summer 2018 and they're already synergising so damn well.
  • The team bounced right back after getting destroyed by EDG in Week 1 (2-0)
  • SDG then SMASHED WE & Snake in 2-0 fashion and narrowly lost out to Vici Gaming (who I'm hyped about) 2-1.
  • Mark and Gala are shaping up to be a dominant bottom lane, Mark is one of the most underrated supports in the league. Next time he hops onto an Alistar, Rakan or Pyke, get ready to party
  • Twila has a large champion pool and has been the lone picker of Aurelion Sol in the LPL
  • Xiaopeng is a carry jungle player, has picked up a sneaky Nidalee and Reksai along the way

A lot of this I admit is hype bought in by a new team starting 2-2 in the first 3 weeks. However, when a new team blends this well at the start of the season, you have to think that there is an incredibly high ceiling that makes them a threat to some of the teams above them.


Rank 10 – Vici Gaming

Top – Chelizi, Aodi
Jng – Aix, YoudangMid – Jay, Firerain
Adc – Puff, Snow
Sup – Southwind, Cavemen

To a lot of LPL fans this will be incredibly strange seeing Vici anywhere but last. For the last year VG have made a name for being one of the worst teams in the LPL with their ever growing roster. This year though, they have brought in fresh players and it seems to have made them very competitive in a lot of their games:

  • Vici have played the same 5 players in all of their games so far, running with their Neso 2018 (Small Chinese Tournament) winning team.
  • Vici have been to a Game 3 in every single series
  • They have vastly improved their drafting, without changing their coach in Loong
  • In the past, Vici have struggled to have any consistent synergy. In the very first series, the coordination was insane against SN. It helped VG take that Game 1 (SN have only dropped games to first place in FPX outside of this).
  • Chelizi is an extremely versatile top laner, from tank Sion's to carry Renekton's, he can play it all
  • Puff and Southwind have incredible chemistry, they took down Smlz and Swordart in the 2v2 on their first game of the LPL

I want people to get excited about Vici Gaming again, and this is a split that could give them a chance at playoffs. With a fresh roster, they seem to be revitalised and recharged for 2019. By taking a game off of SN, they have managed to make me a believer.


Rank 9 – Victory Five

Top – Jinoo
Jng – Ben4, Pepper
Mid – Corn
Adc – Y4
Sup – Road, Ley

This is another new team in the LPL, the difference between them and SDG being that V5 are a mixture of experienced players from previous teams. This is literally the expendables coming to form a squad and show the league they mean business:

  • Victory 5 destroyed OMG in a clean 2-0. In both games, Jinoo played Riven top and got away with it (100% WR btw)
  • The team has had a healthy rotation of interchanging their Jungle and Support.
  • V5 is just full of experience, each and every player has played a decent amount of Chinese League of Legends, whether in the LDL or in the LPL amongst different organisations.
  • Corn is definitely the standout in this roster, the player you would recognise from the Season 4 Worlds Star Horn Royal Club that went all the way to the grand finals but were stopped short by Samsung White. Corn still holds that legacy and is still pitted as a decently good mid laner.
  • Every single role here hits at least middle of the pack, no one is poor, but not everyone is exceptional.

V5 sit perfectly in the middle, and that to me tells a perfect story of a team that can play for disruption but could also potentially sit just outside of playoffs. For Corn, it's a big story of getting back to worlds and that's a long road (ha).


Rank 8 – BLG

Top – ADD
Jng – Metoer, Chieftain
Mid – Kuro
Adc – Jinjiao
Sup – Mni, Kine

BLG brought over ADD and Kuro from Korea in the pre-season. They've also taken chances on the rookies in Metoer (yes he spelt his name wrong) and Mni who both seem to have appeared out of thin air. Thing is, this team definitely has strong leadership with such a newly built roster:

  • This team loves to fight, they are definitely not the level of RNG's team fights but revolve around Metoer on an engage heavy jungler and Kuro following up. It's very common to see a Camille & Galio combination prioritised on BLG.
  • BLG lost to OMG which confused the heck out of us, but with their win over V5 it cemented that they had fixed their communication issues in the team. This anime remake of a team had to change quite a lot due to the new Korean additions in ADD and Kuro
  • The only 2018 members left in the roster are Jinjiao and Chieftain, however Chieftain has yet to play
  • You will all remember seeing ADD on the now relegated LCK Team MVP. In his debut series against LGD, ADD played Kled and Poppy top, giving us an insight to the versatility that we saw last year in the LCK. He is still the only player to pick Poppy in the LPL for 2019.
  • The rookie jungler who came from the LDL has had the spotlight on him the whole time, with no appearance yet from Chieftain. This rookie has lived up to the hype, with some amazing Camille games. He's currently sitting at 4-0 with the champion.
  • I always rated Kuro in the Afreeca Freecs, he was as versatile back in Korea as he is now in China. Much like ADD, Kuro can play carries as well as tanks/initiators. He has already picked up 5 different champions over 6 games.

The top 8 in the LPL right now is so closely contested, with a couple of outliers like BLG that feel like they could create some upsets, but not secure a position to MSI up against opponents like IG, SN, TOP & RNG (maybe even FPX). The path towards Worlds 2019 however is not an impossible task. With someone like Kuro who has an incredibly rich history in Korea, we're hoping to see that translated over to the LPL to make them champion contenders.



Rank 7 – EDG

Top – Ray
Jng – Haro, Clearlove
Mid – Scout, Mole
Adc – iBoy, Hope
Sup – Meiko

Putting EDG this low would look stupid to untrained eyes, even though they were the 3rd seed going to Worlds with the exact same roster. With all the new rising talent in this year's LPL, the well oiled machine in EDG looks a bit rusty around the edges:

  • EDG has been playing very ambitiously, more towards the style of a team like TOP, however the difference is that EDG are looking to create even more pressure early with a very different style of players.
  • At the start of this year, NoFe left for Afreeca Freecs (ironically Comet came over to Suning) and Heart came over from RNG. This is a champion coach with a full year of RNG under his belt. The drafting is still very intellectual most of the time and doesn't really explain the EDG early slump. However, the change in coaching staff is enough to disrupt momentum.
  • What does however is the shocking performance from Ray in almost every game. Despite almost carrying EDG out of the Snake Game 3, he has been widely inconsistent and has often had average laning phases against newer players like Chelizi & Poss.
  • It also feels like Ray has dropped heavily in the tier list after all of the new top lane talent has come in and shown up
  • Scout still the heavy focus of the team much like years before. When he's confident enough to take Vayne mid into Galio, it's pretty hard not to play through this star. It also keeps Mole from ever playing a game.
  • Meiko has a 4-0 record on Rakan, everything else apart from Alistar (1-0) is a loss, including his 2 game Lissandra support.

It sounds like I'm just driving a truck into EDG, but their starting performance has indicated that this team is losing some of its spark. You never know though, they're still a top 8 team at the very least and they're still a team that somehow always makes playoffs and seem to make worlds every damn year.


Rank 6 – JDG

Top – Zoom
Jng – Flawless, Levi
Mid – Yagao
Adc – Bvoy, Imp
Sup – LvMao

A win against IG makes me say that this is probably wrong, but I have to put a team in this spot and it's too damn hard to decide between anyone in the top 6. JDG have come into this split with new faces in the jungle and in the bottom lane:

  • JDG are the only team to have beaten IG in a series in 2019. Not only that, but IG haven't lost a series since RNG in 2018 Summer Finals. This is a feat that JDG now own.
  • With their newer roster, I still think JDG hold a top 6 position in every role apart from ADC & potential Jungle with Flawless being an outlier (for now)
  • Jingdong were considered to be a top 3 team last year, only to be usurped by EDG in the gauntlet.
  • Zoom is by far still one of the most mechanically gifted and probably one of the most intellectual top laners in the league. He sits in the top 2 at the very least next to TheShy.
  • Flawless had a shocking start, as did Levi however they both played so much better against IG and showed how dangerous they are. Levi plays with the same early game prowess that we knew him for on GAM a couple of years ago. Flawless can play very re-actively and shows his mechanics are top level.
  • Yagao sits in the realm of strong mid laners but his synergy with the top side of the map is what makes him such a threat. The dumpling brothers are still very much alive!
  • Bvoy has been making an appearance after Imp has had a couple of questionable games. Coming out of Demacia cup, Bvoy was exclaimed as inexperienced and irrational at times. Now it's safe to say he has grown as a player and his individual mechanics are shining through.
  • Finally Lvmao is just all around consistent, and is one of the better supports in the league.

It's a redemption story for JDG, much like it is for a lot of teams in the league. They have so much focus around the dumpling brothers and some of those impeccable later game fights that they carry. Jingdong sit down here due to their early split performance, but playoffs are definitely within reach and further upsets could be coming up.


Rank 5 – FPX

Top – Gimgoon
Jng – Tian, Xinyi
Mid – Doinb
Adc – Lwx
Sup – Crisp

FPX cemented themselves as first before the Chinese New Year break after an amazing win over Suning. However, it's going to take more than a win over SN to convince me that they belong above them and some of the other powerhouses in the LPL. This does not mean I think they are not incredible:

  • FPX went through a couple of roster changes in the offseason including Tian who was on the old Suning and of course Doinb from Rogue Warriors.
  • FPX have had a mixed schedule, with two series against JDG and SN (both wins) who sit firmly in the top 6. They've also gone up against Snake and Rogue Warriors who are sitting towards the bottom. They have looked consistent up against all four teams and remain undefeated in Series.
  • They build chaotic drafts and play exactly the same way, Tian snowballs Doinb and they take really crazy mid – late game fights. FPX have insane decision making and let Doinb go off and do his own thing. There were two ways that FPX could have gone after Doinb joined, and I'm glad they've embraced their original style and let Doinb build into it.
  • Speaking of the devil, Doinb has already played Kled mid among other great picks like Yasuo, Sion & Urgot. His champion pool is so wide that it can't fit onto one graphic.
  • Tian has more often than not being an engage tool for Doinb & the whole of FPX. A lot of Xin, Gragas with a flair of Sejuani. Starting the fight is literally all Tian wants to do and he does it so well. For a moderately experienced player, he's hardly been in the spotlight, this time around he's on a top 6 team that has a really good chance at making worlds.
  • The Goon is currently 3-0 on Renekton and absolutely roughs it out in laning phase, it's a wonder how a lot of people don't know about this top laner. This is his 3rd year and the way he moves in fights is actually insane. Watch for his Akali or Gragas and how he navigates/starts fights.
  • Lwx and Crisp are the current longest standing duo in the world (in a premier region). With this being their third straight year together, FPX are able to play through their bottom lane and make early rotations inflicting 4 man fights more often then not.

Each and every lane is making a hard case for how strong they are this LPL split. FPX are here due to questions on how the bottom lane will perform against RNG & IG, when they did reasonably well against Smlz & Swordart (In Games 2 & 3). After they go head to head against some of the other Top 6, then we will know if FPX are worthy to be in the top 3 or if they will sit just outside it.


Rank 4 – TOP

Top – 369, Moyu
Jng – Xx
Mid – Knight
Adc – Loken
Sup – Ben

Like I said, it gets bloody hard to rank these teams, when reasonably any of the top 6 could be our worlds teams or even MSI representatives for 2019. TOP were hyped up to be one of the deadliest rosters that would shake up the LPL. They definitely did that in their road to the Chinese New Year break, with some explosive games that has fans pitting them as a young IG:

  • The early game is insanity for TOP, they bring Xx into practically any potentially volitile lane and rile it up. TOP play for a lane boosting style like IG, but are still rough around the edges.
  • Now I mentioned that the early game is nuts, but TOP just love to fight all game 'round. Other LPL teams like to fight but not quite like this. It's explosive, it's fast, it requires rapid thinking and that's what makes TOP the future of the LPL.
  • Knight has been hyped up to be the best midlaner coming into 2019, for good reason. Knight was on old Suning last year and a shadow was casted over him by the team with an average playoffs performance to finish off the year (knocked out by TOP btw). Knight is a mechanical god who has solo killed Rookie and often wins his midlane 1v1 due to that same prowess. If he ever crossed paths with Chovy in a 1v1, I would definitely favour the midlaner of TOP.
  • 369 is setting himself up for Rookie of the Split, he is the other person to have a 3-0 record on Renekton and has improved so heavily from the first series loss to IG. With some incredible laning phases and some quick moves across the map, he is as eager to get amongst it as Xx. 369 came from the sister team of TOP (King of Future) in the LDL.
  • Loken and Ben are probably the weakness in this roster, considering how strong the topside of the map really is, but they usually sit on something safe/scaling and just work their way into the fights.

I had TOP in my top 3 before the season began, based on their Demacia Cup performance. However, due to their first games against IG & V5, I think they sit just outside and will give us a better understanding when they finally verse SN. I feel really uneasy though, this team is definitely one of the scariest early game teams I've seen in a while.


Rank 3 – SN

Top – XiaoAL
Jng – H4cker, WeiWei
Mid – Maple, Angel
Adc – Smlz
Sup – SwordArt

The Suning super team almost convinced me that they deserved to be above RNG, just because I would like to believe that the new teams will usurp the thrones of the old. The reason my belief fell short was due to the loss against FPX, even though it was a rendition of their core roster. Due to how big RNG's 2018 was, I am inclined to put them in over the Super Team:

  • Suning have a top player in every role, with Maple and SwordArt over from Flash Wolves for their first ever LPL split.
  • Their team is very similar to FPX in the sense that they've gone from an outlier top 6 team to now a firm top 6/3.
  • Also similar to a lot of the top teams with their focus on botside, especially close to RNG.
  • Smlz and SwordArt struggled to have synergy during Demacia cup, but have improved their laning phase a whole lot. Smlz is pitted as one of the best ADC's in the league and now he has a world famous support in SwordArt who was excited to work with him
  • Maple is a menacing teamfighter, focusing heavily on Lissandra and Galio. He has been as consistent as SwordArt, raising the hype for these LMS imports.
  • H4cker has had some back and forth games, but has ultimately been still showing his experience with XiaoAL. The toplane is more or less their focus, but H4cker has been a lot more versatile with the map, considering Smlz requires resources regularly.

This team is cut and dry in the sense that it works together so well. Each laner is individually talented beyond merit and are not called the Super Team very lightly. Like all newer additions to teams, I say they need time to take it further, but this team could very well make their name known to the world in the first split of the year.


Rank 2 – RNG

Top – AmazingJ
Jng – Karsa, Mlxg
Mid – xiaohu
Adc – Uzi, Wink
Sup – Ming

The Golden Run was all for RNG, until Worlds came along and it was cut short by a very ambitious G2. With RNG out of the picture it was left up to IG to finish the year for them. RNG are hungry to make the perfect year all theirs again, with a new top laner who is just as hungry as they are:

  • RNG have had a very short short schedule before Chinese New Year, with games against Suning and LGD. In both series, they did not have Uzi, and against Suning they did not have AmazingJ.
  • RNG made their full roster return last night and absolute DESTROYED Vici Gaming, restoring my confidence in their top 2 position.
  • AmazingJ has really big shoes to fill but has been doing exactly what LetMe did which is playing tanks. The topside of the map for RNG has been all about supplementing the rest and AJ does that perfectly well, with a fresh bit of carry top mixed in
  • You will notice Wink is the sub ADC this split instead of Able. I believe Raz thought that this was due to RNG wanting to give Able more gameplay, so they put him down in the LDL team. Wink may just be facilitating the role.
  • You know these players so well, their teamfighting is insane and their focus is always going to be Uzi; the best ADC in the world, maybe even player. With the meta evolving in 9.3, there is a massive chance that Uzi gets facilitated even more.

RNG have unfinished business with the world, they have been crowned kings of the LPL but not of the world (championship). This year they will be looking to return to former glory and fix up loose ends.


Rank 1 – IG

Top – Duke, TheShy
Jng – Ning
Mid – Rookie
Adc – Jackeylove
Sup – Baolan

Of course, World Champions 2018 and close 2nd's to RNG in the Summer Split Finals. Invictus Gaming play around their Lane Kingdoms, and after dominating the world with it last year, they are ushered in as Lane Kings:

  • Invictus Gaming focus around these laning phases and continuously pick out winning matchups or potent laners to snowball out of control and eventually crush their opponents.
  • They have taken an early loss in the season to JDG, which was a very questionable series for this, but they bounced right back with a win against Snake.
  • Duke has been playing a lot more than TheShy, apparently because TheShy has not been putting in the time.
  • Rookie has had some pretty mediocre games, with his overall KDA being 3.86. For anyone else this would be okay, but of course with a world title comes big expectations for something greater. Despite this, he's still been making some incredibly clutch plays on his infamous Leblanc.
  • The bottom lane is shaping up to be that rivaling of Uzi and Ming, Baolan is just so mechanically gifted that it's fair to say he beats Ming whereas Uzi definitely beats Jackeylove in raw skill.
  • Ning out jungles almost every single other jungler and has the second highest Gold @ 15 stat undernearth SofM. Of course, when you're winning most of your games, this stat can sometimes be blown out of proportion, but Ning is often the one to bring about this massive lead.

I know a lot of things about IG are quite obvious at this point, especially after their 2018 success. They are still holding strong to the style that made them famous and I'm expecting big things again this year. They have still yet to win a domestic title and have often stated that they want to win that over everything.
I'm looking forward to their Summer Final rematch against RNG during the regular split!


I hope you enjoyed the list, I tried to make it quite straight forward while at the same time giving you an update as to why they are sitting where they are hopefully giving you a bit of context.
The LPL English Broadcast is on right now with BLG vs JDG being the opening series – https://www.twitch.tv/LPL
Match of the week is tomorrow with RNG vs EDG and boy, what a series that will be.

LPL English is live Monday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday from 5PM CST / 10AM CET / 1AM PST

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