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LPs gain [big post]

LeagueofLegends11 - LPs gain [big post]

Hi, I'm a euw player and I'm going to relate the problem I have with the mmr based on some things Riot has said and my personal experience. First of all say that if you have this problem, supporting this post can be a great help.

First of all say that I play in euw and that I play in an rating around platinum 4 (although this is irrelevant as my friends have told me that they have the same problem in different elos). In my personal case, this season has been my best start to the season by far.

LP gain Preseason 11 / Season 11

Let's start at the beginning, this preseason we have all suffered a problem with the gain of lps which is recognized by Riot Games on several occasions and we will even remember the controversial answer in one of their tweets.

Okay, we have a problem but they have repeated that they will fix it for season 11. What happens? That season 11 arrives and this is not fixed. In my case, my last placement gave me 17 lps and from there it gradually declined until I gained 12/13 lps and lost 15/16 in an inconsistent way. Although they warned that we would earn fewer LPs due to the elimination of promotions (the calculations tell us that 20/21 Lps would equal 14/15), again Riot confirms that there is a problem with the gain of LPs and even various Rioters confirm it. Ok, a bit tilting but they fix it that same patch so no problem.


Again we are about to play ranked games and to our surprise they fixed it … A couple of games. I started out winning 18/17 LPs, which considering that I reached my rating last year with a 60% win rate is not bad at all. Again after 5/6 games I won 13 LPs again and lost 17. And not only this, but since at the beginning of the season again the LP gain was inconsistent, sometimes you win 11, sometimes 13, sometimes you lose 15 and 19 others.

As a final detail to say that playing duo the gain of LPs normalizes a bit, winning something similar to what you should win (15/16) and losing the same amount (despite the fact that with this win rate in other seasons you would lose much less) . I do not know if this is in all cases because most of my games are soloQ

Why is it happening?

The only reason Riot has given us is that the mmr system has been modified after the elimination of the promotions, but as we can see after 2 attempts to fix it it seems that it has not yet stabilized, becoming inconsistent.

The community has tried to find a reason why this is happening and have concluded that there is "mmr lagg".

That is, when you win a game, it does not rise according to the division you are in, making your mmr stay below the division in which you are raising. Obviously this is not done on purpose and needs an urgent fix.

"But bro, that doesn't happen to me"

It seems that people who started playing ranked games after the second fix are having a gain of LPs according to what they play. I do not know if the same will happen to them over time or if they will remain balanced.

Finally, add that in my opinion climbing divisions is very frustrating this season, considering that in other seasons with my own win rate (60%) I would win much more and lose much less. It is true that it would have promotions involved, but even with that, if we do the calculations, it is infinitely faster. Being a regular soloQ player it saddens me to see that this season is going to be too heavy to climb.

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