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LS challenged people to go through his reviews and this is my take on 1st game of G2 vs SKT.

LeagueofLegends10 - LS challenged people to go through his reviews and this is my take on 1st game of G2 vs SKT.

Hello! LS made a tweet few days ago “In all seriousness though, why has no one just go over the vods me/nemesis reviewed and just showed us what apparently was egregious in the things we were saying? You'd think freeze frames and a bit of thought should be more honest than any words someone could say.” and because Im bored I’m going to do just that.

This piece is mostly going to focus on stuff that I disagree with and not so much what I agree with, which would likely be rather big majority. So please do not to use this to flame LS or Nemesis. Everyone is bound to make mistakes if you go through 4 games in rapid succession. To add to that I’m sure I will make mistakes in my analysis too and so will every other analyst armchair or not. Lastly in live commentary its much harder to analyse game because you cant rewind, freeze frame and slowdown the plays.

I plan to go through game 1 because I think that was the game I had most disagreements with their analysis and might do some others later depending how much energy/time I have left. I plan to go through vods youtube channel eravohn rname because its only source I can find with both LS stream and game footage. Time stamps will be from game time not video time and if there is something to say about draft I will put it at start without timestamps.


LS “I wanna see Pantheon banned 3rd.” If you are going to ban something 100% of the time and enemy team knows it you should always ban it first. This is because it lowers the risk that you ban something that enemy might ban and also allows more chances to enemy ban something you might ban. Also it allows enemy to have less time to know what your priorities are in draft.

Nemesis “I think its really bad to ban Qiyanna this early it just shows they don’t want to play it rest of the series” Totally agree with this statement. G2 has not had good success with that champion at Worlds and banned it vs DWG every game. There is big chance that G2 would ban it or not even play it if left open. SKT should be confident enough to see if G2 is willing to prio Qiyanna that series in game 1 to gain draft advantage for later on series.

LS/Nemesis “Renekton is such a terrible champion” Renekton might not be that strong in isolation, but in combination with Elise or Taliyah it can be used to split the map and shut down enemy top lane out of the game. Problem with SKT draft is they almost never uses this combination. Only time I remember them playing Elise with it was vs DWG in playoffs and Clid has not played Taliyah this year. Also picking Renekton you basically show your hand really early. This is something LS has been strongly against in his streams and I mostly agree with. Lastly I even though SKT has had decent success with Renekton I don't like how it fits their play style. With Renekton you want to get early gold leads/towers/dragons, force 20-25 min baron and then use it to close out the game early. SKT baron play being rather weak I think Renekton easily falls of in most of their games.

LS “Why would you ban Tristana.” Tristana is one of the better Ryze counters and SKT has already showed they play it.

LS/Nemesis “Pick Cassiopeia/Veigar into G2” Totally agree with this statement, problem is Neeko has been Fakers pocket pick this summer so SKT wants to play it for some reason.

LS/Nemesis “Kled makes no sense” Even though Renekton is not playing playing Elise/Taliyah, Gragas still gives ok ability to 100-0 most top laners with Renekton flash stun. Kled passive somewhat denies that ability so Jankos doesn’t have to be always be top side to defend Wunder from getting destroyed. Pick that was discussed often in stream was GP and that could be also good pick in this situation too.

My thoughts on draft and possible game plan. G2 has stronger scaling and more options later the game goes, especially in side lane. Still SKT can always win team fights if Neeko/Leona lands massive ult which allows Kaisa to clean up. G2 can opt into teamfights, but I would rather see them split with Ryze/Kled. G2 has good ability to to use both Ryze or Kled to shadow each other with their global ults and double TP. For SKT its absolutely crucial that Renekton stays ahead and if he falls behind game becomes really hard for SKT to hold side lanes and SKT are forced to start/bait barons. Reason why Renekton cant fall behind is because it will have hard time to itemize vs both Ryze and Kled and they can threaten dives to inhib towers together vs Renekton. SKT should have early prio top/bot and use that to roam mid lane to shut down Ryze or if top ever gets dismount to dive top lane. SKT should gain early control of dragons and RH with Renekton/Neeko power spikes and then use that lead to snowball to early baron and to close out the game. This is one of the reasons GP would have been ok for G2 because it would have better time disrupting SKT dragon/RH/baron takes and given G2 even better scaling. On other hand it would have slightly harder time collapsing Renekton on side lane and forcing towers side lane.


LS “I think SKT won draft.” I agree, but with caveats that SKT’s win condition is much more narrow and forces then to snowball hard which has been sometimes lacking for SKT. Also draft is still really close so it comes mostly to the game play.

Game starts

3.20 LS “Why doesn’t Jankos just full clear” G2 can get prio mid lane and bot wave starts to push to enemy tower. G2 also knows most likely path Gragas too is 3 camps bot to base and path to top. Now if Reksai is able to clear out wards from (which he fails) Ryze can just disappear to bot side jungle and SKT’s bot lane has to leave tower because of threat of 4 man dive. In the end ward not getting cleared at tribush at 3.22 and Ryze getting chunked at 3.40 denies this play, but before that there was still option for to force SKT out of the lane with threat of 4 man dive.

4.40 Nemesis “How is this roam not called” Totally agree. This point also applies to Leona roam at 5.00

6.00 LS “Gragas doesn’t need to do anything, if he is even he is ahead. Thats the way this matchup works.” Even though this would be correct in isolation in Gragas vs Reksai matchup. I strongly disagree considering both team comps, even though Gragas might be stronger than Reksai later the game goes SKT team comp needs to get early leads that allows them to get out of hand mid game and snowball to victory.

6.40 LS “Random Caps roam” Initial roam was good, but Ryze ult was stopped by Gragas at 6.22, after getting stopped I agree that Caps should not have kept that roam going and returned mid.

11.10 LS “Best place to use Herald would be mid” Agree. Long side lanes are beneficial for G2, maybe there could be argument to use to use Herald bot lane and allow SKT to swap bot lane to top and try to take plates there with tempo. Still I think top is not lane you want to use your herald on.

12.25 Nemesis “Is this trade even good (for G2)?” In that moment tower trade for just plates is not good for G2 but in the situation its still best play they can make. Also trading side lane towers is something G2 wants to do because they will likely opt into split push later on anyways. This allows them to get access to inhib towers earlier.

14.30 LS G2 should set up and contest infernal. With current item power spikes (SKT has 2 stopwatches and Neekos first item is more efficient than 1 stack RoA from Ryze) , level power spikes (Renekton has 11 while Kled is 10), champion power spikes (level 11 is bigger power spike for Neeko than Ryze because nature of their ults) and summoner disadvantage (Ryze has no flash, while everyone on enemy team has their flash to get on top of Ryze). This all considered it is extremely likely for G2 to lose fight at infernal. Also on top of that this is the moment SKT wants to fight and gain leads, so handshaking a with SKT is exactly what tSKT wants. So even though G2 loses in value when they give up infernal they still can mitigate their loses by trading tower top side and having good scaling composition. Also again destroying side lane towers is good for G2 because they want to split push.

19.50 LS/Nemesis Reksai is useless. Mostly agree only thing that he can do anymore is to deny Baron starts/sneaks from SKT, which considering G2 game plan can still be somewhat useful.

22.25 LS Ryze flashing to kill Renekton is not worth. This is pretty much 50/50, Ryze getting kill is of course good and especially when its setting Renekton behind. Still Ryze missing flash is something that SKT could abuse by collapsing Ryze or baiting baron and then turning to Ryze. All things considered I think as long as G2 stays to their game plan using flash to kill Renekton is slightly beneficial.

26.00 LS “Now SKT is going to run to bot lane and get bottom inhibitor” Totally agree this is what SKT should do but if you watch their games you know it wont happen. Locodoco has been telling this to people for sometime now but SKT usually just spreads out and farms during their first baron which is really not what they should be do right now.

Thing that was important for out come, but weren't really discussed during game G2's multiple shadow plays that most notable ones got them all bot towers and inhib at 18.00-18.30, 23.00-24.00 and 25.30-26.00. During this time SKT managed to only react to last one where they traded baron for inhib.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention was SKT's weak vision control of the river and red side jungle 20.00-26.00. They got only 1 ward to G2's jungle that wasnt placed from river and even that was cleared fast. When your goal is to bait/start baron you should set up and deny vision much more agressive in enemys jungle and keep river totally clear.

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