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LS on the current state of balance (ADC and Mages)

LeagueofLegends13 - LS on the current state of balance (ADC and Mages)

He talked about this on Sanchovies' stream. (timestamp is 04:15:45.) I tried to clip it but twitch wasn't letting me and I was bored so here's what he said in text:

"I think AD Carries are actually really really good, but only for the highest highest mmrs and pro play. I think at that level, ADCs are actually really good. Like Jhin, Kai'sa, Samira until the nerf, Kog'maw, champions like that. I think they're really good. But for like Platinum, Diamond, Gold etc. they're miserable, they're super bad, because the games accelerate too quick. And when games accelerate too quick they feel really bad because tanks are too strong. Or like AP Assassins in accelerated game states. But then Mages are also in a really bad spot too. Their items all keep getting hit, and, I mean, some of them feel ok in accelerated game states, but in non accelerated (he changes his sentence) – So this is really weird, mages feel probably better than they actually are, because pre season and solo q in general. So you're getting to the mythics faster than you probably should, in most cases, so it doesn't actually show how weak the mages are with just receipe components, or how weak they are just on 1 item, because games are taking place where people have 1.5 or 2 items at 18 minutes. Which is completely unnatural. It's like a balancing nightmare right now. It's literally a balancing nightmare."

Sanchovies asks: "How is that different in high mmr? Games get accelerated in high mmr too. Like out of control."


"Right, but in high mmr, even when games get accelerated out of control the ad carries can actually play against an accelerated game, whereas low mmr ad carries aren't good enough to do that. They don't have the mechanics or the positioning or the awareness of what to do. And they're probably not good enough to get fed on their own, whereas a Challenger or Grandmaster ad carry can. But mages are, I think, being "hidden" by the nature of solo q, but I think they're actually really bad."

Sanch: "What about Viktor?"

"Viktor, I think, is a really good example of it. He's gated by CS, because of his passive. And he feels better than he is because of an item, but because he's not just getting the item, he's also getting extra items, that help mitigate the CS gating. Do you know I mean?" (Sanch says "Sure", but tbh I don't)

TL;DR: ADC is actually really good (best role), but in Grandmaster and Challenger. Diamond and below, ADC is miserable because the ADC players aren't good enough. Mages are really bad overall, but they are better than they seem because of the fast paced nature of solo queue.

They also had a 5 minute talk about Sunderer vs Trinity Force on Camille if anyone is interested, at 02:55:30

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