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Lulu and Amumu really need a visual update more than any other champions.

LeagueofLegends3 - Lulu and Amumu really need a visual update more than any other champions.

I'm not sure why this isn't talked about more. Amumu is the simplest character model in the game, it's literally just the base of a funko toy. He has only two colors and they're not actual designs or flair, it's just green bandages and completely oval yellow eyes. He's a remnant of the time where League had one voiceactor voice 5 completely different champions and character models were barebone. His amorphous blob base model even limits the capability of his otherwise great skins like infernal and hextech Amumu.

v5piznn23nbh - Lulu and Amumu really need a visual update more than any other champions.

Here is an amazing fanmade model

Although Amumu's race isn't confirmed, so other directions with modernizing his appearance would be a great possibility as well.

Meanwhile Lulu's base splash is only okay, her older splashes look terrible, and her ingame model looks like a frog monster or a little girl that had facial swelling after getting stung by bees. To make matters worse, her height and posture are just completely wrong and it makes her look like a creep. Even her best (newest) splashes and ingame models only look okay, but they're completely out of place compared to other yordles.

uhKbLc0 - Lulu and Amumu really need a visual update more than any other champions.

Lulu's current frog monster model

A fanmade visual update that changes almost nothing about her appearance other than making it modern and in line with other female yordles


I'd be happy with something like this if they wanted to preserve absolutely everything about Lulu while making her look great, but honestly she could use some changes like different clothes, etc as well.

Here is a link to that artist's post that also expresses desire for Lulu's VU

Kennen is a dishonorable mention, with nearly identical issues as Amumu and Lulu, taking a middle-ground between Amumu's extremely dull and basic shape and Lulu's ugliness. I think the fact that he's supposed to be a ninja concealing his face makes his model slightly less offensive, but he definitely needs a VU after the other two yordles.

The biggest reason I believe these champions should be first in line is that their splashes and models have absolutely no defining features. You can retain absolutely everything thematically about these champions while giving them a massive visual overhaul. Amumu's sadness is basically portrayed as an emoji and Lulu's whimsy isn't portrayed at all by their current models.

tl;dr These models and voiceovers are remnants of an era where yordle models were horrendous and a few voice-actors were stretched out between too many champions so the voice just doesn't feel right.

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