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Macro Guide | Wave Management Guide | 6 Examples

LeagueofLegends12 - Macro Guide | Wave Management Guide | 6 Examples

Yo, Slunt here! (reposting this from another thread because a lot of people found value in it)

I've broken down wave management into 6 different examples/scenarios to try to help you all out.

If you all can think of any other scenarios (I KNOW THERE ARE A TON/EVERYTHING IS SITUATIONAL) to help each other out then please comment below.

  1. You just killed your enemy laner solo:

Majority of the time after killing a solo laner you want to push the wave into the enemy tower as soon as possible especially if this wave isn't a Siege Cannon Wave. Pushing the wave into the tower denies the enemy laner at least 130 gold + Experience.

If this wave is a Siege wave then generally you want to leave the wave if it is an even wave. If you were to push the Siege wave by yourself the enemy laner will usually be able to get back to lane in time to kill the siege wave or at least 5 of the 7 minion on that wave. The rationale behind this is that the tower takes a lot longer to kill a siege minion allowing the enemy laner more time to walk back to lane. If you were to just leave the wave as is, you will deny the enemy laner 3 minions instead of 1/2 minions.

  1. Freezing

If you killed your enemy laner and their wave is much larger than your wave this is also a good opportunity to freeze the wave. This will likely put them in a bad position whenever they get back to lane. Freezing the wave in this scenario will deny them at least 6+ minion and force them to put in the danger zone of their lane.

Freezing the enemy laner will force them to make risky plays to break the freeze or they will have to call upon their jungle to break the freeze (wasting their jungles time)

  1. You + your Jungle killed enemy laner:

Generally when you and your jungle are able to pull off a kill you want to ping for assistance to help push the wave, this includes Siege minion waves. You and your jungle will usually be able to push the wave fast enough so that the enemy laner will miss all 6 or 7 CS/EXP. This will also potentially give you more time to get a plate/make your next move.

  1. Roaming

Roaming should only be looked at if you believe there will be guaranteed gold for your team. You have to be gold hungry in solo/duo queue. If you are mid lane and the enemy bot lane is pushed to your bot's tower and it looks like a juicy roam opporotunity you have to ask yourself. "Do they have their summoners" "Is my bot able to follow up this roam" "What does my current wave look like." Generally I like to roam after pushing in the second of three waves, knowing that the cannon wave is the third. As soon as you push in the second wave this will allow you a lot of time to pull off a roam and make it back to lane with minimal cs/exp lost.


What you don't want to do is roam on a bad wave, and gank a lane that is able to get away easily or 2v3 you + your bot lane.

  1. Pushing Before Objectives

Planning an objective 60 seconds + in advance is key to securing said objective. If Dragon or Scuttle crab is coming up you do not want to be pushed under your tower because if your jungle needs you, you will be late to the fight/lose cs and experience. Ideally before these objectives you want to push the enemy under their tower so you can more quickly roam towards the objective if your help is needed. Pushing to help your jungle out can go a long way.

  1. When not to back/When to back

An old coach once told me: "you want to spend as much time in the game as possible"

This has helped me a great deal with climbing. Before I back I always ask myself "do I actually need to recall right now." If I can stay in lane safely and soak up experience/gold I'm going to try my best to do so.

If there are objectives coming up and you have enough health/mana to try and contest then there is no need to back. You backing will put your team at a major disadvantage.

If you do have to back you want to try to back after shoving the enemy wave so it will allow you the most time to get back to lane. If you back before doing this and don't shove the enemy will be able to shove your wave and deny you a wave of cs/exp.

Generally backing before a siege wave will allow you the most time to get back to lane and conserve the most cs.

I KNOW there are tons of different scenarios and I really want to hear what you all have to say. If you have any examples that you think people may benefit from, PLEASE throw it down in the comments.

Most of these concepts are pretty standard and obviously situational. I think that understanding these full and through can help out new players a lot.

Video examples of all 6 points:


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