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Mark Yetter Tweets Infographic About Mythic Diversity Across Classes (Also more Sunfire nerfs)

LeagueofLegends11 - Mark Yetter Tweets Infographic About Mythic Diversity Across Classes (Also more Sunfire nerfs)

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Strategic choice is a core preseason goal, so we're evaluating build diversity across classes and champions. The 10.24 landscape looks like this for Mythics:

-A promising start, more adjustments will make it better

-Immediate adjustments for tanks with Sunfire so dominant


Personal thoughts (feel free to skip them over, I'm just adding them for filler and discussion):

  • AP Assassins seem to have their goal well accomplished of having many, new viable mythics to choose from with 4 Mythics being popular. AP Bruisers not being included in this infographic is disappointing though. Nonetheless, this seems like a success for a class that originally had very little to choose from.
  • AD Assassins also seem to have a good diversity of Mythic items with the only outlier being Duskblade, which is unsurprising considering how much of a staple it has been before. I am not exactly sure if it requires nerfs because honestly it doesn't feel too bad to wield or face (if anything it feels like Prowler's needs some tuning). I'm curious as to who runs Trinity though.
  • Enchanters have the 2nd worst mythic diversity out of the lot and require some attention. For the most part, they only have 2 viable mythics with Shurelya not being close to an option (unless you're Rakan). Taking a closer look at Enchanter champions, most champions are hard locked into one mythic option depending on if they have consistent CC or not: Imperial Mandate (e.g. Janna) or Moonstone Renewer (e.g. Sona). There needs to be more effort in making other mythics viable to enchanters, such as gating Mandate with a cooldown for more damage or allowing Moonstone to proc on shielding even if not in combat for a less substantial heal. In a dream, Athene's passive would be added as a new mythic.
  • Fighters unsurprisingly have a large, diverse roster of mythics, noticeably lacking Stridebreaker in its options, meaning it could require some buffs. The inclusion of Immortal Shieldbow is curious and brings up the question of what champions are considered what classes (e.g. is Samira for some reason in Fighter). Additionally, Goredrinker seems to take up a fairly large portion, likely due to Kayn's popularity. This brings up the question if the data is skewed due to some champions being more popular than others (e.g. see Eclipse in Marksman).
  • Mages like their Assassin counterpart also seem to have a good variety of mythics. That being said, Everfrost's pickrate seems abysmal and needs harsher buffs. It fails as a CC setup, is too risky as a CC extender, and is ironically too slow to be a disengage tool. Either its active's range or speed needs to be increased. Having Kindlegem in its recipe would also be helpful.
  • Marksman surprisingly seems Kraken Slayer being more popular than Shieldbow, contrary to popular belief. However, looking at the champions individually, I suspect that has to do more with Kraken Slayer being a must-have on some champions (e.g. Kai'sa and Vayne) while Shieldbow is more of an option. Still, from a purely outsider's glance, the ADC mythic diversity seems okay, again close inspection of diversity within ADC champions individually signal more work. The large portion of the assassin mythic Eclipse (likely to Jhin's overwhelmingly high pickrate) taking up the diversity is concerning, signaling that Crit still needs to be looked at. Galeforce also has a miniscule pickrate, so hopefully that 60s active buff will push it to be a viable option, especially for Jhin.
  • Tanks have the worst mythic diversity hands down with Sunfire Aegis being overwhelmingly popular among solo tanks and Locket of the Iron Solari being pretty much the only viable support Tank mythic (unless you have the extra gold for Sunfire); this requires the most attention. Shurelya again is not even an option because it has no AP for enchanters and no armor for Tanks, being in this weird spot where it provides suboptimal mana regen for enchanters and just health for Support Tanks. Although Sunfire does seem like it requires exceptional tuning, I'd argue that Frostfire Gauntlet and Turbo Chemtank does not require the nerfs they are getting and will push against Tank mythic diversity. As for supports, either Shurelya needs to be more focused on being an item for Tanks or Enchanters. Additionally, a new Support tank mythic, perhaps one that focuses on peeling on champion in particular rather than many, is likely needed, but again in a dream.

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