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Master Yi’s Alpha Strike still feels terrible to use, please fix it, a cry from Cowsep.

LeagueofLegends3 - Master Yi's Alpha Strike still feels terrible to use, please fix it, a cry from Cowsep.



So Alpha Strike was fixed like 2 years ago by Riot Exinegar after one of my videos got some attention.



He tried to correct the spell by changing how the untargetable frames worked. We ended up with an example like this:



If you don't play much Master Yi, you may not understand so let me explain.


What happens is when Master Yi leaves alpha strike, he remains untargetable, which also means he can't attack. Imagine if you are playing Yasuo and use your dash, and then after dashing you have to sit there. Or if you're playing Lucian and you dash, you also sit there. That was what this Alpha Strike did. You reappeared, but couldn't move immediately after because you were untargetable. It just felt really bad and really hard to control.


So after Master Yi mains voiced their opinion, we ended up with the Alpha Strike we have today. The person who reworked the ability says its working as intended. It still feels pretty bad to use.


Here you can check the Rioter's opinion on it: Rioter's opinion on Alpha Strike after he "fixed it"


Theres still a lot of bugs with the ability, even though he doesn't know of them, but here is one of the most obvious bugs just as a quick example:



The ability is so frustrating I even performed a song about it


Me performing a song about dying in Alpha Strike to a live audience.


So lets explain whats wrong with the current Alpha Strike:


1.) It has a really obnoxious wind up time (cast time) of around 0.125s. This creates instances where a user gets hit by an ability as they go into Alpha Strike and instantly die. This also makes it so that Master Yis can end up taking Crowd Control and lowering the Duration of it during Alpha Strike (Alpha Disjoint). Even though that is nice for us Yi players, it still feels bad and is mostly luck, not skill. It also leads to a lot of "I was in Alpha" moments.


2.) You can literally die in Alpha, have the ability on cooldown, and when you ping it, it still says ready. You can also alpha a person who dies and get the same result. This will not give you an assist like it should. There was a patch where Alpha Strike was fixed to give Assists even if you don't connect with the person, it goes on cooldown and we do not get the assist.


3.) You exit alpha one frame before you appear, making it so you literally die in alpha (thats what the main clip of this post shows)


4.) The damage all appears at the same time at the end of the animation instead of when it hits the enemy. This also means when using things like Ravenous and Deaths Dance we will not be able to heal and sometimes die to DoT (Ignite, Teemo, Malzahar, etc) we would have outhealed, or enemies manage to outheal the damage that would have killed them.



5.) Sometimes when coming out of Alpha you randomly stop auto attacking.


6.) Losing sight of the target during the cast time will cancel the Alpha Strike.


7.) Also Alpha Strike is supposed to give vision on the target you alpha strike to, but if you alpha strike only one target, it won't reveal the other targets around them. Try it on Raptors. If you have one Raptor and you alpha strike it, it won't reveal the others. If theres 2 raptors, it'll reveal all of them after the first bounce.


Those are just the bugs from the top of my head.



What needs to be done about Alpha Strike, in my opinion.


1.) The cast time needs to be removed or changed in some way. Maybe make it untargetable during the cast time. The cast time is there for some "counterplay" for the enemies but most people don't actually play around it. Factor in ping and its near impossible to play around. Also, by removing cast time, it also makes it a bit harder for Master Yi to follow enemies that flash! It also makes it so that he can't disjoint your stun durations anymore! Instant Yi nerfs! Rejoice!


2.) Alpha strike has two uses right now. The first is to deal damage to enemies. This is only really possible when you play as Crit or AD build.


The other usage is the one that most Yi players use, which is to use the ability to outplay enemies and weave through teamfights. When you play an on-hit build your auto attacks do more damage than Alpha. It is used to "weave" and "outplay" opponents, but with this cast time it just doesn't feel good at all to use. A lot of times we just end up spamming auto attack or using FLASH to gap close instead.


3.) The bounces take forever when you have 4 targets, maybe we can adjust it to be more like Katarina's dagger throw (which takes the same amount of time for bounces) or let users control it similar to how Warwick's Q is (cancel after one bounce if you're just focusing on one guy.)



Imagine some of the cool Yi montages we'd see if Alpha Strike didn't always make me scream I WAS IN ALPHA!


With no cast time or untargetable on cast time, Master Yi would have completely dodged this Orianna ult and been a sick play. Make my dreams a reality Rito. Click me


TL;DR – I DONT WANT A YI BUFF, I JUST WANT ALPHA STRIKE TO FEEL GOOD. Even if Alpha Strike is "functioning as intended" it feels really bad to use.


p.s when funneling is fixed pls revert alpha strike damage to minions

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