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Missing the glorious days of Frostmancy? Try Illaoi Support with Ancient Coin.

LeagueofLegends1 - Missing the glorious days of Frostmancy? Try Illaoi Support with Ancient Coin.

This is a really bizarre build that you definitely shouldn't do in ranked, but feels really, really good to play. Also, a lot of my math is slightly off, because I'm lazy, but the basic gist of it should prove accurate.

When do you play it?

When you're against a late-game, squishy carry (Kai'sa, Vayne, Ezreal, or Xayah) against any squishy late-game ADC paired with a melee support. Basically, this is a way to punish lanes like Ezreal + Thomas Kench that want to sit back, play safe, and farm.

Why does it work?

Illaoi Support is somewhat similar to any kill lane support, with a few important exceptions to make her actually viable. First and foremost, her base damages are really, really strong (that's what makes her such a bully), but unlike other kill lane supports, her healing from her tentacles gives her a lot more sustain.

Take a trade at level 3 for example. We'll use an absolute worst case scenario – Vayne gets three auto-attacks off on you when you get out of position to throw a Q at her. At level 3, just slapping her with harsh lesson deals 200 to her, which is close… but you also get that sweet, sweet 5% missing HP heal.

In order to equal that damage, she needs to get a full three autos off, including a tumble, and proc silver bolts. That's (roughly) 220 damage after your armor. The trade's basically even, and you have twice her HP regen, to boot, and will continue to throw out Qs and heal back up, while damaging her, with 300 more range than her, every time she tries to CS.

In essence, in the absolute WORST case scenario, your trades are probably going to be roughly even. And you'll hopefully be competent, so trading with you will usually be much worse for the enemy. Nagakaborous forbid you land an E on that Vayne while she's doing her best Uzi impression.

Most importantly, though, she has much higher gold generation than most supports thanks to her E's synergies with Kleptomancy. It also doubles as a great form of harassment, and heavily disrupts ADCs during the laning phase. Positioning during the laning phase (especially for low-range ADCs like Vayne) is hard enough, and it's even more so with tentacles flapping everywhere.

How does it work?

After yanking a champion's soul out with your E, Test of Spirit, your next two auto-attacks (thanks for the change, Riot!) against their soul will generate the bonus gold + item chance. At the same time this is happening, you're also getting the bonus gold from Ancient Coin, and mana to boot.

Ancient Coin gives roughly 56 gold a minute; after 5 minutes of laning, assuming perfect pickups, you'll have a bonus 250 gold. You have a 14s cooldown on Klepto with Ancient Coin; if you've hit even half your Es and procced them twice, you'll have an additional 250 gold. You've basically doubled your gold income as a support. In reality, when you add Harsh Lesson into the mix + selling unwanted items, your income from Klepto is much higher.


As mentioned earlier, it's important to note that the cast range of your Q is 850, well out of AA range. Because of this, your trading pattern is pretty simple. If they stop to CS, you whip out their soul with your E (low ADC movespeed + stopping to auto makes it easy to hit.) Otherwise, slap them with a Q. Then step back and laugh at them while your cooldowns come back, grab some coins to regen mana, and repeat.

After the third E, the enemy ADC will usually realize that trying to CS while their soul has been ripped out is dumb, because they're taking a bunch of damage as you pound the shit out of it, so they'll back off to break the tether. Doesn't matter. You just made them spend a full eight seconds backing the fuck off, and they'll still have to spend an extra twelve dodging random tentacle blows.

You obviously take Ancient Coin for the extra mana it provides, but Relic Shield is technically nicer to your ADC, because all those tentacles are occasionally going to take CS from them. Might as well share it. And the extra healing is nice.

What about later in the game?

Once you've upgraded your coin, you should be buying Mobi boots (which are much more affordable, cuz you a rich Illaoi). Then, rip out their soul. By this point, they've probably gotten smart and run away like a bitch the moment you do so, because who wants to take that free damage? Then, you use your lane priority to let your ADC farm safely while you let your jungler invade, or gank mid. You've got no hard CC, but assuming you can rip out the mid-laner's soul as well, they'll take some nasty damage and have to deal with some Chicken Tenties as well.

Unlike normal Illaoi, your role is not to bully poor top laners and win a 2v1 whenever you're ganked. Instead, you're using your lane presence to create space for your lanes, and do a bunch of damage to bottom half of your map. And you're still Illaoi, so as long as you know how to play the champion, you'll win most duels thanks to your Tentababes. (Don't 1v1 an Olaf. I made that mistake.)

Then, apply shittonnes of pressure, take towers/tower plates, build however your team needs, and try and apply as much pressure as you can. Just like normal Illaoi, you fall off a cliff after 25 minutes, which is why you want to play this against safe, farming late-game teams – you make it much, much harder for them to get back in the game.

K, go play this in ranked even though I said not to. If you have questions, please comment and I'll include what I missed.

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