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Moonstone Renewer is an item that heals, not an item for healers

LeagueofLegends7 - Moonstone Renewer is an item that heals, not an item for healers

Supports, especially Enchanters, are disappointed with this preseason for a variety of reasons. They have always been gold-starved, so that's nothing new. But raising the price of their first item by up to 600g (+30%) (mythic's 2700 vs Athene's 2100, Locket's 2200 etc.) has raised some eyebrows. The Tribute/Spoils of War proc gain has been increased by 30% as well, but the other sources of gold remained unchanged – the end result is that supports feel even weaker than before, which is paired with the fact that, frankly, their Mythics suck ass, especially for Enchanters. Need I mention how bad it feels to lose gold income after completing the support item?

Moonstone Renewer is an item that heals, not an item for healers. It's a neat idea that a Brand or Zyra who buys it will be able to provide their team with heals. Maybe 1 in 100 will turn that way instead of doing damage. The whole idea of Mythics was three items (Mandate arrived later) that suit all sorts of supports. But in practise all Enchanters suffer because Renewer does nothing for their Heal and Shield Power, Mandate is hard to proc on some champions, and Shurelya's is just… there, probably impossible to make it equally appealing to Enchanters and Tanks. Mandate was a good first step, but Enchanters need a new Mythic to choose from, or a big change to Renewer.

I get that not everyone wants to play enchanters and that other types of supports such as tanks and mages need access to cheap mythics as well, but there is something horribly wrong when the core support class that can exist in no other lane, Enchanters, the "true supports" feel the worst with the new Mythics (aside from Mandate abusers). Furthermore, Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water grant no Ability Haste, which is a much more desired stat for Supports than AP or anything else. They're both powerful items (especially SotW), but the purpose of the change from CDR to AH was so that the stat can be stacked linearly without the addicting "need to cap to 40%" problem. Wardstone is the supposed way to attain bigger AH, but in most games supports won't reach that state.

All in all, the cost of support Mythics needs to go down, of course paired with stat decrease. Moonstone Renewer needs a change, and it's time to ensure both tank and enchanter supports have three Mythics to choose from. Oh and by the way, it's time to change "Heal and Shield Power" to "Enchanting" or something like that.

"Patchnotes" draft – item gold efficiency checks, support Mythics cost down

  • Bandleglass Mirror
    I mean, seriously, it's horribly overpriced. Needs a buff.
    Option 1: Cost reduced from 1050g to 900g (assuming this one later)
    Option 2: Mana Regeneration increased to 100%
  • Winged Moonplate
    On Aether Wisp, 5% MS is 200g. On Zeal, 7% is 150g. Bringing this one in line with the rest.
    Cost reduced from 800g to 600g
  • Aegis of the Legion
    On Kindlegem, 10 AH is 266g. On Fiendish Codex, 140g. Current Aegis has you pay 360g for it…
    Cost reduced from 1500g to 1100g
    Armor and Magic Resist reduced from 30 to 25 (this is useful for building into all tank Mythics)
  • Moonstone Renewer
    Athene's is back! That effect makes you feel like your heals are empowered.
    Cost reduced from 2700g to 2400g
    Ability Power reduced from 40 to 30
    Passive now stores the heal as charges, your shields and heals proc it as was with Athene's
    Active: Heals target ally consuming all charges, 6s cooldown (for champs w/o shields or heals)
    Mythic passive changed from +5 Ability Haste to +5% Heal and Shield Power
  • Imperial Mandate
    Doubling down on its damage-heavy identity.
    Recipe changed to Bandleglass Mirror + Fiendish Codex + 600g
    Cost reduced from 2700g to 2400g
    Ability Power increased from 40 to 60
    Health removed
  • Shurelya's Reverie
    Better stat profile for tank support initiators
    Recipe changed to Aegis of the Legion + Winged Moonplate + 700g
    Cost reduced from 2700g to 2400g
    Stats: 200 Health, 25 Armor, 25 Magic Resist, 5% Movement Speed, 10 Ability Haste
    Mythic passive changed from "+2.5% Movement Speed" to "+10 Ability Haste"
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
    Just a price reduction
    Cost reduced from 2700g to 2400g
    Armor and Magic Resist reduced from 30 to 25
  • Ardent Censer
    Staff of Flowing Water is powerful enough as it is, adding some alternative here with Ability Haste
    Recipe changed to Forbidden Idol + Fiendish Codex + 600g
    Ability Power reduced from 60 to 50
    Now has 10 Ability Haste

New item concepts, this way both tank and enchanter supports would have 3 dedicated Mythics to choose from:

  • new Enchanter Mythic – Eleisa's Sanctuary
    Basically a "me and my hypercarry GTFO from here" item
    Recipe: Bandleglass Mirror + Winged Moonplate + 900g (2400g)
    Stats: 200 Health, 30 Ability Power, 100% Mana Regeneration, 5% Movement Speed, 10 Ability Haste
    Passive: Whenever a target shielded by you receives damage, gain 30 Ability Power for 3 seconds.
    Active: Shield an ally for (100 + 5% bonus health + 50% ability power) for 3 seconds. While this shield persists, you and the target gain 20% Movement Speed while running towards your own base. 90 s cd.
    Mythic Passive: +10 Ability Haste
  • new Tank Mythic – Invigorating Legplates
    For those who wish to be a bit more than paper in the longer lategame fights
    Recipe: Aegis of the Legion + Crystalline Bracer + 650g (2400g)
    Stats: 200 Health, 25 Armor, 25 Magic Resist, 100% Health Regeneration, 10 Ability Haste
    Passive: Heal for 10% of the damage your allies deal to enemy champions in close range around you. This effect is twice as strong against enemies you have slowed or immobilized in the last 6 seconds.
    Mythic Passive: +100 Health
  • new Enchanter item – Iceborn Trousers or something
    Just one more situational option, especially in the armor department for Enchanters.
    Recipe: Glacial Buckler + Forbidden Idol + 600g (2300)
    +30 Armor, +300 Mana, +100% Mana Regeneration, +10 Ability Haste, +20% Heal and Shield Power
    Passive: Healing or shielding an ally grants them a glacial storm for 3 seconds that slows nearby enemies by 20%.

If the main idea is that every champion should have at least 2-3 Mythics to choose from, then it's time to realize neither Locket nor Mandate (not to mention Shurelya) suits enchanters like Sona or Soraka as their first purchase. So even if my exact item designs are awful, the concept of giving both classes a full suit of items to choose from is probably something worth considering.

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