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Mordekaiser VGU Prototype Spells

LeagueofLegends2 - Mordekaiser VGU Prototype Spells

Mordekaiser VGU Prototype Spells

As of PBE Riot shipped a set of interesting data. A very generous gift from Riot, like that still unknown champion that was put on Elderwood Nocturn's splash, or the Pantheon VGU chromas being pushed accidentally.

The main focus of this post will be the "fontconfig" file. This file contains (for the most part) all text you see in-game. Within it a set of prototype Mordekaiser spells were found that were not there previously.

Below you can find the spells as they are in this file (with almost all formatting removed so you can read it). I have also transcribed some comments from Riot Xenogenic for more context (Thanks Nicuri for screenshots).

Note: There are multiple spell sets in here. Piecing these things together takes time and effort. This is as accurate as I can get it while not leaving out anything important.


Passive Name: Master of the Realm of the Dead

Passive Description: Mordekaiser cannot be slowed, and death is merely an inconvenience.

Passive Effect: Mordekaiser cannot be slowed. Upon death, Mordekaiser's spirit appears in the Realm of the Dead. He can move around the map freely and will resurrect where his spirit resides at the end of his resurrection timer.

Passive Effect Extended: Mordekaiser gains AP per level. Upon dying, Mordekaiser's ghost appears at the fountain. It can be relocated by casting Q and targeting a location. At the end of his death timer, he revives where his ghost stands. Enemies cannot see his ghost, and his ghost does not provide vision until the last 5 seconds of his death timer.

Xenogenic Comment: The first one was the first passive I tried on him. Which was 1) He's immune to slows, and 2) when he died, you could continue to move around the map as a ghost, unable to see anything and unable to be seen, and you'd resurrect where you were standing when your timer ran out. We found that: 1) it's not fair for a juggernaut to have the strengths of juggernauts but not be slowable, and 2) having to move around while dead and sill keep playing while dead was actually very stressful – players like that downtime actually, as much as dying sucks. So we removed those


Q Name: Nightfall (Tap)

Q Description: Mordekaiser can smash his mace on the ground, then knock back an enemy.

Q Effect: Mordekaiser swings Nightfall quickly and deals @[email protected] damage in an area. Holding Q will charge the ability, causing it to gain up to 250 additional range. Mordekaiser can move while channeling this spell, but is slowed by between @MaximumSlow*[email protected]% at zero passive stacks and @MinimumSlow*[email protected]% at maximum passive stacks.

Q Name 2: Flail Swipe (Hold)

Q Effect 2: Mordekaiser swipes with his flail, dealing @[email protected] magic damage to all enemies in the area. Enemy champions hit grant 1 passive stack.

Xenogenic Comment: That Q one we were just trying more complex Qs that had like Q1 swing, Q2 swing, etc and I finally just settle on: People want to smash shit. It doesn't have to be complicated.


W Name: Heavy Armor

W Description: Mordekaiser gains a powerful shield.

W Effect: Mordekaiser fortifies his armor with additional plates from the Realm of the Undead, granting him a shield for @[email protected] seconds. Damaging enemy champions with his abilities grants him 1 Spell Stack, and his shield consumes the stacks to increase its strength by @Effect8Amount*[email protected]% of his maximum health for each Spell Stack consumed.

W Effect Extended: Mordekaiser gains @BaseArmoredHealth*[email protected]% of his maximum health as Armored Health for @[email protected] seconds. Damaging enemy champions leaves Spirit Shards on the ground for @[email protected] seconds. All nearby Soul Shards are consumed when gaining Armored Health to grant an additional @ArmoredHealthPerSoulShard*[email protected]% maximum health of Armored Health per Soul Shard. Armored Health is a health that has an additional @[email protected] armor and @[email protected] magic resist until that health is depleted.

Xenogenic Comment:

E 1

E Name: Mordekaiser E

E Description: Mordekaiser tears the spirits away from his enemies, slowing them for a duration.

E Effect: Opens a tear into the Spirit Realm, damaging enemies in the area for @[email protected] ([email protected]@) magic damage and dislodging their spirit from their body for @[email protected] seconds. While their spirit is dislodged, they are slowed by @[email protected]%. If they collect their spirit, the slow is removed. If Mordekaiser collects it, the slow refreshes and doubles in strength.


Xenogenic Comment: Oooooh I remember that E. I was really enjoying that iteration at the time. What it did was rip their spirit out of their body towards Mordekaiser, and while it was out they were slowed. If Mordekaiser got to it first, the slow was increased and refreshed. If they picked it up, the slow was cleansed. Yeah it was cool. I enjoyed that spell a lot but it's hard to communicate that much cool gameplay at a short or medium range. That's a very cool spell for a long range mage, for example. Doesn't wok well at juggernaut ranges, so I changed it to the current E.

E 2

E Name: Spectral Rift

E Effect: Mordekaiser creates a zone that becomes an open rift to Purgatory after a brief delay. The zone moves forward slowly, and enemies within it are slowed by @ShockwaveSlow*[email protected]%. While Mordekaiser remains inside rift, he exists in the realm of Purgatory and becomes untargetable to enemies outside. However, he also cannot target enemies that are outside.

E 3

E Name: Empower Nightfall

E Effect: Empowers Mordekaiser's next auto-attack or Q cast. Cast: Increases damage and casting time to @QDamageScalar*[email protected]%. Auto: Deals an additional @AutoDamageScalar*[email protected]% magic damage and grants 2 Spell Stacks for W.


This part is solely based on the fact CotG is still in here, and that Riot themselves have stated they did keep the ult in for a while. I would consider this half speculation.

There are a few specific lines I have never seen until now, so consider this speculation, and my best guess at how it worked.

R Name: Children of the Grave

R Name Rank 1: Children of the Grave (Monsters and Champions)

R Name Rank 2: Children of the Grave (Monsters, Dragon and Champions)

R Name Rank 3: Children of the Grave (Everything)

R Description: Mordekaiser curses an enemy champion or the Dragon, stealing a percent of their life initially and each second. If the target dies while the spell is active, their soul is enslaved and will follow Mordekaiser as a ghost.

R Effect Passive and Active: Passive – Dragon Force: Damaging the Dragon will Curse it for 10 seconds. Active: Curse target Champion and steal @[email protected]% ([email protected]@%) of their maximum health (25% initially, 75% over 10 seconds; deals magic damage). Curse Effect: When killed by Mordekaiser's team, the Cursed unit's soul will follow Mordekaiser for @[email protected] seconds. Mordekaiser gains @[email protected]% of their ability power and @[email protected]% of their bonus health. The ghost gains ([email protected]@) attack damage and ([email protected]@) health. The ghost can be controlled by holding the alt key and using the right mouse button or by reactivating this ability.

R Effect Ranks 1-3: Steals @[email protected] ([email protected]@)% of target champion or monster's maximum health (25% stolen initially, 75% over 10 seconds). If the target dies while cursed, their soul will follow Mordekaiser for 45 seconds. Mordekaiser gains @[email protected]% of their ability power and @[email protected]% of their bonus health, the ghost gains ([email protected]@) bonus attack damage and ([email protected]@) health. The ghost can be controlled by holding the alt key and using the right mouse button or by reactivating this ability. Rank 1: Large minions and monsters. Rank 2: + Champions. Rank 3: + Dragon. Rank 4: Anything

My guess: It worked functionally the same as CotG, but for every rank up, it granted a new set of targets you could claim as a ghost. Whether "Anything" includes Baron or not, is up for debate because I'm not certain it can work like this because as far as I'm aware, Baron has no walking animation.

Final thoughts

This sheds a very interesting look into Morde's Rework development. It's no surprise some are really different from what we got since it happens all the time. Pyke used to snatch and steal champs. Swains ult was a single direction laser. Some of the oldest champs have wildly different kits than they do now.

Overall, I feel some of the choices were made for the better, but theres some aspects of it I would love to have gotten the chance to try out. Who knows, maybe if Morde gets another rework we could see some of these brought back.

Thanks for reading, and as a bonus, here's a look at
Q9biWbS - Mordekaiser VGU Prototype Spells
Yasuo's kit development in one picture.

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