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From bilibili, chinese equivalent of youtube:

Sn vs g2 game 2


G2:Every year we find a new way to make it to the highlight reels

(G2 has been on receiving end of 2016 Smeb Kennen, 2018 theshy Aatrox, 2019 tian lee sin)


TL:These are the teams that made it out of group A? But I beat them both??


Quote from Streamer Everytime you don't make a play,you won't know what you're facing, so the next time you won't make that play either.You must fight, don't run even if they have more ppl. Because if you run once you'll run again, and when the time comes to make a play you won't know how. So just go up and beat his ass, even if its a pro game. If you screw up you'll just get roasted but if you don't then you become a legend

*今天sn赢了,我们要评选一位MVP 官方:他在赛后精彩回放里出现过很多次 huanfeng抬起了头 官方:他的r放的很准 huanfeng露出了微笑 官方:他的e很有作用,但是不能直接对对方造成伤害 huanfeng激动的浑身发抖 官方:他的q能暴击 huanfeng站了起来 官方:所以今天的MVP是 bin:没错,正是在下

Today Sn won, lets pick an MVP:

caster: He appeared a lot in the replays

huanfeng looks up

caster: he has really precise ultimates

huanfeng smiles

caster:his E was very useful but it doesnt damage the enemy

huanfeng starts shaking from excitement

caster:his q can crit

huanfeng stands up

caster: so todays mvp is

bin: yea its me


Other people's gp puts barrels on the ground, bin straps barrels on the enemies' bodies. Bin might have been trained in Syria.



You can kill a million of my barrels but to kill you I only need two.

*G2的传统异能: 1.只要能出线,立刻开始整活。 2.小组赛打加赛。 3.小组第二出线,然后干碎一个小组第一。

The g2 classic:

  1. Starts shit stirring once they make it out of groups

  2. Force tiebreakers in groups

  3. make it out of groups second and destroys a first seed

Sn vs G2 game 1

*s8 s9 s10 tl已经连续三年3-3出局了 真的惨

TL has been eliminated with a 3-3 for 3 years now. That's actually tragic.


TL beats every team, but still can't make it out of groups


Brother G2, don't feel bad about 2nd seed, get rid of DWG for us and we might convince script writers to give u a second place


SN wasn't tormenting fans, they were tormenting TL, giving them a sliver of hope then killing it. LPL fans definitely understand (Referring to EDG)

*我们仍未知道那天tl是怎么输的mcx We still dont know how tl lost to mcx that day

*所以今天TL把第一第二全干翻,然后回家了?这也太惨了 So TL beats first and second seed and goes home? So tragic

*“等一下,G2是不是拿了S8IG的剧本” “那就看G2下一场是不是打DWG了” "Wait, did G2 get s8IG script this year?" "Depends on if they play DWG next"

*tl人在后台坐,机票天上来 TL sits back stage, but the plane tickets find them anyway

*快进到抗韩奇侠g2干碎dwg Korean War hero G2 go on and destroy dwg!!

*希望SN可以告诉全世界,4个🇨🇳人加一个🇻🇳人也可以走得很远。共产主义万岁 Hope that sn can show the world that 4chinese plus one vietnam can go far. Hail Communism

*老子心脏不好,这样的比赛多来点,我不想活了 I have heart problems, so please give me more of these games, I want to die.

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