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More thoughts about League that keep me up at night (part 2)

LeagueofLegends13 - More thoughts about League that keep me up at night (part 2)
  1. Illaoi's E pulls the spirit of the victim, to test their soul. If she were to use it on Karthus, would it work similarly to blitzcrank's pull? Also, if she were to pull Orianna, would there be a soul? Or would Orianna realize that she's no longer alive?
  2. In Ornn's story, he could melt true ice just by standing near it. That being said, he could probably kill Lissandra just by standing near her. Also, Ashe's weapon would do nothing to Ornn.
  3. Darius can throw his axe apparently.
  4. If the darkins want to destroy everything, how would they feel about Braum's shield? Sure, they can kill him, but they wouldn't be able to destroy the shield. Would they be satisfied with just killing Braum, or would they spend a millenia screaming at an icy door, while everything else is dead?
  5. Yone's demon had no canine teeth. Therefore, Yone's demon was an herbavore.
  6. Swain's special interaction with Darius says that Darius has "no daughters, only soldiers". Darius is canonically not a virgin. Does that mean Darius has a daughter out there? Furthermore, could his daughter have been the one to kill his ex/childhood friend?
  7. Has anyone ever tried to fight kindred?
  8. Yasuo, one of Ionia's infamous swordsmen who is wanted by the government, sleeps outside in busy streets.
  9. Jhin is a government employed worker.
  10. Apparently Dr mundo is either 17 or 18. Quinn is 30. Olaf is 45. I could go endlessly with the ages, but I'll stop.
  11. Could Mordekaiser rust?
  12. Blitzcrank has scuba flippers.
  13. Rammus lore is that he has no lore
  14. Lux is strong enough to singlehandedly wake up Galio. Sylas can take Lux's magic. Therefore, Sylas is stronger than Galio.
  15. Darkins can use blood magic to heal themselves, and to harden their skin. Tryndamere uses the blood magic given to him by Aatrox to heal, but the reason Rhaast and Aatrox look all "Muscle-y" and red is because they hardened their blood to form makeshift armor.
  16. Shyvanna is a damn AP burst mage now. Her kit doesn't even revolve around it.
  17. The more they fleshed out MF's personality/Lore, the more they nerfed her boobs.
  18. Apparently, Bristle (Sejuanni's boar) is an Ursine. The boar was once a human.
  19. Yasuo would be dead had not Taliyah yanked him out of the snow.
  20. Yasuo's hair apparently used to be a giant mess. It only got tied into the ponytail after Taliyah and Yasuo parted ways. However, after the Yasuo cinematic, I'm not sure what to believe.
  21. The Darkins are uncertain about the void, and might even fear voidborn creatures.
  22. Ezreal is a completely normal dude who just happened to find a magic glove. Imagine if someone like Braum had found the glove instead.
  23. Spirit Blossom Lilia is supposedly naked. That means she was born with the whole bow and top
  24. Sylas eats rats. Sylas could eat twitch.
  25. Garen is a buff mage.

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