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Most team loyal player per region: a list of the player who has spent the most consequent time with a single team and still playing for them to this day.

LeagueofLegends7 - Most team loyal player per region: a list of the player who has spent the most consequent time with a single team and still playing for them to this day.

I was thinking about how Bjergsen has been an stable for TSM ever since Reginald stepped down and TSM acquired Bjergsen. So I was thinking about other players who have had the same loyalty to their team.

NOTE: This list will at first only take into consider tier one leagues or tier one teams that have since been relegated (such as CJ, BBQ, aAa to name a few). Teams being fully (HLE) or semi (Vitality 2018 spring) acquired will also be considered.


Kobbe from Splyce joined Dignitas. EU in march 2015 to compete in the European challenger serie after Dignitas acquired SK Prime. Follow Esports acquired them and later renamed to Splyce.

Honorable mention:


Rekkless joined Fnatic in November of 2012, but left Fnatic for Alliance (later Elements) during november 2014 to compete in LCS spring of 2015 (wherein they placed 7th). Rekkless later left Elements to rejoin Fnatic in may of 2015.

North America:

Sneaky from Cloud9 joined Quantic Gaming in april of 2013 to compete in the qualifiers for the summer split of NA LCS.

Why not Bjergsen? Bjergsen joined TSM in november 2013, which is almost an entire year after Sneaky joined Quantic Gaming (the predecessor of Cloud9). Bjergsen is, on the other hand, the second most loyal player in all of NA LCS and there are almost 1 years between Bjergsen and the third most loyal player as in Stixxay (who joined CLG in January of 2015 and has been contracted with them ever since).

South Korea:

Score from KT Rolster joined Startale in march of 2012 to compete in the first edition of Azubu championship, but never saw any success. Score later on in august of 2012 joined KT Rolster Bullets as they acquired 3/5th of Startale to compete in the upcoming season.

Honorable mention:


Faker has only played for SKT since the established SKT T1 #2 to compete in Olympus Championship in 2013.

China (People's Republic of):

Pyl from LGD has almost 7 years under him with the organisation since he joined in november 2012. He has been through their many ups and downs and has stood loyal to them in their all time lows.

Honorable mention:


Clearlove joined EDG in 2014 to form the superteam. However, he has played for WE since February of 2012 and was in a huge controversy of betrayal in the eyes of Chinese fans. But since it wasn't a true acquisition per definition, I won't count the transfer of FZZF and Clearlove onto the list.

Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong (LMS)

Ziv from AHQ after a reformation of the AHQ team around Westdoor and Greentea. This was together with AN (who joined some days afterwards) to be the keystone to a new AHQ line-up that tried to compete without Greentea and Westdoor during 2018, to no success.


Honorable mentions:

Greentea, Maple, Westdoor and Swordart all of these players played a vital role in the development of LMS. Wherein the later had over 5 years of loyalty for Flash Wolves and reassured that Flash Wolves were a competitive force.


pbO from CBN has been their primary ADC since may of 2015 and has played in all but one CBLOL split. He has been in all of the troublesome times that CBN has faced in CBLOL, from being the best to almost being relegated. pbO has been in it all.

Commonwealth of Independent states (Russia and former USSR nations):

Smurf from M19 has been with both predecessors of M19 (known as Hard Random and Albus NoX Albus) since January of 2015.


Cereos and Yutapon joined DetonatioN FocusMe in April 2013 when the brand established their LoL division, and Cereos hasn't missed a single serie with the team. Yutapon has been benched for one serie in total over the period. In total, the pair has played 261 and 258 officially registered games competitive, all of which are since LJL opened in 2015 (which means that the number for local tournaments are much higher as it misses two years).

Latin America:

Cotopacco from Infinity Esports has played for the organisation since december of 2016 after their qualification for LLN.


Swip3r was the only staple member left of the infamous trio that made Chiefs E-sport Club a common name in oceanic LoL. Since august 2014 until last year when Order was formed; Swip3r, Spookz and Swiffer had all played for Chiefs – now Swip3r is the only one left.


With the creation of Supermassive in early 2016, both FabFabulous and Stomaged has been with every edition of the team.


BigKoro, Palette and Naul joined Young Generation in november of 2016 to compete in the newly formed VCS. All of them has played a major part in the development of Dashing Buffolo that has now acquired them.

Honorable mention:


Archie has been with the Marines since september of 2014 when team Miracle renamed to Marines. But since he retired last month, he sadly can't make the list.

I will update with wildcard teams later on.

EDIT: added why Bjergsen isn't first on the list for North America.

EDIT 2: added wildcard regions except for SEA tour teams as it is hard to find relevant data.

EDIT 3: Added Pyl for LPL and edited my note to be more precise.

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