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[MSI Semis] G2 VS SKT Korean Inven Reactions

LeagueofLegends12 - [MSI Semis] G2 VS SKT Korean Inven Reactions

source1: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=220444&site=lol

source2: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=220445&site=lol

???: BO5 SKT is different (actual words)

Swim back home you bastards LMAAAAAOOOO

SKT = Swim to Korea reTurn

Last year when KingZone were getting shit on for losing MSI finals on no one batted an eye. But everyone's shielding SKT lol.

(the above comment was the top comment when Kingzone lost in Finals)

Was wondering why I was not seeing this in International Tournament lol


18 Kingzone>>>>19 SKT

(Satire) 100% logical reason why Peanut is better then Clid. Peanut with Faker won MSI, Clid couldn't. Peanut had Khan as his top laner and went to Finals, Clid couldn't.

Don't ever say that Khan is the Top Lane King LOL. Kennen same cs with Pyke LUL .

Meh, it's basically a Clid one man team. Wins when he's ahead, loses when he falters. Laners have no diversity.

4th best region lol SKT fans apologize to KZ fans please.

This MSI truly showed LCK's decline. SKT should seriously just focus scrims against foreign teams. Although they lost , SKT improved during MSI while other LCK team will have remained the same so the gap between SKT and others will widen. Don't think you can learn anything scrimming against other LCK teams.


ANNNND back to being the tier 4 region lol .

Soon the "Keep Comment Section Clean" warriors will come

Sigh, I think Khan lost lane all 5 games?? pissed my self, especially game 4

SKT did what they can, we just gotta accept that LCK is not the best anymore

It has been said that Doublift kept his promise but Faker couldn't ㅠ

Dissapointed. Pick Viktor again and I'm going to bring my machete.

Summary: Clid one man team

Read:  When is each champion strongest? Let me show you.

Other SKT members, please bow down to Clid.

tbh that Pick&bans mind game were clutch lol .

Perkz was a mid laner so they pick Syndra to bait the Leblanc and instantly counter it with Lissandra. Clean Pick and Bans.

Think of it as progress. IG also lost but you guys did well. Lets lift the Cup next time.

I just can't count how many games Khan fucked up this MSI. sigh…

It really does seem like Faker peak has passed now. I don't see much difference between him and his opposition. He did pull some sick plays though, made me have hope but Khan…. every game he loses against his opposition… I don't think teddy have shown much apart from his Ezreal. Mata is too inconsistent… Clid best performer BY FAR.

*** Do note I've only translated most of the upvoted ones. Around 30% of the total comments were about SKT fans shitting on KZ fans last MSI.

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