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Multi-Season Challenger Old Irelia OTP, Irelia Carries U AMA

LeagueofLegends6 - Multi-Season Challenger Old Irelia OTP, Irelia Carries U AMA

Hello guys. Before we get into it I'll give you some background on how I feel about Irelia's current state and how she has impacted me since her rework.

I am sure you are aware of how problematic Irelia is and how high her ban rate and pick rate is. I went from having a Irelia-ble (had to pun this one) main to having a nightmare one with the rework. I really like playing the new one as well but I went from being able to play Irelia pretty much every game for 5 seasons straight (even when she was super OP she never had the same ban rate as the new one) to barely being able to play her. I went from being able to get challenger with no issues to hovering around master for the most part (finished master, peaked 200 LP on a different account) because I had to play mostly other champions.

My stream also suffered a lot because, understandably, a lot of people come to watch me for Irelia. A lot of the time I have to dodge for 30+ minutes straight every game before I am able to play her. While my other stuff is decent (only reason why I even finished master this season), I am not as good with them and people don't really find it as fun to see me play them compared to Irelia.


I suggested a lot of nerfs throughout the new one's existence and even when I play tested her. My first impressions were that she was going to be a good champion without being broken apart from things that I wanted them to adjust (her ult used to silence on top of everything). But then again this was all before conqueror got released (when I play tested her there was no conqueror, just a really nerfed PTA).

Anyway, I figure I can answer anything regarding the Irelia rework and my feelings, but to sum them up I am extremely sad regarding it. I even took months off waiting for them to balance her so I could just get on those long grinds on stream and make guides for her but now I just ended up with a close to permaban champion with a really negative stigma attached akin to champions like Yasuo. It is quite demotivating but I am hoping they have good changes planed for patch 9.2 even though I wish they did this sooner.

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It would be great to see her be like the old one. Not too good of a team fighter but not too good of a duelist either. I also miss writing great guides for you guys and making some sick plays!

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