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Munchables’ LPL playoff scenarios thread

LeagueofLegends1 - Munchables' LPL playoff scenarios thread

Hey all,

I decided to run down what the LPL teams are looking like right now in regards to making playoffs and whats required/what's likely. Someone on Twitter suggested I post it here too, so here you go.

It's formatted for Twitter and copy/pasted across so apologies if it looks a bit weird.

It's about that time.


-In case you've been under a rock, TES look insane and are an easy favorite for 1st seed. Their upcoming schedule will be exciting though with 6th place WE, 4th place SN.

Tomorrow is their most important game for seeding – IG also have 10 wins, so the h2h matters for 1st.

-JDG look unreal right now and are far and away TES's biggest contender for 1st.

With the same number of wins and only 1 more loss, JDG have a far easier schedule ahead of them. A 14-2 finish wouldn't surprise me, but even 13-3 could contest 1st. IG are, of course, in the race for 1st again. Currently 10-3, they only have 3 series remaining. As I mentioned before, beating TES is key for IG to contest 1st place, if that series is a loss it's most likely IG with place 3rd or 4th.

I'm expecting a 12-4 finish.

-Suning have blown away expectations – 4th place right now on a 7 win streak, 9 wins with 4 series remaining.

They beat WE and LGD already, so OMG, VG and FPX in their current forms should be simple series – yet another top team though with TES still on their plate.

Likely 12-4

-V5 in 5th place – the momentum seems to be stalling for the rookie squad, but playoffs are all but secured.

The scary thing for seeding is their schedule. EDG should be simple, but WE and JDG are both tough + RW are on a TEAR right now. I want to #PPelieve!!

-It's no secret that I love WE and I'm happy to say they're pretty much in for playoffs. 4 series left, 2 they're favorites, 2 they're underdogs.

V5 vs WE will say a LOT about potential playoff placement, but with WE, I expect them to live and die by draft. I'd expect 6/7th.

-LGD – The Summer Super Team. They had some rough series for sure, but look at that schedule – it's beautiful for LGD fans. It's very possible for 4 LGD wins here, leaving them at 12-4 alongside IG/SN. The late surge could be VERY real, I'd say it's likely.


-FPX have fallen from grace, that's for sure. They're headed towards an 8-8 finish assuming they maintain their current level of play, which is crazy for MSC finalists.

I'll check back in later with their H2H's, but of any top8 team, they're the most likely not to make the cut.

-VG & RNG are both in the same boat, they need to make upsets happen to break top8. They're both inconsistent teams with exceptional highs, and very much the enemies FPX fears on the standings.

I'd say Vici is more likely to make it, but it's down to a coinflip at this stage.

-BLG and EDG both COULD make a late run, but it doesn't feel likely. BLG's schedule is pretty tough.

EDG do have hope, with a much easier schedule, but they've been unconvincing on the rift recently. Assuming a loss to V5, EDG have to prove themselves vs FPX and BLG to make it.


It's a longshot, but honestly the team looks great right now, they're winstreaking, they just have to beat V5 for a hope. The other 3 teams I can easily see a win.


-Sorry guys, It's doomed.

OMG haven't played close to well enough to get 5 more wins.

ES + LNG need stars to align with other results – it ain't happening.

DMO mathematically removed already.

RIP bottom 4. Raised fistPensive face

Summary: – Fight for top4 is INSANELY close and will likely end in ties.

  • Mid table is somewhat locked in, just changes in seeding inc. FPX they only top8 team likely to fall down.


Thankyou for coming to my TED talk.

Sorry if it's hard to read. I've linked the thread below – if anyone has any formatting tips for Reddit let me know!!


Would love to discuss if you guys have questions or want to go into more depth! 🙂

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