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Music-Based Champs That AREN’T Enchanter Mages (For Every Role)

LeagueofLegends5 - Music-Based Champs That AREN'T Enchanter Mages (For Every Role)

"It's hard not to be similar to Sona, especially because she's our only other music-based champ."

Okay, challenge accepted.


This unassuming Frejlordian bard is haunted by a mighty warrior in his horn, whose memory only survives through the songs of an opera. He's like Gnar but both forms are melee, and his ult is to blow his horn to activate his bigger opera warrior form immediately. When his passive bar (which rises through farming or hitting abilities on champions) fills up, you hear a haunting tune in the BGM which becomes steadily louder and then explodes to the forefront after his form change. The benefit of ulting early is that it doesn't fill his passive bar, so you could potentially double the duration of your larger form. If you fill it up while your form is large, the music becomes EVEN MORE DRAMATIC.


Another form-change champ, only this one is like Elise or Nidalee, where she can change whenever. Normally, he just plays his flute to the creatures of the Jungle to soothe them, before revealing his ALTER EGO FORM CHANGE where he slaughters them because actually the flute is a knife! Nothing personal, kid. The ult is a charm, sort of a Pied Piper of Hamelin deal. You know how Evelynn's W has the charm activate after the mark fills up? The has you charm the person until the mark fills up, and you only deal damage if you reactivate it at that specific point in time, where you do a dramatic slash.



This girl is not having the best time. She's poor, she's dirty, her street performances -as awesome as they are – get overlooked every day, and she hears voices in her head. One day, they lead her to a treasure trove of machinery – with the promise of leading her to more. The voice's only condition is that she must extract the crystals and hoarde them. No questions asked. She's an auto-reliant Mage whose abilities revolve around kiting her opponents with illusions. Kind of like attack speed Neeko only, you know, NOT an accident. Her auto attacks become stronger the more she autos (straight up has Orianna's passive), she has an auto reset, she has a backslide that moves her backwards while leaving a trail of damage, she leaves controllable clones that deal more damage to opponent the more 'convincing' her performances with them are, and her ult uses hextech crystals to knock her opponents away with a loud noise from her speakers.

ADC – It's just Jhin. Come on. Like. Come on. He's even obsessed with the most basic time signature. His autos are stuck on a specific rhythm. Do I really need to convince you. Just dress him up as a Maestro. Or like. The Phantom of the Opera. He already has the mask.


A THICC Alistar-esque Support Tank with a massive drum. The E builds up stacks similar to Alistar's, and at full stacks, it empowers one of his other abilities Applies a brief knock-up to surrounding enemies with a big BANG of his drum on W; an empowered W does bigger damage and CC. Q rolls him forward in a straight line – empowered Q STARTS the root with a root around BIG DRUMMER BOI. His ult has him perform a crazy drum solo which empowers allies around him, increasing their movespeed and giving them all a fat shield (LET'S DROP THE BEAT).

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