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My 7 year old sister describes every League Champ by splash art (A-H)

LeagueofLegends12 - My 7 year old sister describes every League Champ by splash art (A-H)

This is something funny I wanted to do because I kinda got my sister hooked to League of Legends and had her play tandem with me with some bots. And I was like "you know what? Why not have her describe every league champion in the game by their splash art?" So here it is! This is how my sister described every champion in lol.

Keep in mind she only played tandem vs bots with me for a bit, only like less than 2 days. The fact that she starts to learn quick is scary for me lol. So here we go!

I am going to do this much for now, but a second part will be coming!

NOTE: The stuff I type here is the best interpretation of what my sister said, but it's not always gonna be exact word for word. Do keep that in mind that I might alter it so it makes sense.


Aatrox – Can't describe it.

Ahri – Looks like a Japanese girl.

Akali – Looks like a ninja girl.

Alistar – Dunno what to say about it.

Amumu – Sad little kid, looks like a mummy.

Anivia – Likes this one. Looks like an Ice eagle.

Annie – A little girl with fire powers, that has a broken teddy bear and cat ears.

Ashe – Merida's sister, but has an ice bow/arrow.

Aurelion Sol – A wind moster, but his face looks like an Ice monster.

Azir – An old man, that has a stick with a golden shield, and has golden sparkly powers.

Bard – Looks like a fat Japanese guy. Because of his face.

Blitzcrank – A gigantic robot monster that's from next gen.

Brand – Old man with fire hair and fire powers.

Braum – Old man that looks fat with big muscles and with a big mustache.

Caitlyn – Mad hatter's daughter.

Camille – An old lady with horns on back of her head with tiny feet.

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Cassiopeia – A young woman with snake body and golden sharp nails.


Cho'Gath – Looks like a big giant scorpion.

Corki – A tiny man with long white mustache and a ponytail on fire (she thinks the scarf is a ponytail)

Darius – Dunno what to say about this one.

Diana – Dunno what to say about this one.

Draven – An old man that looks like a king with wavy hair and looks big.

Dr. Mundo – An old man that has big muscles and look like a scientist. Also a blue tongue.

Ekko – A highschool kid that got kicked out and looks like a superhero with zebra hair.

Elise – A spider queen with high heels.

Evelynn – A bad version of Twilight Sparkle but a human. She's biting her long nails.

Ezreal – A handsome boy. Wonder if his hair smells like roses.

Fiddlesticks – A big alligator monster.

Fiora – A rose petal princess w/o a crown.

Fizz – A fish assitant with a magical stick that looks like a fork that's alongside a giant shark moster with big teeth.

Galio – Kayle's boyfriend. Reason is both having white clothes.

Gangplank – Big beard, hands, muscles, everything.

Garen – A young man that has big everything.

Gnar – A baby dragon (referring to mini Gnar)

Gragas – A big man with big muscles and fat. And has braided beard.

Graves – This guy holding a big giant fire binoculars.

Hecarim – A skeleton monster that has feet like horse.

Heimerdinger – Dunno wat to say about this one.


That's all folks! Part 2 will come very soon and I hope y'all have a nice day!

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