League of Legends

My comparison about SoloQ and a Bar

LeagueofLegends2 - My comparison about SoloQ and a Bar

when you walk into a bar with 5000 guys.

4500 out of them are silver/bronze most of them are jerks. yelling around… want to compete with other silver/bronze guys "What do you want" " Come at me bro". Some of them are shy trying to hide thier silver/bronze face from plat grills and think they are at least plat.

straight ahead you will see 400 gold guys sitting on a table trying to understand the game, discussing about jungle paths and wave management. sounds like the usual drunk-talk at 6.am.

some of them try to impress silver/bronze guys with thier enorm amount of knowledge but there will always be the 70 plat guys blaming the jungler gold guys for talking shit.


so 70 plat guys trying to take over the dancefloor with insane mechanics and the calm attitude like ghandi mike tyson. pushing gold/silver/bronze guys around like billiard balls. some guys are impressed and get scared because they will never reach the holy land of plat.

somewhere in the back of the bar there is a small table with some diamond players having a real conversation about the game, they are not aggresive, they are gentlemen.

at least you take a look around and ask yourself where are the master, challenger players?
obvioulsy they are at home sacrificing thier life because they understand nothing else is important. while we have ranked games sozial interactions with apes we dont like just to impress other apes we dont like.

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