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My Experience With BBQ Olivers As a Freelance Designer (With Evidence)

LeagueofLegends6 - My Experience With BBQ Olivers As a Freelance Designer (With Evidence)

Hello leagueoflegends,

Some of you may have seen my comments on BBQ's translated response to Malice's twitlonger. The purpose of this post is to share my experience (w/ evidence) dealing with BBQ, which should reinforce some of the statements made by Malice.

First off, a bit of background of who I am. I'm a long time subscriber of LS, and more recently a mod of his twitch channel (I was not a mod at the time this job took place). I do video editing and graphic design as a hobby. I had done some graphics work for LS in the past and so when the BBQ team consisting of Heokong, Malice, Autumn, Wind and Zzus (with LS and MakNoon as coaches) was formed and announced, I was asked if I was able to design shirts as they didn't have a jersey yet and wanted someone to design them. I spoke with LS over Twitter DMs and we mocked up some ideas (the unused jerseys and final designs can be seen on
www.spyran.co - My Experience With BBQ Olivers As a Freelance Designer (With Evidence)

www.spyran.co.uk). After some time I was then contacted by Jameson McDaniel (current General Manager of BBQ) who I then spent the remainder of the job speaking to in regards to the jersey designs.

Towards the end of the design process,
we both agreed upon a total cost for the designs. Unfortunately for me I did not get anyone from BBQ to sign any kind of contract, nor did I ask for payment up front. At the time, my thought process was that as long as I had the agreement somewhere in writing, it should be binding (hopefully this is still true). I shared the designs with Jamie using Google Drive and proceeded to fill out and send an invoice for the job (
which he confirmed that he received) on the 14th March. I then was told to wait for the front office to initiate payment, and thus began the problems.


Over the proceeding months, I was either told that payment was coming, that it would be resolved soon, or I was just ignored. (see the examples here and here). Eventually I was told that now I needed to email the invoice to the CEO, Seong Song. Unfortunately, sending the invoice via the Paypal Business app did not alert me that this email was actually incorrect. I did not discover this until I tried to send a direct email to Seong asking for some sort of response. I made Jamie aware of this, to which he then gave me the actual email address. Having still received no response from Seong, I sent multiple invoice reminder emails to Seong out of frustration, CC-ing Jamie in as well. This resulted in the following conversation, where I was told to stop spamming emails.

For full clarity, when Jamie says I typed the email incorrectly the first time, he is referring to the fact I had told him I had miss-typed the incorrect email. But, as I pointed out to him, the email was incorrect anyway, regardless of my miss-type.

And that bring us to today, where I am still waiting for payment and have not received a single email from the CEO after repeatedly being told he knows about this issue and would resolve it for me. I wasn't planning on making any of this public, but I now feel I have no choice due to the length of time on top of the recent statements made in regards to the organisation.

TL;DR: Designed the BBQ Olivers jerseys and sent an invoice on 14th March 2019. Still waiting to be paid over 6 months later.

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