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My first experience at the LEC

LeagueofLegends5 - My first experience at the LEC

Hello summoners!

I’m currently waiting on my flight back to UK and thought I’d make this post to tell you my experiences on my first visit to Berlin and the LEC!

Quick run down on non league related stuff. I flew from London to Berlin Schoenefeld on Thursday and fly back today (Sunday) I stayed in a hotel called ‘airporthotel Adlershof’ it’s a 10 minute walk to the studio and a really nice hotel I would definitely recommend it! I got a Uber from the airport to the hotel which was about €20. There are a lot of food places (Greek, sushi, McDonald’s, bakery, subway etc) around and a big shop to buy snacks, drinks etc. Everything together cost £400 (flights and hotel) and tickets for each day were only €12 each!

Now that’s the boring stuff out the way now onto the reason why I came to Berlin.

The studio itself is incredible. As you walk in you are greeted by a massive baron with a bunch of different weapons/shields from champions which you can get a hold of and have a picture. There is food and drink inside and it’s not that expensive. I had a hotdog one day and popcorn the day after, both cost €2.50 and was really nice! There is also a merch store which sells well pretty much everything. I brought myself a Excel jersey €60 and a couple of the figures (xayah + rakan and moo cow) €75 even though it was quite expensive it was prices that I expecting to be honest. Then as you carry on walking you get into the main studio where all the action happens. Seats were a first come first serve basis which was fair enough because people were moving around a lot during the event. Saturday was definitely a lot busier then Friday!


The first day I sat at the front with a couple of Germans I met outside the studio. I wouldn’t recommend sitting right at the front as it’s like a cinema so my head was tilted back most of the time! As an excel fan I was pretty excited with the first game! Unfortunately we lost but it was fun chanting ‘LETS GO EXCEL’ at the start of the game with a few others! (And yes we do have fans twitch chat). Then we got onto G2 vs FNATIC and my god the atmosphere was out of this world. G2 chants, FNATIC chants it was incredible and the game lived up to the hype! Fnatic doing the UK proud ❤️. Also met up with medic after all the games finished a down to earth honest guy who just tries his best to entertain us all which his amazing casting!

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The second day I sat further back and got a much better view! I sat by myself for some of the event until the EXCEL co owners came in who I met the previous day and spoke to and they said come down and sit with us for the rest of the games which was awesome! We was up against the best team in EU (fnatic) and we all knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. But when the game started everyone was popping off but unfortunately fnatic still won proving why they are the best team in EU but my god we put up one hell of a fight!

Soooo the excel co owners actually invited me out afterwards for some drinks to meet some of the players/coaches. I just have to say people always see’s the players and coaches only from the streams but behind the scenes they are just like everyone else having fun and doing a job they love. This is something I’m so grateful of and an experience I will never forget! ❤️

If any of you reading this are considering going to either the LEC or LCS I would say go for it even if you go by yourself you’ll always meet new people! It’s a great experience and one that I will never forget!

Thank you all for reading if you want to find any pictures you can do on my Twitter @iTzSTU4RT and if you have any questions my DMs are open.

XLWIN #ThriveTogether

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